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Heating And Water Supply Of A Private House

August 12, 2017 18:06

Bypass in the heating system : that is why you need an example of self-installation +

Any heating system intended to ensure adequate comfort in the house.It should not create such a situation that the room becomes too hot or too cold.But how to achieve this effect?What are the components and systems enable smooth impact on the climate?Obviously, in the case of heating with water it is necessary to provide adjustable coolant flow in the radiators.For this purpose, it is best to bypass the heating system is suitable: that is why you need + an example of self-installation will be discussed further.

Magazinny bypass can be easily installed in the system

Magazinny bypass can be easily set to

essence bypass system and its purpose

Bypass mounted in the hot water heating system - it is a bypass conduit for transporting the coolant parallel to the existing shut-off valves.This element of the heating system is almost indispensable for the implementation of the repair without overlapping the water supply.In addition, the bypass allows to speed up the process of filling or draining the heating system.In addition, it is used to adjust the flow in flow capacity.

Bypass for heating - used during repairs

bypass for heating - with change during repairs

word "the bypass" has an English origin and is translated as "bypass" or "bypass".Simply put, this is a segment of the pipe, which runs parallel to the main unit or branch, and is designed for temporary diversion of water on it, bypassing the main mechanism.Sometimes the backup path can be equipped with a crane.It is a non-return valve with or without auxiliary devices completely.

The device typical bypass

device typical bypass

Today we can speak of two main varieties of the bypass: automatic, that is equipped with a check valve and a manual that does not have any additional devices.Sometimes the scheme with check valve include circulating electric pump.It is used as required in order to adjust the flow of coolant.It works as follows: the pump is activated and raises the pressure in this section of the system, whereby the valve opens and directs fluid flow in a desired direction.If you turn off the pump pressure drops, which closes the valve, blocking the pipe.However, this system is able to operate with natural circulation without electricity connection.The complexity of the design greatly affects the reliability of the system that may eventually lead to disruption in its work because no complete overlap of the pipe due to the blockage.This problem leads to an imbalance in the temperature room mode.Automatic bypass have been applied in water underfloor heating systems.They allow the circuit to maintain the set parameters, without spending a lot of time and energy.

Automatic bypass is equipped with a check valve

Automatic bypass equipped with a check valve

valveless bypass allows coolants freely round the radiator without draining the whole system and the overlap of water.If you need to replace a radiator in an apartment house apartment, you will not disturb the neighbors, even they know it will not.Bypasses the main feature is that it has a pipe for one stage is narrower than in the main system.For example, for a system suitable thread ¾ device ½.This is due to a natural law, because water flows through the path of least resistance.That is, until you block the valves on the radiator, coolant will flow freely through it, and at the time of closing of the valve will direct the coolant to bypass bypassing the heater.

Sometimes installing suitable bypass and water supply or water treatment.Here it is set to provide water bypass around the complex filtration systems.It is necessary for the convenience of carrying out repairs or routine maintenance of the equipment without interrupting the water supply.

Manual bypass valveless

Hand valveless bypass

there and mix with the so-called bypass.Meet them can be in the heating systems and water pipes.In heating systems, they allow you to fine-tune the coolant flow than regulate the temperature in the room.This is especially important in hot water floor heating systems.In the case of water-supply systems cleansing mix with bypass adjustment is performed in the water content of salts, oxides and other substances.

Using bypass two-pipe heating system

made on one pipe, and its heat refund after return in two-pipe heating system, water supply from the boiler to the system on the other.This arrangement allows adjusting the amount of hot water supplied to the heater is specifically taken.Today, there are automatic thermostats, which according to the requirements of SNIP, installed on each radiator.This makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the air in each space separately.

However, there is a mechanical method of adjusting the coolant flow volume.For this serves the bypass, which must be installed directly next to each battery.A key element of this design is a shut-off valve.It allows you to manually adjust the coolant flow, and hence the temperature of the air in the room.

Another sphere of use of the bypass in two-pipe heating system, is bypassing the circulating pump.Simple gas-fired boilers are not provided with electric pumps so to increase the efficiency of such a system, the pump cut into the pipe section.Since we often have power outages, it is necessary to ensure the flow of coolant to bypass the pump when it is switched off.It was then, and you must install the bypass.

