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Heating And Water Supply Of A Private House

August 12, 2017 18:06

Independent heating in an apartment : how to stop depend on the heating

possible to arrange heating system in an apartment: how to stop depend on the heating?This question is raised by those who are not satisfied with exorbitant levies utilities or poor-quality work, which leads to the fact that the temperature in the apartment does not meet the weather conditions.Private house, equipped with individual boiler - it is quite a common phenomenon.But the apartments in blocks of flats with personal boiler - it is still a wonder.There are several reasons: lack of technical ability, inability to obtain permission for such a procedure, as well, and in most cases, there is no need or desire.Even if technically possible, the resolution and the desire to embody this idea in life is quite difficult, but it is possible.This is what we will cover in this article.

Gas boiler in a city apartment

heater in a city apartment

What problems can occur when equipment apartment autonomous heating system

Build a heating system in a private home or cottage is not difficult, because to do so you can use any source of heat: gas,electric or solid fuel boilers.You can even solar panels on the roof of the boiler room or build a separate build.All this is due to the fact that you're in a private home from anyone or anything, and do not depend on the right to do anything within the existing rules.As for the apartments in mnogokvartirnikah, it's not that simple here.

Firstly, your initiative can cause a nuisance to other tenants.Secondly, no one house is technically suitable for the creation of individual heating systems.Third, in most cases you will not be able to get permission for such work from home service companies, since any intervention in a single heating system leads to its imbalance and require capital expenditures to bring then to the regulatory state.In addition, the loss of customers they are losing money.Fourth, there are certain legal restrictions on work in apartment buildings and equipment installed in them.For example, you can not install solid fuel boilers is forbidden to store a large amount of liquid fuel is not allowed to use the water floor heating systems due to the weakness of the intermediate floors, which are strictly regulated load.

Some regional authorities in general law prohibiting the transition to individual heating.In the latter cases, you must first contact a lawyer for advice, and possibly the courts, where it is necessary to prove the need to disconnect from the central heating and the absence of circumstances that prevent the construction of an autonomous heating system.

embodiment of the apparatus of independent heating apartment

Those who managed to get permission for the installation of individual heating in the apartment, install gas or electric equipment more often.The first option is best to acquire Turbofan gas boiler, which not only provides a warm shelter, but the heat enough water for household needs.Electricity can be used for heating, either directly through boilers and electric floor heating, or indirectly - to the heat pump power.In most cases, you can not use the old pipe and the battery, as after the central heating they need, at a minimum, in a thorough washing.Therefore, they have to dismantle and build a new system.

equipment flat individual gas boiler

for a city apartment is perfect for a modern security Turbofan gas boiler.It is equipped with a closed combustion chamber, automatic electronic ignition and is equipped with a programmable thermostat.This equipment allows you to maintain optimum temperature in the apartment at different times of the day.If the apartment is spacious enough, you can even set the storage heater, which will make it possible not only to take a shower, but also to wash the dishes at the same time.

Turbofan gas boiler and its device

Turbofan gas boiler and its device

The benefits of this option include the following:

  • degree of automation of double-wall-hung gas boiler is very high, after the installation and initial configuration of equipment may well work completely independently.
  • Modern security system will not allow gas leakage and other undesirable consequences.
  • Variety boiler models allows you to choose the best option for almost any apartment.
  • absolutely quiet operation of the boiler will not disturb residents or apartments, or their neighbors.
  • cost of such equipment may vary over a wide range, so anyone can pick up a device on the pocket.

have this decision and some disadvantages:

  • To on the facade of the building to install a coaxial flue gas from the boiler bypass often requires permission from the relevant authorities.
  • There is a small, but still the possibility of leakage or explosion of gas.
  • room with mounted gas boiler must be equipped with a modern and efficient ventilation system.
  • Natural natural gas is almost more expensive every year.
  • gas combustion products are gradually clog the vents, which requires periodic cleaning.
  • With an open window in an apartment can get the smell of the combustion products exiting through the chimney.

Self construction of gas heating in the apartment

To properly install gas appliances in the apartment are many apartment house you will need to go through four stages, not including receipt of all required permits:

  • Installation of the gas boiler.
  • Disabling and full or selective dismantling of the old heating system.
  • Installing new or thoroughly washed the old radiators and modern heating pipes for a new stand-alone system.
  • Connecting and Configuring your gas boiler.This step must be performed by a qualified service from the gas, as it is obliged to follow all fire safety rules and give permission to start the boiler.

