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August 12, 2017 18:06

Puts laminate kitchen - advantages and disadvantages

laminate - for - food Many housewives give their preference of laminate floors for your favorite dishes.Undoubtedly, this is a good modern material, but it has its advantages and disadvantages.Having laid laminate flooring in the kitchen, we get a nice, warm and solid surface.By the nature of drawing floors are remarkably similar to natural wood, flooring or tiles - possible any kind of pattern.

Laminate is resistant to a number of harmful factors: impacts, mechanical damage, abrasion and fading.It is also good to clean and it is easy to deduce the spot, which is important for the kitchen.Running barefoot on a warm surface, the child does not catch a cold - an advantage over the floors made of ceramic tile.In addition it is possible to install the system "warm floor".

laminate relationship with water - this is the most serious problem with the use of such floors.Covering wax formulations, manufacturers make it resistant to moisture.However, the seams remain unprotected.It is advisable to take care of them, applying sealant.


How to choose laminate kitchen

laminate can be resistant to humidity, but will not sustain a large amount of spilled water.There is a water-resistant laminate - he is not afraid of water.Cost of such a laminate would be more expensive.To avoid problems, it is desirable to remove water from the surface of the laminate for 30 minutes.Following the advice of experts to be placed in the kitchen covering 32 or 33 class.This laminate is resistant to minor scratches, grease and other kitchen trouble.If you have laminate flooring, the problems with the floor can be forgotten for 15 years.


Some time ago, the formaldehyde used in the manufacture of the laminate.Modern production has stepped far forward, and this problem can not be afraid of the buyer.It is better to buy products of famous manufacturers.Availability of quality certificate allows you to not worry about the selected products in terms of hygiene.

necessarily specified in the certificate for which facilities he is released.E1 class assigned laminate or no class indicates that it does not contain formaldehyde.