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August 12, 2017 18:06

Use sealant gun

Use sealant gun

Not many beginners repairers know how to use a gun for sealant.

And for some, this tool may seem very complicated device.

But he no special knowledge is not required and the work is quite simple.

To get started with the sealant, you only need to have a tank with a suitable material and a gun.

How to use the gun sealant?

itself pistol design is simple.It has a trigger, frame and metal pusher.To insert an instrument sealant bottle, perform the following steps.

If you look at the plunger, the side of the trigger can be seen the metal clip (plate with a spring).

need to click on the lock, and then pull out the plunger to the maximum possible distance.


then we must take the bottle with sealant and cut with the tip itself, taking into account the markup.Still it is necessary to pierce the membrane under a plastic cap.

inserting a balloon into the gun, you first need to insert the tip into the hole on it.Then again, it is necessary to press the catch and push the plunger in the hole at the bottom of the cylinder until it stops.

Actually, all this must be performed to start using the tool.For the extrusion of the sealant must be smoothly pull the trigger gun.

in DIY stores are now quite a large selection of guns for sealant.First of all, the price for this type of instrument depends on such functionality.

What are sealant gun?

sealant gun are closed and open.They all have a piston for extruding and produced for different diameters of the tubes.

Various sealants are very common in modern construction.They are used almost everywhere and are made of different materials.

Scope of sealants is not limited to hydro, noise, heat insulation.

sealants depending on the composition is used for sealing joints between the logs, in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.


also made using sealants seal seams between the panels of which are building residential and non-residential buildings.

sealer, usually packed in a special metal or plastic tube (cartridge).The tubes sealant may be under pressure.

When the body is no excessive pressure, the sealant is squeezed out of the piston tube.