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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installing rack ceiling with his hands - Installation instructions

Rack ceiling with his hands

Rack ceiling with his hands

What are the advantages suspended ceilings made of aluminum?

So ceilings are not afraid of the constant changes in temperature and high humidity.Toilet, bathroom and kitchen can safely be equipped with this type of ceiling.Curtain Installation allows you to close all the bumps on the existing ceiling, from which he was not made of material.This environmentally friendly material, which in comparison, for example, with a known coating does not spoil the health of people in the premises.Beautiful design ideas suspended ceilings are available in a large range of customers, so you can choose the appropriate ceiling individually to any room.

How does the rack ceiling?

Travers of steel or aluminum, representing a profile with teeth that can be chained together rails - these are the separate parts of the rack ceiling and it is collected.Dimensions of rails and traverses may vary.When buying them should pay attention to the ratio of the size of the teeth of all the rails, or between them in the future may turn out slot.

it difficult to collect the rack ceiling with his hands?

Make yourself can rack ceiling.It's not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.We need to have some skills, thus, greatly deepened in the technology of construction work is not necessary.

The room already made finishing finishing work except the ceiling?So already start its installation can be.Wires for light bulbs need to be fixed in one position, to work they do not interfere.

For work tools needed:

  1. Drill;
  2. Scissors on metal;
  3. Roulette;
  4. level;
  5. Laser Level;
  6. Shurupuvert;
  7. guiding profile;
  8. Rack ceiling;
  9. Suspensions;
  10. beams;
  11. dowels and screws.
Step by step instructions for installing rack ceiling with his hands

Step 1.

Installation of hangers

Mounting suspensions

First you need to install rails on the perimeter of the entire room.Location of the future must be a ceiling mark with the expectation of its sinking in 16-20 cm below the main ceiling.Further, all measurements should be carried out.For a large room is better to use a laser level.We provide laser level flat horizontal line.According to her, will be fixed guide profiles.The standard profile length is 3 m. If necessary, it can always be trimmed with scissors for metal.

Step 2.

Installation guides

Installation guide

next step.We apply the guide profile on the basis of a line drawn by, the wall and drill holes.In this hole is screwed into the screw with nut.Then we fix the whole profile in the same manner with a pitch of about 60mm.Profile is necessary to constantly check the level on the evenness of the installation.

Step 3.

Driving connection profiles and hangers

Connection scheme profeley and suspensions

When it comes to angles, profiles combine loose way.Angles profiles without problems enter into the cavity opposing profiles.The result is a fully mounted ceiling perimeter.

Step 4.

Next set suspensions.Their fixing must first measure and observe a distance between them of about 1 m. Grips hangers to concrete ceiling with screws with dowels.To do this, you need to drill holes in the main ceiling.We note, drilling, anchoring and corners are slightly bent hangers.

Step 5.

Then fasten traverse suspensions.Between them, keep your distance (not more than a meter).Installation is carried out traverses perpendicular rails, at the level of the profile.Pre-curved edge suspensions now until the end of the fold back the traverse, which are held together screwdrivers.It is important to observe the evenness of the whole structure.Short traverse can piece down.To do this, use the scissors on metal and another suspension.

Step 6.

Fasten ceiling.To begin to free rail on the film, and cut them if necessary.Then, with great care insert the rails into the guides and snap them to traverse.

In strict observance of all the steps get smooth and beautiful ceiling mounted rack.This is a simple and reliable way of setting a ceiling rack, which at any time you can use your own.Around the same way, you can also install the raised ceiling, but it will take much more time.

You can write as much as necessary, propose the VM to see a video of the installation of the ceiling rack, then everything becomes immediately clear.

Video - installation lath ceiling Part 1

Mounting rack ceiling part 2