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August 12, 2017 18:06

The design of the staircase to the second floor with their hands

The design of the staircase to the second floor with their hands

Practice shows that in a private house on the second floor staircase is often made with his own hands, without involving professionals from the side.

construction of his house itself is complicated and responsible.

From the design, we have to take into account a large number of details and nuances.

interior design is an important part of the overall project.

It is in this section, a decision is made on how to make the stairs to the second floor so that it fulfilled its function.

This device serves to connect the floors of the house, and is an important element in interior design.

performing preliminary calculations, should be equally take into account the design of structures, functionality and durability.


  • Stairs - Interior element
  • How to choose the material?
  • calculation and assembly of stairs
    • main staircase elements
    • Current regulations
    • tilt angle and ladder width
    • width of the tread and the height of the riser
  • Saddle stairs
  • Ladder on bowstrings
  • General rules

Stairs - interior element

During the construction and equipping of a private house, many works are carried out by hand.

to the quality of work in line with all applicable rules and regulations, the executor should be properly prepared.

At first glance it may seem - the stairs to the second floor is simple enough, and it can be put together in a short period of time.

In this approach, there is a grain of truth, if you know something about what the stairs are:

  • boltsevye;
  • screw;
  • march;
  • turning.

Giving preference to a particular type, it is necessary to take into account the design of the room, as well as the material used.

Marching stairs to the second floor and are widely used in a building, and in the country.This type is easiest to build and install their own hands.Marsh is a continuous series of steps.

The photo shows a simple structure of the march, set along the wall.Such a structure is capable of withstanding heavy loads.


When you move furniture or other large objects from one floor to another, do not worry - a flight of stairs has a high degree of safety.

optimum number of stages on one span ranges from 3 to 15. It is emphasized that this type of device takes up a large area.

Before making a final decision, it is necessary to calculate all the possible options.

All marching designs are divided into the following models:

  • open or closed;
  • straight or turning;
  • string saddle or tetivnye.

easiest to build with his own hands on the second floor open structure of direct type.If you look at turning the product, it is of the type they are marching.

Rotary kinds of products are divided into straight and curved.

curved set with the rotation - 90 degrees - a quarter of current, 180 - poluoborotnye, 360 - circular.

To calculate any of these structures, it is necessary to use a special calculator.

spiral staircase in appearance is similar to a spiral.When you create a room design, the spiral design is very often chosen center of the composition.

diameter of the helix, usually less than 1.5 meters.This device is used when the available space in the little room.Placing structure often in a corner.

disadvantage of this ladder is that its size does not allow to raise the top bulky items.

Practice shows that the production of helical structure with their hands up to the second floor requires a good artist training, anger management tool and to read blueprints.

Ladder, which is fixed on the rails, is similar in appearance to the design of the march.

The principal difference lies in the fact that the steps in this case are mounted on metal bolts, which are called rails.

device of this type requires a solid concrete or brick wall.Specialists who develop interior design, like to work with such decorative elements.

The video shows the stairs to the second floor of the assembly process, which is collected with the use of rails.


If all the actions accurately calculate, then on the metal bolts can own hands to collect a spiral staircase in the home or at the cottage.

How to choose the material?

stairs Strength calculation is performed at the design stage.Design space is also being developed in advance.

During the preparatory work and activities is very important to determine what material will be built stairs to the second floor.

Years of experience shows that well-chosen material and defines strength, and appearance.

To build a ladder in a private house used here such materials:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • stone.

tracing the sketches and working drawings of the stairs, you need to take into account the features of the house.The cottage, built of brick, concrete staircase is quite appropriate.

stairs are considered the biasing member.They are made of precious wood species, which is highly resistant to wear.

used for this purpose oak, pine, ash.Under the right conditions they can be planed and set their own hands.

Holiday ladders are collected from lumber that are available.Steps made of stone, too, is in demand.


however, calculate and produce these products in marbleor granite itself, virtually impossible.In this case, should be treated in the stone shop.

good fit in the room design stair railings with aluminum or stainless steel elements.

suitable material is chosen after complete payment of geometric parameters of the stairs.

If the room design is designed in the style of Hi-Tech, the wooden staircase to the second floor of Country style would be inappropriate.

Concrete design with quality decoration can be used in the interior of the classical style.Building of private houses and cottages is being rapidly.

In order to correct any shortcomings, we have to expend significant resources.

With this in mind, it is necessary to analyze in detail and in a timely manner presented to the projects.Each structure element has to fit harmoniously into the overall scheme.

calculation and assembly of stairs

Building your own house, interior arrangement and landscaping of the surrounding area with their own hands the process complicated and extended in time.

Getting to the construction of the lifting device to the second floor, it is necessary to take into account the following circumstances:

  1. total area and the layout of the cottage;
  2. number and age of the tenants;
  3. frequency walk.

First you need to determine the geometric shape stairwell to the second floor.In the usual march ladder opening is square or rectangular in shape.

spiral structure in the drawing looks like a circle.

