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August 12, 2017 18:06

Clear the mounting foam with your hands, clothing , doors

Clear the mounting foam with your hands, clothing , doors

After many construction works are often the question arises, what to clean the mounting foam that make traditional methods is problematic.

Even with the special gun, which is placed in the corresponding cylinder, as a rule, can not do the job, so that the surface has not got foam.

Wash with mild soap or detergent with your hands, clothing, wallpaper or metal door does not work, and so you have to go to all sorts of tricks.

particularly difficult to deal with mounting foam dried, if it got on the linoleum or plastic surface, which happens quite often.

Of course, you can use any sharp object and try to scrape it, but in this case there is a possibility that the surface of the window, door, wall or floor will be damaged.

Meanwhile, there are some tricks that allow you to remove as with clothing, arms, wallpaper, and with a metal or wooden doors, plastic windows dried foam, while not damaging the surface.


  • methods of combating not hardened foam
  • removal of hardened foam
  • Traditional methods
  • Tips and tricks

methods of combating not hardened foam

In the case where the mounting structurehas not had time to cure and harden, you can use some special chemicals, which are now sold in the respective stores.

For a long time, you can freely buy a chemical wash foam, which by some active substances in its composition, helping to cope with non-hardened foam.


They remove mounting material from virtually any surface fast enough.

Thus the composition should be used if necessary to clear a special gun, as well as another tool that has been soiled during use.

It should be noted that these chemistries allow practically deal with the problem and remove the remnants of dirt without a trace.

The composition of these chemical agents are similar to solvents and cleaning technique requires accurate application to the surface of the garment, wooden or iron doors, windows, linoleum, hand, where a small amount of contamination formed composition, and its removal with the help of cloth.

procedure to remove dirt from the foam can be carried out several times, until the complete removal of the foam from a surface.

When working with these chemicals should exercise extreme caution.

This is due primarily to the fact that they contain enough active ingredients that can corrode linoleum, mar the surface of clothes, wooden doors or windows, adversely affect the skin.

Use should be with caution and as soon as the foam is removed, make a thorough washing of the area in which these chemical compounds have been used.

removal of hardened foam

Quite often in life have to face the problem of removing the already frozen the mounting material.

In this case, likely still have to act on the contaminated surface by mechanical means, as the foam hardens not only over time but also penetrates into the base.

should be noted that this procedure can be greatly simplified if the store purchase a chemical compound that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Of course, if the material in the assembly there was only a gun, there is no reason to spend extra money and purchase special chemicals.


Make the gun clean as possible by using an ordinary knife or some other sharp object, by scraping the surface.

In all other cases it is better to show the accuracy and try not to deform the surface.

In some individual cases, for example, in contact with foam on the surface of the door or window, it is recommended to wait until all of its completely dry and only then start cleaning.

Otherwise, you can just smear the foam and thereby create for themselves even more problems.

After the foam grabs and hardens, it should be as gently as possible to cut with a knife, and the remaining traces of acetone display, or in any other similar solvent.

In any case, it is better to wait until it is fully cured and only then proceed to remove the foam in contact with a solid surface.

Traditional methods

Pets craftsmen have long developed their own effective ways of dealing with frozen construction foam, which accidentally hit on any surface.

So if contamination was formed on the door or window, you can buy in a drugstore medication dimethyl sulfoxide, which is sold without a prescription.


This tool behaves aggressively, and so you should be sure to wear gloves on your hands when working with him.

drug is carefully applied on a dirty base and allow time for it to react.

Under its influence the mounting structure starts to break down and can be easily removed plain cloth.

place, which is treated with this drug, you need to be rinsed with plenty of water.

can also use ordinary vegetable oil.It should be applied to the pollution site, and then wait thirty minutes.

mounting structure under the influence of oil should soften, after which it can be removed by wiping with a cloth usual.

especially important to use cooking oil in contact with the mounting structure on the face or hands.

foam also tends to break down under the influence of direct sunlight.

If she came, for example, clothing or a gun, then these things will be enough to leave for some time in the sun, and then try to remove using a rigid sponge.

Tips and tricks

If you get foam on the hands or other parts of the body to remove it safely, it is recommended to wait until it dries out a bit and then take off like wax from a candle.

In that case, when your skin is exposed to allergies and sensitive to the stimuli, it is best to remove the foam immediately after it reaches the surface.


To do this, use a kitchen sponge, pre-moistened with ordinary sunflower oil and sharp movements to erase all traces of foam.

After contact with the substance to the hair removal should start immediately, otherwise it will have to cut out a tuft of hair.

Remove foam from clothes made of tough fabric to be by means of blades and dense sponge.In that case, if the foam hit the fuzzy and soft tissue, it will need to pre-soak.

To this end, the contaminated area is necessary to put a piece of wet cloth and let stand for two hours.

After the foam gets wet entirely, and thus soften, you can begin to remove it.

To remove the foam from the glass surface will have to use a sharp blade.To begin with the foam need to be given time to ensure that it is well dried.

is followed using the blade to cut it gently to the surface layers of the glass, and then use solvent.

Fresh foam virtually any rigid surface rubbed with a sponge well soaked in water.

also very often to remove the foam using such a formulation as dimexide, which is sold in every pharmacy.


This tool should be carefully lubricated surface and leave for a while.Under its influence the foam will begin to slowly break down and it will be easy to erase an ordinary cloth.

When working with a variety of chemical means it is mandatory to use rubber gloves.

surface, which was treated with solvents should be thoroughly flushed with plenty of water.

In any case, when dealing with construction foam, be sure to use a gun, as well as the maximum amount of care.