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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heating greenhouses with their hands : oven stove

How to heat a greenhouse - you ask ?.Before we will focus on the construction of the furnace stove technology for heating greenhouses, let us remember, it's nice to spend a weekend in the country or even the whole summer.Especially if in the area heated house and a greenhouse that is built by all the rules and brings a rich harvest.And thanks to the stoves are not afraid of any sudden frost or night setback.Of course, speaking about the heat, we urge you to read about: the construction of the furnace bubafonya, as well as working out in the furnace.

Stove to give their own hands

stove to give their own hands

heating greenhouses

To collect early harvest, in suburban areas erecting heated greenhouses .Particularly relevant furnace heating in the north, in a harsh climate.In greenhouses set simple furnace, usually metal.Heat stove capable greenhouse space and protect seedlings from temperature changes, in addition, any suitable solid fuels, including sawdust briquettes and for this furnace.A combustion products (fly ash and ash) can be used as fertilizer.

Minimum temperature for the greenhouse to 18 degrees.When calculating the size of the furnace is measured and the dimensions of the greenhouse.A stove is successfully coping with heated greenhouse of 15 square meters.Between the hot parts of the oven and the walls of the greenhouse distance take at least 25 cm. And from the chimney to the upper floors is not less than 15 cm.

When installing greenhouse chimney or laying in the ground or mounted on supports under the roof, depending on the climate and crops.Samu oven is set so that the fire box of the hole located outside the space greenhouse.This is necessary to protect plants from possible smoke and for convenience Bookmarks solid fuel.If the oven is full will be outside the greenhouse, it will cause heat loss, which emit metal parts stoves.

heating greenhouses using furnace stoves

design consists of:

  • - stoves furnace;
  • - chimney, positioned horizontally (elections);
  • - chimney.
To make cravings more effectively, a chimney at a slight angle (overstatement of the side of the chimney).The slope of taking half a centimeter per meter of pipe.

Operating principle: large amount of heat released during the combustion of the wood in the firebox stoves, which flows into the chimney, where it is the accumulation and the associated heating the air around the chimney.Smoke discharged through the chimney.

Materials and tools:

  1. - metal corners for legs;
  2. - pipe for the chimney and the chimney;
  3. - metal sheets and rods for installation of the furnace;
  4. - welding machine, Bulgarian and necessary materials to it (in the absence of grinders - hacksaw and metal scissors, file);
  5. - bolts, joints for pipes;
  6. - bricks and clay mortar;
  7. - Roulette.

Step by step instructions for assembling stoves

produce measurements of the greenhouse to mount burzhujku and calculate the length of the chimney.Be sure to reserve a place for brick cladding.Furnace hole will be placed outside the greenhouse, stove itself - inside. Building drawing future construction.

firebox will collect sheets of welded iron.This will make a large enough volume of the furnace that will increase the heat load and allow less fuel.

on sheet metal manufacturing layout and Bulgarian cut out the sides and bottom future stoves rectangular shape.

welded together the bottom and three side walls of the furnace.Then inside welds stops of metal parts , which will lay the grate.

Samu grate collect from the longitudinal and transverse metal bars joined by welding.Another option - a wire, bent in the form of a zigzag.Grate should securely hold the fuel and ensure the unimpeded entry of combustion products into the drawer to collect ash.

On the roof of the oven cut a hole for the chimney installation, attach welding roof furnace.

On the front side of the stoves must accommodate the firebox door and ash door, through which the cleaning of the combustion products from the furnace will be made along the way.By marking cut out of the door and the oven wall, then welded durable metal hinges and handles to the doors.From old furniture sheds inappropriate use, high temperature quickly bring them down.

On the roof of the oven welds short section of pipe.To him we will connect the entire chimney.The assembly will facilitate the maintenance and repair of the furnace.

At the end of the work to the bottom ends of the furnace or fasten the legs of the corner sections of metal, connected by a bridge to greater stability of the structure.

Fasten the legs of the segments of the metal bracket

Fasten the legs of the corner sections of the metal


foundation is required to prevent possible misalignment furnace design falling through the legs into the ground and to protect the greenhouse from the fire.

foundation for stoves is similar to other foundations for stoves and fireplaces.And just as it does not interact with the base of the greenhouse.If they are very close, be sure to arrange a sand layer of a width of not less than five centimeters.All stages of the work is done, check the horizontal level of the building.

