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August 12, 2017 18:06

Polishing the Plexiglas at home

Polishing the Plexiglas at home

Over time, the inevitable scratching, so many are trying to figure out how to polish plexiglass at home.The proposed guide will allow you to get the desired result.

is important to understand that this work is very time-consuming and very long.In no case should not use harsh chemicals and vysokoobrazivnye elements.

Polishing Plexiglas involves the use of only nizkoobrazivnyh cleaning elements.

Otherwise - the glass may lose its transparency, it becomes dull, and they will not be able to use in the future.

Preparatory work: if there is such a possibility, it is necessary to dismantle the parts as to make polished Plexiglas will be much more convenient.

Working surface should be okleit masking tape, it is best to do this with overlapping in a couple of millimeters.

Excess adhesive tape must be carefully cut with a scalpel or a knife stationery (suit and any other sharp cutting tool).


  • first stage
  • second stage
  • Alternative methods of polishing

first stage

We need felt and paste GOI.

should apply a small amount of paste on the glass and start to rub it gently, active movements, using felt.

This operation should be carried out before the formation of the light.


second stage

When deciding how to polish plexiglass and what tools to use in this case, you should give your preference fine grit emery cloth.

If you do not follow this advice, instead of polishing will cause only just more scratches and defects.Not only must it wet with water, but also to put water on the plexiglass.

To do this, you can use a spray, because while using skins, it is important to maintain the level of humidity, ierub the glass cloth should be "on the wet."

If you do not have a sprayer, or you do not want to use it, the polishing process can be carried out under water.

main thing is to carry out all the work accurately and carefully as possible, this will be the guarantee of a quality result.If

skin after use, yet any visible defects and irregularities, the process should continue as long as the surface is smooth and even.


After processing cloth, glass should be wiped with a clean cloth and apply the paste using a felt GOI.This type of treatment is suitable for polishing of old glass.

Alternative methods of polishing

There are alternative ways of polishing the Plexiglas: this would require colorless avtopolirol.

first, is still cause avtopolirol a small portion of the glass, if the result is good, and it is you want, you can apply the wax already on the entire surface of the glass.

Rub polish is also using felt.After completing this work, you can rub the oil glass.For this fit olive, sunflower or conventional machines.

If you want to get a great result, but it does not want to perform this type of work yourself, then you can go to the car wash.

Most of them perform polishing the Plexiglas, and for the result, you can not worry - the use of professional equipment will provide perfectly polished plexiglass.

Depending on the type of work, perhaps even preferred to contact the service station, because the process of self-polishing Plexiglas - it is very labor-intensive activity, and the lack of specialized equipment will not allow to guarantee that the result will be perfect.