The video clip shows the staircase of the simplest form.It is not necessary to strive for the realization of complex construction.


Key elements of stairs

The picture shows the most common design of a stairway, which is assembled from wooden elements.

Marching span is called the number of treads, which are oriented in a straight line.Turntable - the place where the march direction changes.

A wooden staircase

riser - a vertical part of the stairs, and tread - horizontal.FLOATING device includes kosour.This bearing beam, on which are mounted stage.

the other side of the step are attached to the string, which connects them together.

Dimensions tread and riser should be calculated based on the total length of the march.

Production of all elements of the device layout requires precision and accuracy during the installation.In the video, the video shows how to calculate the basic dimensions of treads in a particular situation.

for stairway width shall not be less than 80 cm. The maximum length is determined by the march of specific dimensions of the room.


Assemble the stairs to the second floor with his hands, should strictly observe the sequence of installation.

Each element, whether or baluster frieze step, must have strict geometric form.Otherwise the whole structure will curve and, consequently, fragile.

Current regulations

Any design in the house, especially the staircase to the second floor, collected his own hands, should provide people with a comfortable accommodation, and ensure safety.

Building Regulations, based on ergonometricheskih parameters are calculated on an average human physique.If

stage to do too high, it will be difficult for him to climb.

On small stages at lifting people often stumbles.To avoid such situations, you need to perform a detailed calculation of the structure.

All dimensions must be within the recommendations contained in SNIP.

The angle and width of the stairs

The wider the stairs, so it is more convenient for her to climb to the second floor.When the product is intended for passage of one person width should be at least 0.8 m.

In the case where the calculation is performed for two persons, it is necessary to sustain the width of at least 1.0 m. The photo shows a diagram indicating optimal valuesfor the angle of inclination.

tilt Chart

It is easy to calculate and ensure the most is that the smaller the angle, the more area is needed for the stairs.

optimal to walk up the stairs to the second floor is considered to be the angle of inclination in the range of 30 to 45 degrees.Dimensions structures are important in small spaces.

width of the tread and the riser height

staircase to the second floor mounted quickly on the condition that all the elements are ready.

Calculations tread width and riser height, you need to, first of all, take into account the convenience of the design, not forgetting about the design.Step length of the average growth of man is 65 cm.

basis of this constant is calculated that the tread width should be between 34-38 cm. A riser height in the range of 14-18 cm.

In the photo you can see a sketch explaining thatIt shows a sectional fragment of the ladder.The width of the tread must match the size of the shoe 42.

Fragments steps: a - the height and width of the normal level;b - the width of the narrow end of a helical ladder;in - a fragment of the spiral staircase;g - section of the ladder.

And yet, experts recommend to do the number of steps in the march odd.The person is more convenient to start and stop the rise of the stairs to the second floor with the same foot.

Saddle stairs

Choosing material for making stringers, need to focus on pre-payment made.This video shows how to make a layout, and scarves are cut under the mounting steps.


stringers collected from boards in width of 25-30 cm and 5-7 cm thick Being accepted for the manufacture of elements stairs with his hands, you must accurately mark the future kosour..

For this purpose, you need to make a simple template.And the pattern to cut a notch stage.The next step is to install and fix the stringers on the project site.

are tight to the floor and the wall is necessary to pay special attention.Fixed guide via screws or nails.

When exposed stringers and fixed in place you can start fixing flooring and treads.The video shows the process of assembling a flight of stairs to the second floor.


Manufacturing and mounting treads must be performed strictly according to the installation sites.This means that the treads and risers must be the same size.

design structures formed rigor lines.In turn, this situation is achieved with minimal geometric forms disseminations identical elements.

before a staircase to the second floor, it makes sense to order all the constituent elements in the wood processing and assembly to execute.

Ladder on bowstrings

Considering all known types of ladders, often the choice is made in favor of the assembly on the string.Making a staircase to the second floor is easiest performed with his own hands.

Bowstring - is the carrier beam, on which are mounted stage.Unlike the string saddle beam to cut slots for the string fastening steps.

Design Structures does not deteriorate, but the preparation and installation of the technology is greatly simplified.

Depending on the specific circumstances, the construction of such an assembly can be performed in a simplified manner.

Instead of choosing slots for fixing the treads, you can fix them using a metal bracket.

The video shows how to mount the steps to the bowstring with the help of the groove, metal corner and a block of wood.In this way, they are going to compact the stairs in small spaces.


Installation installations, special attention should be paid to secure the base to the floor and the top of a ravine.

If a flight of stairs to the second floor rests against a wall, you should attach a string, using screws or other fasteners.

device design on the string must fit into the interior of the premises.

General rules

When an internal arrangement of a private house, the staircase to the second floor takes in this important process.To learn how to build it, a lot has been said and shown in the video.

When installing any kind of device it is important to observe the following rule - steps should be placed parallel to the floor.

Fixing them on the design points, is necessary to provide space and equipment for fixing fences.

rails are placed in order to ensure safety during the regular movement of the stairs to the second floor.