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Heating And Water Supply Of A Private House

August 12, 2017 18:06

Induction heating boiler : all about the principle of + 2 variant of the device with your hands

In planning the heating system devices at the cottage or country house, many are trying to solve the problem of excessive energy costs by installing an induction heating boiler.In addition to energy savings it is such a device that eliminates the need for harmful emissions into the environment and does not pose any danger during use.An important argument in its favor is the possibility of self-construction.In this article we will look at what induction heating boiler: all about the principle of + 2 variant of the device with your hands.In addition, we will become apparent to its advantages over conventional electric boilers and gas appliances.

Induction heating boiler

Induction heating boiler

device induction boilers

The basis of the internal structure of the boiler switched inductor (transformer).Ordinary household boilers Induction is slightly different from those of the industrial cylindrical coil system.The compact boilers domestic purposes is used the copper coil toroidal type.

Driving liquid heating in the induction heating boiler

scheme of liquid heating in the induction heating boiler

outer casing of the unit is made of painted metal, followed by a thick layer of thermal and electrical insulation, which is located inside the core of the double wall.It is made of a ferromagnetic special steel and has a wall thickness of at least 10 mm.The toroidal coil that is wound onto the core - is the primary winding.In it there is an electric field in magnetic energy conversion which generates eddy currents.Already, their energy is transferred to the secondary winding.In the role of the secondary winding circuit serves housing, which under the influence of this energy emits large amounts of heat transferred to the coolant.The toroidal coil can create units with low weight and dimensions.

operating principle of induction boilers

The standard usually enters the boiler itself, absolutely necessary semiconductor converter, called an inverter, circuit breakers, electronic thermostat.Sam temperature sensor is located inside the boiler casing.

Work induction boilers is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.Its essence is that the electricity consumption of the network creates an electromagnetic field.The coolant is fed into the boiler through the boiler water pipe, which is welded at the bottom.The alternating current frequency of 20 kHz is supplied to the boiler through an inverter.When this device current flows through the toroidal coil boiler.This iron core in just 7 minutes, heated to 750 degrees temperature.

The operating principle of induction boiler

operating principle of induction boiler

Generated heat is transferred to the coolant circulating inside the circuit.Rapid heating of the liquid creates convection currents.This means that the heated heat transfer fluid expanded and strongly rushes up the boiler structure itself and further to the heating system.Often this is enough to complete the work took place domestic boilers having an average length of the heating circuit.This method allows you to quickly heat the entire system, but you need to install additional conventional circulator for better circulation.

By using the principle of magnetic induction heating of the coolant in such boilers is much faster than the aggregates with heating elements, a low heat loss.At the core there is almost no scale, no matter how tough and lime was not water.

This is because eddy currents are forced to vibrate the core, preventing scum formed.At the same time, his body effervescing bubbles, clean the surface of the core.Due to the tightness of the entire system, the coolant takes the maximum (98%) of the amount of heat energy released.Thus, these parameters greatly increase the efficiency of the boiler that has a positive effect on its efficiency and service life.

Pros and cons of induction boilers

Induction heaters have a number of indisputable advantages over conventional boilers TENah:

  • Stable performance efficiency up to 99% almost the entire period of operation.
  • lack of heating elements, which significantly extends the application of the device.
  • absence of moving elements, which eliminates the mechanical wear and the need to replace components.
  • Lack detachable interconnect does not give the possibility of a leak.
  • full availability even under direct current or low voltage network.
  • very rapid heating to the desired temperature of the coolant (5 - 7 minutes).
  • sufficiently high degree of electrical and fire safety, the corresponding Class II due to the use of the core is not connected directly to the inductor.
  • No need to install the chimney and boiler of a separately located facilities.there is no need to attract highly qualified professionals to install the system.
  • Normative term of operation of the unit up to 25 years or even more.It depends on the tightness of the sealed outer seam and on the large thickness of metal pipes to the core.He does not need any maintenance work during the entire period of operation.
  • boiler can use all the available heat transfer fluids: oil, water, antifreeze, ethylene glycol, without any prior preparation.
  • Change refinement of the coolant can be only once in 10 years.
  • Good protection against overheating and various accidents, quiet during operation.
  • In boilers equipped with electronic automatic control systems.
  • Inside the loop is not scum.
  • Ability to connect the boiler to the heating systems of any closed type.
  • smallest possible heating of the coolant - 35 ° C.

