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August 12, 2017 18:06

Connect the floor heating to the thermostat ( thermostat )

important role in the construction and design of floor heating thermostat plays - the control unit, which processes the information received from the temperature sensors.Depending on the selected operating mode it enables or disables the heating mode.

Connect the floor heating to the thermostat

connection to the underfloor heating thermostat

mandatory installation of thermostat depends on the characteristics of your underfloor heating.If the heat produced by electricity, the thermostat is a mandatory element of the design, but in the heat of the water his field can not be installed.However, to save coolant and heating control room with several sources of heat thermostat can be set in a warm water floor heating system.

What are the thermostats?

Depending on the internal electronic filling thermostats can be divided into complex, with programmable control and simple, which is set only one parameter - temperature.The device has a complex electronic control unit and display, simple setting of the desired temperature is produced by mechanical means.

also thermostats can be divided into types according to the method of installation.Like conventional wall switches, they can be embedded and deepened in the walls and overhead.

Temperature sensors

To thermostat can qualitatively carry out their work for him to be fed information collected by temperature sensors.Represents two sensor conductors connected thermocouple, resistance of which changes depending on the degree of heating.

Temperature sensors for temperature control

Temperature Sensors thermostat

Temperature sensors can capture data directly from the heating element and measure the air temperature in the room.Usually the air temperature sensors are mounted directly to the body of the thermostat and do not require separate installation.There thermostats which simultaneously receive information from two types of temperature sensors.

Measure the temperature of the heating element directly with underfloor heating or the floor is best in rooms with additional sources of heat, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Connecting electric floor heating thermostat to

heating electric elements heated floor system made of infrared film or of the heating cable.Installation of such systems is quite simple - they are placed either in the thickness of the screed, or on screed directly under floor finish.

thermostat to such floors is connected as follows:

  1. Define the room place the thermostat location.Note that in close proximity to it should be the mains wiring is 220 volts.By the thermostat and wiring necessary to provide a place to put the circuit breaker.
  2. when designing the electrical floor also provides a place to put a temperature sensor.Usually it is located near the thermostat in a location that will not make pieces of furniture.

    Driving connection of floor heating

    Driving connection of floor heating

  3. If the heating element in your system is the IR-film, the sensor must be installed on the reverse side of the film.
  4. If the heating elements in your system, warm floor heating cable is to be placed in the thickness of the screed temperature sensor is necessary to protect the concrete impact.To this end, it should be placed in a corrugated tube with a heating cable.One end of the pipe must be in thicker concrete screed and the other to be output to the wall so as to allow removal and replacement of a faulty sensor.
  5. After installation of electric warm floor in the location selected for setting the thermostat set markup.If the control device is embedded, then at the point of installation Hollow niche.If your thermostat invoice - install it on the self-tapping screws on the plugs.
  6. The comparison output of the heating element of your floor heating with admission capacity of the thermostat.The maximum capacity of the thermostat should be not less than the load supplied to the heating elements.
  7. Perform wiring of the heating element to the terminals of the thermostat.Pay attention to the need to comply with the phase plug.Most electrical phase can be represented by the letters «L» and «F», and the neutral zero - «N» the letter.Also phasing indicated by the color of the wires and - the neutral wire is usually colored blue, and the phase wire - black, white or brown.

    Wiring the thermostat - photo

    Wiring thermostat - photo

then perform testing thermostat:

  1. Set the minimum value of the temperature on the controller,
  2. supply it with power,
  3. Turn switch heating,
  4. Slowly change the valuetemperature, when the heating elements should be a click is heard.
  5. Visually inspect the floor heating.

Connection warm water floor to the thermostat

in hot water heating systems, the thermostat controls the special actuator, which regulates the flow of coolant in the system.And adapted for electrical floor may be programmable and mechanical.Temperature sensors in these systems usually measure the heating of the air as the heat transfer fluid loses heat to the atmosphere with some delay.

Mechanical thermostat for underfloor heating

Mechanical thermostat for underfloor heating

thus looks simple mechanical thermostat for underfloor heating system water.

  1. When creating a warm water floor temperature sensor is usually installed at a height of about one meter, you can place it in close proximity to the thermostat.Please note that next to the sensor was no additional heat sources.
  2. After installing the sensor wires from the rewound it to the thermostat.There are sensors with data transmission over the air - in this case it is necessary to achieve sustainability of the signal.
  3. After starting the system, place the temperature sensor near an ordinary thermometer and set the thermostat at a certain temperature for heating.Within a few hours the system should keep the temperature stable.
Remember that the installation of electrical circuits in the home need to be carried out at off circuit breakers.

To become more familiar with the procedure to connect the underfloor heating thermostat - check out video tutorial presented at our site.

Video instruction - set the thermostat own hands