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August 12, 2017 18:06

Concrete which brand is needed for the foundation ?

should be noted that any type of foundation would not have chosen the owner of a country house he will always be the question of what type of concrete selected for this very foundation and the different characteristics of concrete.

Concrete which brand is needed for the foundation

Concrete what brand is needed for the foundation

concrete composition

In any concrete includes 3 fundamental component - is:

  1. Cement - the component that connects the rest of the excipients.
  2. Fillers - Crushed stone, gravel, sand, various bulk additive.
  3. and directly water .

As a result, the synthesis of these groups of components formed concrete, worth noting that the quality of the concrete depends on the percentage of the cement of our fillers.Fillers are used to reduce stress in the concrete foundation by solidification and to reduce the economic cost of the construction, since the cost of the building depends on the choice of the concrete components.

concrete Marking

1. M - grade of concrete.
2. B - concrete class.
3. F - concrete resistance to frost.

4. W - characteristic of concrete water resistance.
5. P - concrete mobility.

Mark concrete

concrete Brand - a fundamental characteristic that shows us how the frozen foundation will transfer the load to the compression process after its hardening, that is after the lapse of 30 days.

Concrete M100 V7.5 - concrete of very low quality is mainly used in the preparatory work at the construction for pouring of concrete pads of the foundation.

Concrete M150 V12.5 - concrete is not very good quality is mainly used in the construction of concrete walkways and rough screeds.

Concrete M200 B15 - the concrete used for the construction of low-laden elements such as ladders or tape casting slab foundation.

Concrete M300 V22.5 - The most popular grade of concrete in Russia, because the quality of the concrete can be evaluated on a strict 4 !.Apply for pouring the foundation and construction of good quality and country houses.

Concrete M350 B25 - quality concrete, which is used for the construction of concrete structures requiring extremely high-strength.

Concrete M500 B40 - quite rarely used in Russia, because concrete data is large amounts of money is mainly used for the production of bank vaults or for special construction.objects.

concrete class

concrete class is indicated by the letter B, and describes more information about compression, information on more accurate data we can see above.

Mobility concrete

Mobility concrete U-shape - an indicator which characterizes the homogeneous liquid concrete mix and flow coefficient.It is worth noting that even with a slight excess of water in the composition of the concrete may result in loss of strength and as a consequence of major problems.


Vodonipronizaemost - letter W. vodopronizaemosti coefficient characterizes the concrete with water, they are usually in the range of 2 - 12 to the minimum value of the maximum value.This coefficient is taken into account if your site has a water table and foundation can "play" with the flooding of ground by underground springs, by the way if you want to get rid of this problem, I recommend reading an article about the blind area around the house with his hands and about the drainage system, which will leave your foundation inperfect condition.

Resistance to frost

Resistance to frost letter F - indicator which characterizes much frost defrosts and able to withstand the concrete.

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