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August 12, 2017 18:06

Work on finishing the balcony siding

Work on finishing the balcony siding

to the balcony, which is open to all the winds and blown from all sides, balconies need finishing siding.

After he is insulated, glazed balcony will turn into an extra room.

begin registration is necessary with exterior trim.If

cover siding after the insulation and glazing, it is necessary to cause climbers-professionals.

sheathe balcony outside siding with their own hands is not difficult, it does not even have much to lean over the railing.It is important to carefully consider all the nuances of the work, to avoid mistakes.

Video guide will show clearly how to sheathe siding balcony.


  • balcony Boarding: why is it necessary?
  • preparatory work
  • Installation frame
  • Sheathing siding

balcony Boarding: why is it necessary?

sheathe balcony siding inside and out - is not only the creation of beautiful and presentable appearance.Balcony will be protected from the effects of nature: rain, snow, wind, cold.

sheathes can be any material, but experts recommend to give preference to the siding.The photo shows the balcony facing the material.


in DIY stores siding is presented in a large number of colors, textures.The photo in the directory of construction companies can pick up the desired hue siding.

When attaching this material problems will arise if the mistakes in installation.

To determine how much material you need to buy for covering balconies, you can invite a specialist, and you can calculate yourself.At the same time it is important to remove the structure measurements.

When buying siding material you need to take more than 15-20% - possibly happen breakdown sheets.

There are two kinds of siding: wood, vinyl.To trim the balcony outside siding of wood is practically not used.Wood exposed to natural climatic conditions.

In case of rain covering will actively absorb moisture, insects can negatively affect it.Do not forget about the flammability of the material.

Regardless of the quality and quantity of processing wood siding with special substances, material is a fire hazard.Inside the balcony so the siding will be quite appropriate, as can be seen in the photo section.


To trim balconies most suitable vinyl siding.

Its advantages include:

  • it easy to install;
  • has a long service life;
  • withstand sudden changes in temperature;
  • surface is covered with a special layer that protects from rain;
  • siding does not rot;
  • no need to cover the surface of the additional funds;
  • easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth siding soaked in detergent or soap solution;
  • increase the noise, the insulation on the balcony;
  • does not emit harmful substances, is safe for health;
  • low level of combustibility;
  • surface contains pigments that make color does not fade in the sun.

using for covering his balcony siding, you can avoid unnecessary costs and money for many years to forget about the outer skin repair.

How to attach siding on the video are professionals.

preparatory work

Before sheathe balcony siding inside and out, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work.All activities are carried out through the fence, observing safety precautions.

All actions must be done in sequence.

Warming of the balcony

You must first release the balcony of the old things, to remove the window frame.Then he removed the old tiles, trim, cut off grinder railing.

After inspection of all joints are detected defects, cracks.They definitely need repaired by welding.

next stage of preparatory work - fighting off the cement on the edge of the grid.Slugger is necessary to the base plate, which is made of reinforced concrete.

If you skip this step, the skin will have a low attachment strength.If there is a gap, a crack on the base plate, they must be carefully repaired cement.

When fighting off the cement is important to take care of people's safety.

After falling from a height, a piece of cement can cause injury to the person who is accidentally pass.

is worth paying attention to the balconies, air conditioning, located at the bottom.They also can damage the chunks fly off from the balcony.

To prevent Coast cement pieces, you need to use any capacity at weaning.It will fall falling rocks.Shoot down the concrete recommended portions.

This allows you to control the falling debris and the time to liberate the capacity of the concrete pieces.

If the plans do not remove the grille, then it should be cleaned of rust.This will help metal brush.It can be installed in the drill, which will facilitate the work and improve its quality.

After removing the rust, the surface must be primed.On the primer is applied a coat of paint.

entire balcony edge of the plate should be inspected for chips.If they are, then be sure to seal the cement.


If you are having severe damage, you should hire a specialist.Also, his advice is needed, if the plate has a slope terrace.

Only a specialist can give an opinion, whether it is possible to sheathe siding or is to overhaul the balcony before plating.

frame Installation

To make a frame for covering balconies siding, you can use metal, wood.The basic rule - the framework should be smooth, the surface must not have holes, cracks and irregularities.

For the lower belt boards lathing needs, the size of which shall not be less than 80x80 mm, so it is advisable to lay the boards in two rows.

This thickness is required for retention of the coating balcony.Middle and upper belt battens can be from 30x30 mm to 70x70 mm.If

balcony will need to glaze, then you should definitely make an extra belt, which will be located at the frame level.

Jumpers must have the same cross-section as well as the boards of belts.Step fixing should be 600 mm.This distance is best to fit the siding was dense.

Bars mounted on the perimeter of the balcony.Attach them to the desired length nails.Places where the planned additional capacity, need to be strengthened.

If the timber has a thickness of less than 60 mm, then on the one hand they are encouraged skived.When fixing the boards to the plate, use the dowel-nails.

to connect them to each other, you need to purchase the corners of metal and screws.To facilitate the work, the holes can be drilled in advance, and then, by applying to the plate, fasten screws.

If the outer sheathing is secured to the bars, it is necessary to use clamps.

Void, which are formed between the plate and beams, you need to blow out the mounting foam.The photo shows an example of mounting battens.

Battens under the siding

Bars to be used for the frame, you need to prepare in advance.For this material must be sawn into length should reflect actual balcony.

All Templates need to be impregnated with a special compound - an antiseptic.It will prevent rot and insect impacts during operation.Top rails must be covered with lacquer, varnish.

Experts recommend doing a metal crate.This material when moisture is not deformed, he was not afraid of exposure to mold, mildew and insects.

In this case it is necessary to take care of welding, since a metal frame members are interconnected in this way, as shown in the photograph.

Metal lath

Sheathing siding

balconies Sheathing siding also requires the fulfillment of certain phases of work.First, set the front area.He bolted to the beams, set at the corners of the balcony.

Attach necessary with self-tapping screws.The photo shows how to attach the panel.

Fixing the siding

External starting strip must be installed flush to the lower belt crates.Between the lateral area and the siding is required to keep a little distance.

small gap needs to fluctuations in temperature cladding material is not deformed or damaged.

siding installation should start from the bottom of the balcony.The first panel is attached to the bottom plate.Fixing is done with self-tapping screws.Screw them to help screwdriver.Holes

appearance should be similar to an ellipse.When screwing, screw must enter exactly in the middle part of the ellipse.Until it stops their twist is not recommended.

One should leave a gap of about a millimeter.

This is to prevent the appearance of cracks in the coating materials with changes in temperature.

To mount starter strip should be taken with the utmost attention.Because of how well it will be laid, the quality of the coating depends.

This band later will join the other elements, the auxiliary profile.

When starting the panel will be installed, assembled the rest.Before fastening them need to dock with the previous.During the interfacing too important not to stretch them.

between the panels need to leave a small gap.

All panels are fixed as long as the last part will be mounted.Then you need to attach the strap and trim finish.


Before you attach the strip, it is necessary to check the level.

sheathe balcony siding with their hands as possible and at the sides.All work is carried out on the same principle as the lining of the central part.

In the space that is formed between the crate and the cladding material, is inserted into the insulation.The mineral wool or foam can be used as a heater.

Once the balcony is completely sheathed with siding, it will be possible to start work on the interior.