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August 12, 2017 18:06

Float switches for pumps

Float switches for pumps

Level sensors or as they are called - float switches for pumps, are designed primarily to enable or disable automatic pumps.

Most of these devices are special dual function floats, ie,a level sensor and a pressure gauge for measuring water pressure.

They work and pumping, and container filling, depending on the used connection systems.

Producing such products, many companies, both domestic and foreign.Of course, the experience of work of foreign companies in this area is more significant because the product range is broader.

Pumping stations and switches Grundfos

One of the most prosperous in this market companies is Grundfos - a thriving Danish firm specialization is just pumping equipment, and the list of products including not only the float switches grundfos, but also pumping station grundfos, and much more.

Note that switches from this manufacturer are devices that work both on filling and emptying.


All products of the company - the undisputed leader in the manufacture of pumps used for domestic needs, impeccable quality and very reasonable prices.

pumps from Grundfos make everyday life better and more comfortable.

Pumping stations and switches Pedrollo

Another company, which is also widely represented in the domestic market of pumping equipment - the Italian "Redrollo".World famous company received thanks to the production of the highest quality.

example, pumping stations Pedrollo - admittedly are really an excellent choice, both for comfort and individuality.

Note that these systems can be used not only for domestic purposes, but also in relation to the objects of the industry.

In this case, refers to such products as the submersible and faecal and borehole pumps.

should be noted that whatever the products of this company are not considered, whether the pumping station or float switches Pedrollo, they differ in a huge production capacity.All

easier - this Italian brand offers its clients only the equipment to really high quality.

especially liked to domestic consumers pumping automatic stations for the home, which differ in minimal noise and economical energy consumption.