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August 12, 2017 18:06

What model of inverter welding machine better?

What model of inverter welding machine better?

welding inverter Which is better?

This question is asked by many masters and just people who want to within the garden of a private house or engage in home welding.

However, in contrast to the experienced welders, people in everyday life rarely know what technical specifications should have the device, which it is better to choose the type, and it does not overpay for unnecessary power.

good inverter is not so easy to buy, especially when you consider that it is inverter devices today are the most popular and professionals and within the household needs.

As is the case with many other appliances, then you can also buy a more expensive brand from a reputable manufacturer or restrict Chinese analogue at an affordable price.

Which would welder you are not given a choice, they are different from other low weight, mobility and compactness, and ease of use.

If we take for comparison the same transformer, it is not so easy to pick up and move.

remains an open question if the inverter is so expensive (and he did more than all welding machines), why many masters still believe that it is better?Try to understand.



  • Advantages of inverter units
  • Overview and principle of operation
  • nuances associated with the correct inverter
  • Additional functions
  • Choose manufacturer: foreign firms or domestic?

Advantages of inverter units

Indeed, today you can buy on the market and cheaper devices, but they do not provide that convenience and quality welding as inverters.

The reason for this choice is an advantage of this type of welding machine:

  • portable size;
  • ease of operation, even for a person who has never faced with welding;
  • high efficiency (sutures made apparatus, better and last longer);
  • device allows you to make very high quality welds;
  • allows you to operate with different metals and even weld them together;
  • opportunity to process even at low input voltage.

It is clear that the higher the price of the inverter, the greater the additional functions, and the longer it will serve.

But even expensive models can give failure.So many question arises, how to choose a welding inverter?

Overview and principle of operation

When choosing should first determine the purpose of the device, because there are several groups of products.

Household device which provides continuous operation for 20-30 minutes, then he will need a break for at least an hour.In

can act and portable transformer and the network as a source of energy here.


professional welding inverter can maintain the duty cycle of up to eight hours.

Industrial devices in the home are not used, but the factories are units kept three shifts with few interruptions.

Logically, the cheapest type of inverter - the first.Choosing a machine, you should immediately pay attention to adjust the welding scale.It all depends on the destination device.

If you are planning to buy the unit for questioning, the suit and semi-automatic welding with a current value of up to 200 amps.

However, many councils point out that even in the home to be better to choose semi-professional unit, which current is greater than 250 Amps.

at work affects the duration of an indicator such as duty cycle.

device, which has a high rate on this scale, can be longer without overheating, which are often the main cause of equipment failure.

It is worth take into account the capacity selected during operation, because the higher the voltage, the faster the device overheats.

Here's an example: if the manufacturer indicates that the inverter duty cycle is 40%, then at the maximum rate of current it will operate only four minutes.

cools the machine is about 7 minutes.Of course, it is always better not to be welded at full power, then without a break, you can do much more.

Break still need a minimum to replace the electrode to provide a higher quality weld.The process of replacing this important detail and work with the device can be viewed on video.


There is also a semi-automatic device that can independently be switched off if possible overheating.

It costs several times more expensive, but many tips suggest that for an inexperienced person this type of inverter is better because it virtually negates the "no" all the damage.

Semiautomatic can take into account many nuances of the work, including the temperature of the air, because it has a direct impact on how much the device will cool down.

nuances associated with the correct inverter

asking yourself the question, how to choose a welding inverter, is to pay special attention to the temperature at which it will operate.

Do not think that the device actually operated in any conditions - it would be a mistake.

For example, choosing a foreign manufacturer the device, you can note that its technical trials held at a temperature of 40 degrees, while in the domestic latitudes temperature is on average at around 25 degrees.

On the other hand, can be purchased and the domestic apparatus, but it can be switched off when the temperature rises by more than 25 degrees.

And well choose semi-automatic, which is switched off, and if not - it can not do without overheating.But with welding during cold weather can cause serious problems.

