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Heating And Water Supply Of A Private House

August 12, 2017 18:06

Korean heating boilers - Overview

the Russian market in addition to the European models occupy a strong position in the Korean heating boilers.They attract a buyer more features at a moderate price, the extended basic configuration and versatility.

Korean heating boilers

Korean boilers heating

Advantages and disadvantages of Korean-made boilers

Russian consumers used to thinking of the highest quality products made in Europe, but with the industry development of the Korean consumer electronics and appliances is improving, and little in recent years,different from European counterparts, with a very reasonable price.

The advantages of Korean-made boilers include:

  • Versatility - Korean boilers can run on both natural and liquefied gas without purchasing additional equipment, and used for heating of any objects;
  • high degree of safety thanks to the built-in protection from all sorts of malfunctions;
  • Reliable operation under unstable pressure in the gas pipeline;
  • High efficiency;
  • wide range of models;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Compact and modern design.

Among the shortcomings should be noted poorly developed network of service centers and complexity when buying parts.Therefore, when buying Korean boiler heating it is necessary to clarify the location of the nearest service center and repair conditions of the warranty and post-warranty period.

Manufacturers Korean heating boilers

most well-known brands and brands that represent Korean boilers in the Russian market:

  • Navien - one of the leading Korean manufacturers of power, range represented double-contour gas and diesel boilers in the wall, soand in outdoor performance.Navien boilers distinguished by reliability under conditions of low pressure gas and water, with voltage drops in the network, and they are in high demand for the heating of country houses.
Korean heating boiler - NAVIEN

Korean heating boiler - NAVIEN

  • boilers Double-circuit the Olympia, running on gas or liquid fuel - a great choice for a summer residence, as well as for residential house.A wide power range allows you to choose the model that meets your needs exactly.Boiler Automation not only helps to maintain the desired mode during its operation, but also protects the system from peremerzaniya, and can operate in automatic weather-compensated mode.Standard equipment includes all the necessary boilers, including cost-burner with turbocharging.
  • Daewoo Gas boilers wall-mounted designed for heating and hot water filling circuit.They are distinguished by an expanded list of built-in protections, programmable operating modes, compact and reasonable price.
Korean Daewoo heating boilers

heating boilers Korean Daewoo

  • Boilers Kiturami world are represented on the Russian market floor diesel models, as well as gas boilers, floor and wall-mounted.Most models - double-circuit, designed not only for heating but also for water heating.Boilers Kiturami world characterized by high levels of efficiency, wide range of models, designed for any consumer, and at the same low price.

All boilers are certified Korean production, with the combination of functionality and price of heating boilers often tilts in favor of the buyer of their choice.Experts service centers at the same time advised to entrust the installation of boilers for professionals in order to avoid malfunctions due to defective installation.

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