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August 12, 2017 18:06

machine apparatus for manufacturing a lining

machine apparatus for manufacturing a lining

machine for the manufacture of lining is necessary for everyone who wants to, for example, to decorate her house or shed.

Make the machine and produce battens to cost several times cheaper than to buy ready-made products in large volumes.

When construction and repair works lining is indispensable, it is different environmental cleanliness, ease of processing and attractive appearance.

course, today manufacturers offer such a huge range of goods, but the lining, made in the home, there will always be better and more reliable than the one you can buy.

Besides having a machine for the production of moldings can eventually try to start a small business.

However, as factory equipment is expensive, though, and eventually pays off.There is a solution - make it your own hands, knowing all the intricacies of the process and knowing what material to work with.


  • How and what is lining?
  • How to make a home machine?
  • selection tools and other subtleties

process How and what is lining?

noteworthy that various species of wood needed for the manufacture of lining.For finishing works (both front and internal) selected the following wood species: pine, larch, cedar, spruce.

Choose linings of such material it is also because it has a specific, pleasant and smell of resin, which fills the room comfort.Specifically, for interior use ash, linden, aspen.

Molded of various kinds

Such trees are less durable, but they are chosen for an attractive appearance and the color spectrum.

If you are going to make bunk with his own hands with a home machine, you need to understand that it must meet many requirements, and not to yield to that which makes industrial technology.

Making lining is that the finished sheet must be perfectly smooth, without irregularities, deformations leads.This is achieved by grinding.

linings should also be impregnated with a special solution, sometimes it is covered with varnish.This is to ensure that moisture does not have the devastating effect on the wood.

If properly treated wood, then it will serve for decades.Depending on the type of wood chosen different cutting methods.

For example, in the case of pine, then sawed only the lower part of the tree, because there are fewer knots.

Larch is a cheap substitute for oak, it has high strength and integrity of the fiber structure.


How to make a home machine?

machine for the manufacture of lining board should handle at once on all four sides, so its design is complex, especially if you do everything by hand.

important parameter by which characterize the device - a cross-section of the material, which is obtained at the output.The larger the cross-section, the greater must be the power of the machine.

primarily engaged in assembling the frame of the machine - this includes the table and the frame.Working surface should be paid much attention.

therefore important to ensure high quality welding of all the details, especially if welding is also carried out by hand.

Most often homemade machine made from durable sheet iron, because the table has to be a narrow, long and steady.

In the middle of the sheet necessary to make a hole, which will be equipped with special rollers.They are driven by electric motors.

sheet dimensions allow not only to make battens with a large cross-section, but also to improve performance characteristics.


The fact is that the more weight a homemade machine, the less vibration during operation.Increased vibration always set high quality of the finished lining compromised.

should do cutterblock at home.Perhaps superfluous to say that it is from this component depends on the quality of the finished material, because it is the main cutting part.

That is why better to buy ready-made shaft at the store, do it with your hands is almost impossible.

The fact that the professional parts are balanced properly, properly sanded, it allows you to not only get high quality linings, but also not have to worry about the safety of the master at work.

As for the drive, then there is better to prefer a stepwise model, making it possible to regulate the supply of material to be processed.

Then set the motor - a process that is easy to carry out even their own hands.The main thing is to determine the capacity.For domestic use enough parameters between 2 and 5 kW.

If you take more than the power, it can not achieve the desired accuracy processing, and does not allow even a smaller cut wood.Here

budget option may even be old engine from other devices, such as a washing machine.


last to set the pinch rollers that secure the workpiece on the machine wooden sheet.

Here you can also use clips from an old washing machine or to purchase these items at factory manufacturers.

selection tools and other subtleties

Process Manufacturing machine with their own hands is only possible if you have a list of special tools.

These include:

  • welding machine, it is possible even with a small capacity;
  • electric, which has the nozzle, coping with metals;
  • sander;
  • machine for metal;
  • lathe.

Unfortunately, to make the machine yourself really only in the event that have experience with the factory equipment.Without any practice is commonplace unsafe.

Reliability design should not be in doubt, but the creation of the machine may be delayed even for a few months.An alternative option would be to buy a milling machine or woodworking.

In this arrangement, the creation of lining takes place in several stages, but this device is many times cheaper than a professional machine for the manufacture of materials.

When working with the cutting equipment you must always keep them in good tools to engage their time sharpening and check for chips, irregularities.


Any roughness can cause a rebound of the wood, which often causes serious injury.

All blades and shafts must be properly secured - for this selected heavy-duty bolt and tighten them fully.

If you decide to make a machine for lining the house does not work, it is necessary with special attention in the selection of equipment.Learn all specifications.

Here is a start of the load to be imposed on the structure.

is important, how often the machine is used, whether it is necessary for the industrial manufacture or lining is made for personal development.

If you always make battens, it is better to take a powerful machine, which operates at high speed with a capacity of more than 5 kW.Also distinguish between manual and automatic models.

enough, and manual machine for the business need for the automatic production of lining in small volumes.