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August 12, 2017 18:06

Table pergola with his hands - the instruction to create the table

table gazebo

Almost every summer cottage set gazebo.They are needed for a comfortable and harmonious holiday.These lovely buildings quite functional.You can relax, shelter from the rain, chat with friends, play games, eat dinner with your family, make a cheerful picnic.

in its construction, in any case must be present table - a mandatory attribute of the gazebo.He will give a complete view of the structure.

Table gazebos with their hands

table gazebos with their hands

table, benches will not only perform their primary function, but be sure to create an atmosphere of comfort.Objects made by his own hand, particularly appreciated.Designed according to your taste will decorate the table, proud owner of the suburban area.By the way, to save and money.

Classic table looks usually as countertop, arranged on a sturdy rack.This saves space (if small pavilion).The large gazebo can schedule a double-seat table.It is more stable, more comfortable.


Initially, it is necessary to calculate the size to fit into the table design.After all, a large table can make a limited space.Very little may not be functional.It is necessary to determine the optimal height for comfort.

must choose material After selecting a size.Personally easier to create wooden furniture.Wood looks beautiful, in harmony with the landscape.This is a practical, comfortable material.You can select in the construction market, to buy in the store.The easiest option - to take a thick log, cut horizontally to handle a plane.Get the original table.

Table of logs

table of logs

practical option would be the manufacture of boards, planks.The most important stage for its stability, so that it is not swayed.Therefore, measurement, training elements should be carried out carefully, very carefully.The table must master from quality wood.This will ensure the beauty and reliability.

From roulette tools required (measurements will be carried out), pen, paper (sketch is created, the dimensions are written).

manufacturing step table

On a material made markup after it is sawn into desired parts.To begin the job properly is to countertops.Its easy to collect from boards, although you can use a commercially available wood panels.For the strength to not staggered worktops, mounted on the back of the guide rails.Done fixing screws.The design will be held securely.

Beautiful garden table

Beautiful garden table

After legs are made.The material is the same.The number of legs depending on the shape and size of the table.They are made with thick, firm, in compliance with the parameters.

When several reference desks should pay attention to the level of the floor surface.When you need to drop a slope compensation - different length legs.But it is better to do the groundwork for the table.The base is made of brick, metal pipes.For ease of construction the legs can be fixed with cement mortar.

for finishing table carefully polished, impregnated with antiseptic, flame retardant.At the end it is covered with a double (can be 3-4), a layer of lacquer.It becomes a beautiful, durable.To the table is needed gazebo, also read about an arbor made of polycarbonate with their own hands.

Video - do yourself a holiday table