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Heating And Water Supply Of A Private House

August 12, 2017 18:06

Oven at working off their own hands

furnace is used as a fuel is not energy, but useless waste, polluting soil and water - it's not a fantasy, an example of such a unit can be a furnace that runs on waste oil.The design of it is so simple that it can do with their hands, even a novice welder.Oven at working off saves costs for heating industrial premises, garages, greenhouses, and when connected heating circuit - even residential homes.

Furnace waste oil with their own hands

furnace waste oil with their own hands

Design and function oven

By the principle of action of the oven on working out close to the pyrolysis furnace.Burning it occurs in two stages: the first stage of combustion occurs waste oil vapor to form a flammable gas in the second - after-burning of gases at high temperatures.Due to the completeness of combustion fumes from the furnace contains little toxic and harmful impurities, and the efficiency of the heater is high.

The principle of action on working out of the furnace

The principle of operation of the furnace at working out

To achieve complete combustion of used oil, you must strictly adhere to the recommendations on the furnace device.This heater must contain the following structural elements:

  • lower combustion chamber, low temperature, combined with the tank and equipped with a hole for the adjustable air supply.Through it also topped up with fuel and set fire to the oven;Average
  • chamber in which combustion occurs in the gas mixture with air.The chamber is made as a pipe with openings through which flow provides a large number of air;
  • upper chamber - it afterburned remnants of gas, and there is smoke formation.To the upper chamber is attached chimney, bred in the chimney.
Drawing on the working out of the furnace

furnace Drawing on working out

chimney for the furnace to working out should be at least 4 meters, with the exception of its horizontal layout.Waste oil provides a significant amount of soot, which accumulates in the pipes, so the horizontal sections of the chimney quickly become clogged with soot.At the same time the combustion products enter the premises, and there are people can get poisoned.Chimney within premises allowed to lay at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees, outside - only vertically.The upper part of the head part of the pipe needs to be protected to avoid contact with rain and blowing wind.

material for manufacturing furnace at working off their own hands can be heat-resistant or structural steel of 4 mm thickness.It is necessary to consider that the greatest heat stress tests the upper chamber - in the absence of forced cooling, it can be heated up to 800 ° C.Therefore, it is advisable to carry it out of the thickest metal.

Furnace waste oil from metal photo

furnace waste oil, metal photo

Stove can be done from scraps of pipes of different diameters, and sheet metal.In the manufacture of furnace you need to stock up on tools and materials:

  • Bulgarka with a cutting and grinding wheel;
  • welder and electrodes;
  • Metal plates and trim the pipe;
  • Corner to perform the legs;
  • paint for metal, withstands high temperatures.

technology implementation furnace

drawing furnace running on waste oil is shown in the figure.

Drawing furnace waste oil

drawing furnace waste oil

  1. Production of the lower chamber.The primary combustion chamber in such a furnace is combined with a fuel tank.It is a circular tank with a lid, a lid provided with holes for filling and oil pipes, which second chamber of the furnace.According to the measurements indicated lower tank parts cut and trimmed edge grinder and weld them.The walls of the more convenient to do a piece of pipe.Welded to the walls of the tank bottom sheet metal legs from the corner.Excised cover with holes: 100 mm hole in the center and 60 mm closer to one of the edges.The cover may be removable - it will facilitate tank cleaning and transporting furnace.
  2. The pipe section 100 mm in diameter and about 360 mm in length drill holes for air.Their diameter is about 1/10 of the pipe diameter, in this case, the figure shows the size of 9 mm.The holes should be placed evenly around the circumference and height of the tube.
  3. tube is welded to the lower lid of the tank, observing the perpendicular.Also on the lid operate choke, it can stay on the rivet or bolt connection.The diameter of the valve hole - 60 mm.Through this same opening the Gulf oil producing and ignition furnace.
  4. upper tank is performed similarly to the bottom.The walls of the tank is also conveniently made of a pipe 355 mm.The plate that serves as the bottom hole 100 operate mm offset towards one edge of the bottom.From the bottom of the hole is welded to the small diameter tube section 110 mm - it serves to fit over the perforated combustion chamber gases.
  5. upper tank lid is exposed to the highest temperatures, so it is better to perform a 6 mm metal.The top cover to make the opening of the chimney, it features on the side opposite the opening in the bottom of the chamber.Between them is welded to the top cover cutter - a partition of thick metal.Positioning cutter should be closer to the smoke hole.
  6. top of the lid is welded chimney, which was later connected to the chimney.For imparting rigidity between the lower structure and the upper chamber of the spacer is welded corner or pipe diameter 20-32 mm.The very high temperature furnace can be painted with paint on metal.

Installation and oven ignition at working out

oven set to working out on a flat, brick-lined or concreted area at a distance of at least 1 meter from combustible walls and materials.It is necessary to align the plumb and level to avoid distortions.The hole for oil inlet should be placed so that it is convenient to carry out the download of fuel and adjustment of the air supply.

Chimney operate vertically as possible, with its length should not exceed 4 meters - it will provide good traction.The external part of the chimney should be insulated to prevent condensation accumulation of acids that destroy the structure.

furnace shown collapsible design is convenient for cleaning up: enough to remove the chimney with a chimney and the upper part with a high camera, then you can remove carbon deposits and soot from the stove.

furnace can run on any waste oil, mineral or synthetic.Bay of fuel is carried out on the level of not more than half of the tank that was the place for the formation of oil vapors.After the Gulf oil need to wait for some time at full throttle - a pair of oil before lighting the need to get enough oxygen.Ignition is carried out with the help of fireplace matches or kindling, descended into the tank through the opening.

The process of kiln firing on working out

process of firing furnace at working out

After ignition cover opening half, and after the furnace heating regulate their flow of air into the tank, providing a smooth combustion gases into the perforated pipe.

Attention!It is impossible to pour into the furnace gasoline, kerosene, solvents and other flammable substances with a high degree of evaporation!This can lead to an explosion!
Increased furnace efficiency

furnace at working out a simple design is perfect for heating a garage, workshop, greenhouse.However, for areas with permanent presence of people, it is not necessary - the heated surface of the stove will burn oxygen in the room, which is harmful to the respiratory and nervous systems of people.Therefore, for heating houses and industrial buildings in the oven is better to take out a separate room, and the heating of the building to carry out with the help of a water heating system.For this

stack immediately after leaving the upper chamber passes through a sealed tank defining a nozzle for supplying and discharging water.The connections are located on different levels.The upper, located in most of the heating zone, connect the pipe direct supply of coolant.The lower - the return pipe. heating systems is carried out according to the type and area of ​​the building.

Another way to increase the efficiency of the furnace is working out on the forced convection air.It is carried out by a fan forcing cool air to the upper chamber of the tube.Taking some of the heat from the oven, the air heats the room, and at the same time cools the high-temperature chamber, prolonging the service life of metal.

furnace at working out - a real godsend for garages and parking garages, and other facilities, where as a result of waste oils produced.It is not only a cost-effective radiator, but also solves the problem of waste, polluting soil and sewage.The upper cover of the furnace, moreover, possible to heat water for domestic use or cook.The oven must be performed in compliance with the recommended sizes and proportions, and after the installation of fence against accidental contact, and it will be safe to use and effective.