The independent heating system is almost excluded sudden hammering, that makes it possible to acquire all the pipes and radiators.Most often used for apartments aluminum radiators with high emissivity and polypropylene or metal pipes of 20 mm in diameter.When using pipes made of polypropylene is better to buy them reinforced foil or glass options.They have a lower degree of thermal expansion and temperature of the coolant is kept large.For mounting, a special solder for polypropylene pipes.

In carrying out the installation of polypropylene pipes and aluminum radiators need to follow certain rules:

  • radiators must be connected to the circuit not series and parallel.
  • radiators in the system crash on a diagonal pattern (entrance from above, the output from the bottom).
  • Contact eyeliner each radiator is provided with a thermal head.It is necessary to regulate the temperature in a particular room.
  • for venting the upper radiator bleed screw cap is installed.
  • supply every battery is equipped with a valve.
  • be sure to use the building level when installing the radiators.
  • spill must be installed clip-locks to compensate for thermal expansion of the pipes.
  • After installation of batteries and pipes without connecting the boiler, perform molding system.In the case of leaks - fix flaws.
The heating system with radiators connected by a diagonal pattern

heating system with radiators connected by a diagonal pattern

to an autonomous system to function properly, you need to install the circulating pump.Please note that it is already present, as part of the device itself and its optional purchase and install is not necessary in the majority of combi boiler models.The important is to install some security groups of elements: expansion tank, pressure gauge, safety valve, the device for automatic venting.All this, too, have complete combi boilers.

construction of electrical heating

Electric heating in a city apartment can be done in several ways: by installing an electric boiler, to lay a floor heating or use a heat pump.In the first two cases, energy costs will be hardly less cost central heating costs, so they are suitable for permanent use is not economically advantageous and can be treated only as a backup.Installing the electric boiler is not much different from the installation of the gas.Except that in this case there is no need in the device and the ventilation flue.floor heating system is more efficient and at the expense of its area is much better heats the room, while spending less energy.

Driving system device electric underfloor heating

scheme of an electric floor heating system device

Heat pumps can have a different principle: "air-water", "air-air", as well as a variety of connection diagram: radiators, fan coils, floor heating.Most advantageous to the autonomous system in the apartment to use the heat pump "air-air" and "air-water."Electricity in these devices only necessary for operation of the electronic equipment and pumps, which is extracted from the low-potential environmental thermal energy and converts it into high potential energy.This device is environmentally friendly and uses only renewable energy for its operation.However, a fully effective it will only work in a rather warm climate zones where the temperature falls below -25 degrees in the winter.

Air heat pumps with the whole set of equipment are quite expensive.Each calorie of heat produced by this pump will be significantly more expensive generated gas boiler.However, after a few years the equipment will pay for itself and will be cheaper than gas.Moreover, in the summer the heat pump without any problems can be converted into the unit.After all, these devices have the same operating principle.

Multi - Split system of channel type

Multisplit-system channel type

To install the heat pump in the apartment you need to choose the best power option.The large and powerful setup channel type will be needed only for very large area apartments.They establish a central distribution unit, from which warm air on the branching channels spread throughout the apartment.Such equipment is very expensive and not affordable for most consumers.Similarly working household multi split system: externally set common unit, which is connected to the air lines the interior.

Indoor unit installation " air-air " is very similar to the air conditioning unit .

Indoor unit installation "air-air" is very similar to the air conditioning unit.

The apartment with a small area it is best to purchase a separate split-system is not a great power for each room.In this case there is no need to device across the network of ducts flat.This is especially useful if the apartment already made repairs finish, but something to alter in the near future you do not plan.It is believed that for every invested kilowatt-hour of electricity 'Multi-system is able to produce 3.5 kW of heat energy.

inverter split system can produce up to 5 kW of heat.In areas with severe winters too apartment owners can use the combined variant: during severe frosts include a gas boiler, and when the warmer, run the heat pump.An interesting and affordable option would be a combination of heat pump and underfloor heating system.

Thus, if desired, and it is technically possible, you can always get rid of the need to pay heating bills, arranging in his apartment autonomous heating system.But before you do this you need to get all the permits required in supervising bodies.