After all, despite the constant work, mainly on the street, every inverter can be operated not that sub-zero marks, and at zero.

So there tips to help friends and professionals, a careful reading of the technical characteristics (manufacturer specifies these parameters in the inverter data sheet).

To select welding inverter for home, also need to pay attention to the type of protection.

best option would be to buy such a device, which has a protective function against dirt, dust, moisture, and temperature and voltage.Protection extends the maximum life of the unit.

Working with inverter

lowest IP21 protection class is considered, because it is designed to protect the inverter only on large particles and drops of rain.The transformer in this setting is not provided, as well as emergency shutdown.

better to buy an inverter with degree of protection IP23, because at least she can protect the unit from slanting rain drops and the temperature drops.

But it is better to remember a simple rule - welding outdoors in the rain, in principle, prohibited.If the device will often fall into the water or dust - it is simply burned.

especially prohibited to cut about welding machine saw or disc for metals.One hit metal dust inside the housing - and you can say goodbye to such a technique.

And the best prevention of pollution will purge inverter air.

Equally important, by asking yourself the question, how to choose a welding inverter, pay attention to protect against power surges.

You're lucky if your device model includes a transformer that takes on a sharp jump in power, or semi-automatic, which can be disconnected in case of failure, but if the power difference of 20% can be fatal for the inverter.

Pay attention to whether the manufacturer has provided a leap in the 150-170 V, if so, nothing to fear.

Additional functions

no secret that the garden may need professional machines, especially if the work front to be rather big.

asking yourself the question, how to choose a welding inverter, do not forget about additional options that can facilitate the work during welding.


Already we can see that the transformer or semiautomatic significant safeguard the device from power surges and overheating.

But there are no less important and useful features that are desirable to choose:

  • force the arc, that is to say, this option eliminates the possibility of sticking.In more detail, this means that the electrode does not stick to the metal during the welding process;
  • Quick Start function.A special device during power automatically warms up the electrode so as not to wait for a few minutes before you start welding;
  • parameter reduction current during the electrode sticking.Typically, such a function involves automatic, as it implies the automatic shutdown;
  • Also today, many models include a function such as the fixing of the parameters, ie, setting the device time, the next time to do this is no longer necessary.

Typically, these additional options are very easy to work with inverters.The transformer in the installation are also welcome.

Often, the work must be carried out away from the power supply and the power outlet.Pull the transport by the end of the yard is extremely inconvenient.

Therefore portable transformer can be a boon in such a situation.Yes, and often are taking place in this area, where the network does not have electricity.

today can be found as a transformer, powered by fuel and by charging.

best to choose a set of welding components that belonged to Electrode.

Even if you buy the transformer will not pay attention to the length of the cable - it should be at least two meters.

most costly breakdowns in the inverter is considered to be the failure of the PCB.Therefore, many manufacturers producing kits, along with spare parts of this type.


But do not worry, if the seller will tell you that the payment to the selected model, are only on request.This is usually an indication that the apparatus seldom fail.

independently change such detail is not very difficult.

Choose manufacturer: foreign firms or domestic?

And, of course, when the issue of how to choose an inverter, it is necessary to raise the moment of choice manufacturer.The main problem in the choice of foreign companies - is the complexity of the service, and order details.

But there are brands that are as entrenched in our country, that service in this case - is not a problem.

These include welding machine and Wester, which provides the user with a semi-automatic mode of operation and higher power performance.

It operates with electrodes up to 5 mm.

other semi - Fubag.It average productivity increased two times, and it is possible to use different arc welding.

It all cleaning and protection processes are reduced to a complete automatism.

As for domestic manufacturers, here, in the main, plus a reasonable price.

leader you can call the company Resanta machine that allows us to achieve a quality weld, and also has various automatic modes, including semi-automatic.


for domestic purposes has chosen firm Wizard, which although does not have such a number of additional parameters, but differs in a reliable and durable operation.

details with the intricacies of the inverter of choice available on the video in this article.