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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installing the plinth for countertops in the kitchen

Installing the plinth for countertops in the kitchen

plinth for countertops in the kitchen is needed for the most part, not in order to make it look more complete kitchen furniture and beautiful, but for quite practical function - to fill the space between the wall and the worktop.

Kitchen plinth for table tops have to be on any kitchen, whether you are doing it entirely with their own hands, in order to follow the installation wizard or the installer yourself.

In this article we'll talk about what are the kitchen plinth, and explain how to attach the skirting to the tabletop.

detailed video instructions will help you to repeat it in his kitchen and save on attracting professionals.

Purpose and types of skirting

As already mentioned, the kitchen baseboard needs to close the joint between the wall and the worktop, which appears after the installation of kitchen units.

This food item is necessary, becauseit protects the furniture from falling to moisture and subsequent swelling, accumulation of food pieces countertops and other small particles that are very hard to remove.

Since the kitchen microclimate, dust and crumbs that fall for the set, very quickly start to decompose and rot, which leads to an unpleasant odor, appearance of mold and mildew, and possibly a lot of trouble - for example, the appearance of cockroaches.

Plinth, in turn, will provide the kitchen sterility, purity and freshness, which should be in the room.

In addition, the kitchen baseboard can help you hide defects fitted kitchen and make her position more visually even that is not always true,because the walls in the apartments are often uneven or flat device makes it impossible to install flat dishes and there are gaps - and they can be closed with the help of the kitchen floor.

This device will allow tightly seal the joints with the countertop and apron surface tightly connect to furniture organic approach to design kitchens and complement the interior.

If you bought a set to order, then it is included and the kitchen baseboard, as well as the necessary accessories for installation: plug parts for docking.

These baseboards are made in the color of kitchen units and are usually of the same material.If you buy the furniture yourself, and choosing skirting have to deal with you.

better that you bought the device match the color and material from all over the kitchen.

That is, if your countertop is made from a material that imitates stone, even accessories must be chosen from the same material.

for wood material is selected according to the type of wood from which is made worktop.

third option - to pick up the texture of the furniture fittings - for example, metallic color, the corresponding knobs on the kitchen drawers.

can be selected in this case, the finished aluminum moldings or plastic counterpart, which has a desired color.

Aluminum and plastic - the most popular material for the manufacture of kitchen baseboards.


They are used in the event that if you pick up accessories, for whatever reasons, can not be of the same material.

Plastic skirting boards made of PVC using koekstruzivnogo method.

first plastic melts and then mixed with the desired pigment to obtain the desired color or special laminated film surface by simulating the texture of the materials that make a plinth.

most common types of textures that mimic plastic accessories - stone, wood or metal.

also cover differ in texture and come in matte, glossy, smooth or shagreen.

Plastic material resistant to the ingress of moisture, is inexpensive and environmentally safe.

Similar designs are a variety of colors and sizes and mount them with their own hands is very simple, because the plastic is easy to cut and bend.

This option is recommended to choose when the wall is uneven or you need to apply it to complex shapes.

aluminum plinth stronger becauseIt is protected by an oxide film which is located on.

Thanks to it, it is resistant to different types of loads and application of harmful aggressive cleaning agents.

Serve aluminum plinth is as much as, and kitchen, asIt has no life.The most important advantage of the aluminum accessories - heat resistance.


These skirting choose when you want to isolate the countertop near the stove or oven.The price of aluminum materials is more expensive, but overall still very affordable.

form and

device installation The hardware for countertop includes shaped and shaped profiles whose length can be 3, 3.5 and 4 meters.The entire length of the construction is equipped with a gasket made of silicone.

When fixed plinth, silicone insert firmly connected to the surface and makes the joint tight as possible, and also protects the end parts countertops from water.

The shape of the wall surface plinth repeating equilateral right-angled triangle, or may take the form of a boot which extends upwards.

Aluminum and plastic skirting types are the foundation, which is attached to the table top by means of screws, and a decorative box that needs to be fixed on the basis of the top until it clicks.

To facilitate and accelerate the mounting plinth, complete with it serves to plug the left and right hand corners to external parties, and other parts for installation.

Fasteners made of the same color as the baseboard itself.

accessories Mounting is easy to perform, but it is recommended before starting to watch the video in order to clarify all the details and have the job done right the first time.

Before you begin to install accessories on the table, it is necessary to divide the switch by removing the decorative basis.

Before starting the installation, you need to know the size of table tops (you need to measure the angle), and then transfer them to a profile and cut the desired part of the jigsaw.

Thereafter, the ends stripped using abrasive.

Before installing the material, it is necessary to process the space between the top and apron with silicone sealant material to better adhere to the surface.

basis plinth must be applied to the site of the junction, and then screwed to the worktop.


Similarly need to deal with the side parts: first, measure the width of the working surface, and then fix the base to the sides.To

kitchen base material is adjacent to the surface more tightly to secure better use of screws, the width of which is the cap 3, or 4.5 mm, and length - 18-25 mm.

If you bought near the wall skirting in ceramic or stone, then fixing it is necessary to use a special glue, which has a color similar to the color of the profile.

to fix low angles After installation design.For this purpose, on the back side parts are made grooves - via their angle can simply snap through.

To inlay skirting got right: that is firmly entered the corners, but goes beyond them, before cutting the material, subtract 3-5 mm on each side of the long side of the tabletop.In the resulting figure must be cut and the bar.

decorative part of the plinth must be carefully fixed in the corners and then a little push.

When the strap is locked in the groove along its entire length, you hear a click design.

After you install this item you need to cut out the side parts and install them in the same way.

final step set stub.So that they are properly fixed and fit snugly to the place in front of their attachment should be handle all the details, as well as the ends of the fittings with silicone sealant and wait until he's a little grab.

You can then insert the plug, pressing and holding them while for maximum fixation.

Installing skirting glue is similar, and even faster, but it is less convenient becauseunder this furniture will not be able to hide any communication baseboard will adhere to the wall.


In addition, after the removal of the wall will remainquite noticeable trace of glue, which will be difficult to remove.

The rest of the installation of skirting glue occurs in the same stages.Plugs and other items are also placed similarly.

Before starting work on the installation of skirting, see sub video - so you can avoid the most common mistakes, and installation design takes you no more than a couple of hours.