But induction boilers have disadvantages as over other heating devices, as well as on individual specific parameters.

  • Such boilers can only be connected to a closed heating circuit, often with forced circulation of coolant
  • fairly large weight of the boiler with a rather small scale.Weight 2.5 kW boiler is not less than 23 kg, with a total height of 45 cm diameter and 12 cm
  • Large boilers other than the price, which is due to the presence of expensive parts -. Inverter.
  • generated at a distance of several meters from the boiler in the long-wave radio interference, and even medium-VHF range.They have no effect on the human body, but they feel good pets, and electronics.

Induction boiler and control system to it

installation of boilers is possible only in a closed heating system.This requires a broad tank-ekspanzomata and pump for forced circulation of the coolant.

According to the instructions, the induction boiler exposed vertically.After that, the lower the input pipe connected return pipe of the heating circuit.The outlet is located at the top of the device (side or top).On it looped supply line.

Weight-mounted boiler serious enough, so anchorages should be given the most attention.They must be extremely reliable based on the fact that when the boiler its weight will increase significantly due to entering into the coolant.The lateral distance from the boiler to the surrounding objects and walls - 300 mm.The distance to the floor and ceiling - 800 mm or less.An important and a prerequisite for the installation of such boilers is their grounding.Since it is possible to use both metal and plastic pipes.

next to the outlet nozzle built safety devices Group: Disruptive valve, pressure gauge, air vent.The expansion tank is mounted on a convenient site feedback system pipes.Valves mainly installed after the security group.

mounting the entire control system, as well as of the boiler must be done in accordance with existing rules and regulations of the SAE, schemes and conditions contained in the provided data sheet.

Wiring induction boiler to the heating system

Wiring induction boiler to

heating system Examples of improvised constructions

If you do not use the induction boiler for the main heating in a private home, and want to equip their cottage or garage, you can try to design it yourself.There are two ways to do it.

first option

For its implementation will need pieces of plastic pipe and welding inverter.Due to the physics of elementary knowledge and knowing how to use the clippers, you can make your own elementary induction model.To do this, you need to purchase an already created high welding inverter with stepless power output up to 15 amps or higher.For heating a large area is best to choose a much more powerful machine.Still need a stainless steel wire rod or conventional segments of steel wire.It is necessary to carry out the role of the heating element.Their length - 50 mm, with a diameter of 7 mm.

An important component is the copper wire, which can be easily purchased at any store theme.Do not use the coil from old coils.Enclosure, which is the basis of the induction coil - is both part of the pipe, so it can be made of plastic pipes with thick walls.Its inside diameter should be 50 mm.By this body there is a two output pipe for admission of cold and hot coolant return.All the interior space of the housing is necessary to completely fill the segments of wire and close the metal mesh, so that they do not sleep enough.

It may look like a homemade induction apparatus

It may seem self-made induction apparatus

induction coil do as follows: around previously prepared plastic pipe gradually wound copper wire coated with enamel.It takes about 90 turns.The resulting self-made device you want to connect to the pipeline network.Because the pipeline cut a small section of the pipe, but instead set a homemade induction boiler.It is connected via an inverter and simply run the water.

second option

This option involves the use of three-phase transformer with and fixation.In addition, also need welder.For the manufacture of the device need to weld two pipes so that they looked like a donut in section.This construction serves as the introducer, and a heating function.Then the coil is wound directly on the boiler body with a view to a more efficient operation, despite the small size and weight.It uses a standard heating the coolant circuit: it receives a large amount of heat when in contact with the winding.

Homemade induction boiler of transformer

Homemade induction boiler of transformer

manufacturing scheme of this design is somewhat more complicated than in the first embodiment.The boiler is equipped with two nozzles, as the coolant to enter the cold and heated to exit.If you think of yourself and build a protective cover, it is possible to minimize heat loss.

features self-installation and operation of self-made boilers

As in the case of boilers, produced in the factory for the installation of a homemade induction plant may come only heating system closed.Its membership must include a centrifugal pump, which creates a continuous circulation of the coolant inside the heating system.Common today, plastic piping is the best suited for the installation of a homemade induction boiler.All regulations pertaining to the installation of boilers store should be fully respected in this case.If installed on the system management and security tools organs, your self-made installation is not much inferior to his fellow factory.Although

produce such a device is difficult, and it is better not to take up the matter without "direct source", it is a pleasure to operate.After all, with the ease of use we get more serious and energy savings.