Scheme of the bypass , the fear of land with a centrifugal pump

Scheme of the bypass, the fear of land with a centrifugal pump

Using Bypass in one pipe

heating system Although one-pipe heating system today is obsolete, it is still more often can be seen not only in the homes of old buildings, but also inprivate modern cottages.It can function perfectly well, but provide too much heat.The private house is decided by a simple reduction in the boiler output, but in an apartment building becomes a problem.It is impossible to turn down the flow of water in the battery of one of the rooms, without affecting the rest.In order for this option became available near each radiator is set closing section.In such a system, a bypass pipe connects the inlet with a tap near the battery.As a result, if the stop valves close the inlet pipe is completely or partially, it is possible to reduce or completely stop the flow of coolant in the heater without affecting the other.

Bypass on one-pipe heating system

bypass pipe heating system at

Attention!Portion bypass pipe must be of smaller diameter.Otherwise, the water will flow in the battery is bad.Arrange a bypass should be away from the vertical pipe sections, but as close as possible to the radiator.To bypass construction cranes are used and tees.Do it in place by welding polypropylene.In addition, the bypass may be purchased in an already assembled and simple to install it by a threaded connection.At the entrance to the radiator and a bypass valve or set the thermostat, which is designed to automate the process of adjusting the temperature in the room.

Meanwhile worth bearing in mind that the installation of the bypass in any case, reduce the volume of fluid that flows into the heat sink by 30-35%, which will reduce heat transfer by 10%.However, it is not particularly affect the efficiency of the heating system.After the battery so radiate excess heat, and with the purchase of their performance is rounded, which provided about 15% of the stock.

flawless option sees the construction of a modern heating system, the pipeline which is hidden under the floor or in the wall.The installation of these systems use a headset with built-in bypass for connecting radiators.Are there thermostats with a shut-off valve.

Step by step instructions for installing the bypass

It is desirable that the heating system, including the bypass, mounted specialists who can correctly calculate all, to make installation, commissioning and pressure testing in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated in the field of construction.However, if you think that'll be able to cope with everything and 100% confident in their strength, then you should read the installation manual.

most important thing initially produce literate calculation bypass.You will then need to purchase ready-made design or make them yourself.For those who make the heating system for the first time, it is better to use the first option.This will reduce the likelihood of errors to almost zero, as already finished parts are designed for a particular pipe, and you do not have to rack their brains.Once you have decided on the type of equipment and acquire all the necessary, you are ready for installation.

The most important thing you need to remember that the bypass is never installed on the riser.It should be shifted closer to the heating radiator is not less than 2/3 of the tube length.Do pass close to the battery is also not necessary, as it would lead to overheating and flow parameters change, which would destabilize the overall system.

can not be installed on a valveless bypass valve or damper.For all its convenience, this decision violates the rules of use of heating in apartment buildings, as installed on risers additional components capable of altering or disrupting the flow of liquid is prohibited.It's a complex system, in which even the slightest changes in the parameters can disrupt its operation.Narrowing the bypass diameter relative to the rest of the pipeline must be calculated correctly, that will not be afraid to reduce the heating capacity of the radiator.

If your heating system is installed from polypropylene pipes, the installation should be used for special soldering.When the bypass cut-in to the existing heating system, you must cut out sections of pipe with devices installed on sections of the tees and through them to collect system has a bypass pipe with a smaller diameter.After the completion of the bypass installation is carried out to connect the device that is using it, and set aside their joint molding.Creating pressure on the system, which in 1, 5 times higher than estimated, you need to wait for some time, watching the pipeline.If leaks sweating and never found the work performed can be considered successful.

If you are installing any complicated mixing units or filter elements to the water pipe, you should take advantage of the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer of this equipment.In any case, the bypass assembly must be carried out with very great caution, as a mistake can lead to a deterioration of the system and the need to redo everything.It is important that you set directly next to the bypass were any support or mounting for pipes.If it is not, then the heated tube may be bent, which dramatically ruin the whole look.Very large diameter coolant bypass tubes provide a constant flow through it is, not the battery, that may even disrupt the entire heating system.Well, the important factor is the aesthetic component.Try to mount the pipe gently and evenly, placing all the elements at right angles.This will ensure a beautiful and slender appearance of the entire heating system, and it can be combined with any interior, even without much disguise.

In general, the construction of bypass their own hands quite accessible to most people, it is only necessary to read the instructions a bit in advance and take care of the order of operations.As an outcome it is worth noting that such a simple and discreet element of the heating system plays a very important role in the proper functioning of heating the whole house.If the calculation, selection and installation to perform competently, using expert advice, the continued use of the entire heating or plumbing equipment will be as easy and effortless as it has to be.The real savings by using looped heating systems may be about 10% of all energy consumption for these purposes.