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August 12, 2017 18:06

The barn in the country with their own hands

Country Construction is booming, as urban residents, tired of the hustle and bustle, seeking to relax in nature.Many people like to dig in the earth, others need constant hobby and a place where they could deal with them.For gardeners and home craftsmen shed will not be superfluous - it is not only possible to store tools, but also to keep the equipment for processing and irrigation of land.Therefore, it is a robust design.Not arguing for a long time about the benefits of certain materials for the construction of a shed for the garden, look at the most popular ones.

The barn in the country with their own hands

barn in the country with their own hands

important step: select a place for the shed to shed

need a place that is easily visible from the window of a country house.You should not put it near the fence to avoid being "visited" uninvited guests.Also discard the device barn in the valley, because there is accumulated meltwater and rain - they can adversely affect the construction of the foundation.As a rule, the shed size can not exceed 2x3 meters, if you do not hold it craftsman home office.

technology foundation laying

What is needed to prepare the site to create a solid foundation:

  1. Remove the sod from the ground, creating a deepening of 50-60 cm around the perimeter of your shed.
  2. deepening pour a mixture of gravel and sand, add 10 cm of rubble.
  3. on a bed of stones lay reinforcing mesh
  4. With formwork boards do, fill it with concrete
  5. Within days, sprayed concrete with water, do not let it crack.

But in this case will be used another type of foundation, since the construction of the future will be relatively easy.This is perfect for strip foundation, focused on the base of the shed.It is suitable because of the low weight of the structure, measured snow load, small construction size.Such a foundation should be used with non-uniform ground, when there is the likelihood of erosion and heavy rainfall.

necessary to make a trench around the perimeter of the future of the shed, put on her bottom gravel, install rebar and formwork, concrete pour.The foundation of the belt type is ready!

Driving the future of the barn

Driving Future barn

combination of materials in the construction of the shed

first option for construction of our barn - a frame-wood.

This construction phase involves the creation of a framework for the future of the barn.You can select a frame in the form of bars, which obobyutsya clapboard or wooden planks.A good way - is to lay the foundation solidified 3-4 rows of bricks, and then attach the frame.Important: The last row of bricks must be waterproofed to a skeleton tree is not spoiled by moisture.Bruce is attached to the masonry with anchor studs such as E. By choosing from wood shed, the best option will be planed boards, treated with antiseptic and painted.Reinforce the vertical frame can be coated boards thus the pressure on the foundation is evenly distributed.Another simple method is the use of skin moisture resistant plywood, called Osby.Important: do not forget to leave room for a small window - here should get natural light.

The process of erecting the frame

process of erecting the carcass

Mounting rails for roof

mounting rails roof

Warming of the barn with his hands

If you arrive in a country house in the winter, it is necessary to take care not only about the heat in the house, but also the warmth of the barn.The foam sheets or evroizolon are ideal for this purpose - they are easy to use, inexpensive option.Excellent warms mineral wool.

roof pent most often done, but it is better to choose for the gable snowy regions.The upper edge of the rack nailed beams to which the load of the roof falls.On top of stacked logs with a frequency of less than 1 meter.Next is laying crates under the roofing material.Cost-effective and reliable roof - is asbestos cement sheets, they have a wavy structure and waterproof.It is possible to apply metal roofing, slate or tin standard sheets.For the most economical approach ondulin.

final stage: floor laying, installation of doors

aligned on special mixtures laid the foundation sticks and nailed him to the board.Someone pours keramsit floor, laying on top of any floor covering.Shot down from the boards and insulation of roofing material the door hung on hinges.The door should provide a solid lock.Inside the barn, you can set the wooden shelves to store tools.

Option number two: the barn to give foam blocks of

Construction of foam blocks has a number of advantages:

1. Quality and durability

2. The speed and simplicity of construction

3. The material is durable and durable

However, the price of such constructionIt will be slightly higher than the consideration of the first frame-and-wood option.In the presence of even a small construction experience, you can build a utility room.

barn with their hands can make anyone who loves tinkering and equip your country site.

Video - barn with their hands from a tree