Stages of construction of the foundation:

  1. Preparation excavation depth of about half a meter;
  2. Filling in the excavation rubble (broken bricks fine mixture of gravel, sand);
  3. Installing formwork made of wooden planks and grouting (between the shell and the ground sand scattered);
  4. decking roofing material on top of the dried grout;

    Decking roofing material on top of the dried grout

    decking roofing material on top of the dried grout

  5. Masonry two rows of burnt brick.


chimney does not have to consist of solid pipe.It segments of equal diameter fit, fastened together.

best to use steel, cast iron or ceramic pipes.Asbestos cement is cheap, but it is very fragile, and require frequent cleaning may cause fire, smoke room.

The chimney of the pipe

Chimney pipes from

connection to the furnace and the pipe sections together is carried out using welding or joints.Coupling - a small rectangular sheet of metal that wraps the pipe joint and tighten it with wire or bolts.By coupling joints coat with clay oven (or a stack layer of insulating material).

The connection to the furnace via the coupling

connection to the furnace via coupling

To design is not deformed, the chimney set on props of metal parts, stuck into the ground.

Chimney necessarily covered with lime or chalk.White surfaces reflect sunlight better than required for the plant, as well as in the case of deformation of the pipe and smoke, the injury site immediately becomes noticeable.


chimney extending through the upper floor greenhouse, always wrapped with insulating material.On top of the pipe and put the spark arrester cone that protects against dirt and rain.A spark arrester is easy to do from the usual tin suitable for diameter, drilling a plurality of holes in it.A protective cone made of ordinary sheet metal cover, fixing it on the tube wire. However, you can buy ready-made item.

The tip on the chimney

tip to stack

For convenience, Traction Control, heating pipes and cleaning the chimney hole cut - damper.This hole is closed a small door, and inside the tube mounted flap, which was cut from a piece of sheet metal and welding are attached to a piece of thick wire.The ends of the wire transversely outwardly discharged from the pipe, and the flap is secured by welding.Thus, turning of the wire, and the flap position changes by increasing or decreasing the clearance in the chimney.

Damper in the chimney

damper in the chimney

If the chimney has a rectangular or square section, damper made in the form of retractable iron sheet.

Damper in the chimney square shape

damper in the chimney square shape

tank with water to the villa stoves

Last important detail for the villa stoves - a tank of water.It can be installed on top of the oven or make removable, installing the stove warming up the walls if necessary.Thus, in the greenhouse will be supported by sufficient moisture, and in cool weather is always warm water for watering plants.

to increase the accumulation of heat, better heat transfer and more fire safety, all heat-generating parts of the furnace necessarily coated with a clay oven and spread a short distance from the firebox brickwork.Bricks used refractory clay and fasten them.This avoids cracking.

Fuel for stoves villa is suitable either.Suit usual firewood, briquettes, made independently, packaging materials, old rags.However it is necessary to monitor the moisture content of fuel, otherwise on the pipes and the condensate formed plaque, which will require cleaning structure due to lower heat dissipation and increased fuel consumption for heating greenhouses.

Heating greenhouses with the help of an underground flue of the furnace

furnace design, foundation, masonry around the firebox remain unchanged.But the chimney will go through the soil, and not be on the supports under the arch of the greenhouse.

The chimney stoves of the underground

Chimney stoves from underground

distance between adjacent parallel pipes should be between 60-100 cm. The depth of 25-40 cm proleganiya pipes. Pipes are laid at an angle in the excavated trench, covered with gravel or expanded clay.The ends of the tubes evacuated outside the greenhouse.Thus, warm air from the stoves enters the pipe, and the air heats the soil and from the combustion smoke discharged to the outside without entering the greenhouse space.

stove for the cottages, made with their own hands - a budget and a quick way to increase the amount of crop and protect it from adverse environmental conditions.When properly mounted heating greenhouses in the summer will bloom roses thick, and on the table stand cucumbers, bell peppers, grapes and other fruits are thermophilic cultures.

Video - heating greenhouses using the oven for working out

oven to working out in the greenhouse of the 2