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August 12, 2017 18:06

Solve questions about installing Bosch dishwasher

Solve questions about installing Bosch dishwasher

To set dishwasher Bosch, there is no need to call a professional master and additional spending money to pay for his services.

At present, almost all household appliances are not only easy to operate, but also does not require any specific knowledge to install.

Usually, all that is required from the artist works - is to have the instructions and carefully follow all the points that are indicated in it.

Today dishwasher ceased to be some kind of luxury and lot of wealthy people.

It helps not only to facilitate the work of housewives, but also gives you the opportunity to save money on utilities tariffs.

order to set it up with your hands, you do not have some specific knowledge.

at hand should be only an instruction requires the components and the corresponding tools that will be required to work.

Installation dishwasher Bosch brand with their own hands is not much different from the installation of a similar built-in equipment from another manufacturer.

main thing is that the connection was made correctly, in strict accordance with the order, as required by the instruction.


  • General Principles connection
  • Site Selection
  • Required tools and material
  • Stages connection

General Principles connection

Most people acquire different appliances to make your daily lifemore comfortable.

Meanwhile, many devices make it possible not only to facilitate the daily domestic work, but also can save money when paying for utility services.


All of this can be fully attributed to the dishwasher the Bosch brand known world, which differ not only for its practicality and performance, but also reliability and durability.

Meanwhile, to a dishwasher really benefited and saves water and electricity, it must be correctly installed, as required by the corresponding instructions.

Of course, the connection of this technology can offer at the store, but the challenge for the masters will have to pay the extra money, and considerable.

Meanwhile, having at hand all the necessary tools and consumables, installation of the dishwasher can be performed independently and quickly.

Conditional connection of the dishwasher can be divided into several different stages.In the first place, it will need to determine the most optimal under it and convenient.

should also think about the installation of a separate outlet and eyeliner to her own wires with the appropriate cross-section, which can withstand greater load without problems.

In addition, the need to install and organize a separate water supply and sewage sludge.

All these works are required and to ensure that the dishwasher functioned for a long time without any accidents and breakdowns, to carry out should be not only correct, but also in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

For more information about how to connect the dishwasher quickly and correctly on their own, described in the video, which is available below.


Site Selection

dishwasher usually attributed to the built-in appliances, and so the majority of modern kitchen sets already contain an indentation under it, and thus even have a special attachment.

Typically, fasteners for fixing the dish washing machines are standard sizes, but in some cases may also have its own performance, but this is extremely rare.

View type fastening elements, and for which specific machines it is designed, it is possible in the manual, which should go along with a set of furniture.

In any case, before you go to the store to buy a dishwasher, you need to take a tape measure and measure your own niche itself and all the fixing elements.

Even after purchase you find that hardware is not the same, it is easy to rearrange their own hands with the help of an ordinary screwdriver.

In this case, the main thing that machinery fully coincides with the size of recess and freely entered into it.

Before you carry out installation of the dishwasher in the chosen location, you must consider its connection to the power supply.

This device must be connected to the network only via earthing-pin, which must necessarily contain qualitative ground.

If you ignore this requirement, and connect through an ordinary electrical outlet, then you can lose not only the manufacturer's warranty, but will always have to risk their lives, as in this case, there is no guarantee protection against accidental electric shock, even when the unit is turned off.

better if this additional outlet will establish the appropriate experts from the office, who know all the requirements and standards for the power supply in the apartments.

only after the issue is resolved, related to the supply of electricity to the device, you can proceed to further work, which explained in detail in the video posted below.


Required tools and material

Before proceeding to install the dishwasher, you need to take care of the presence of various consumables, as well as an appropriate tool.

If the dishwasher is a standard, then the tool is likely to be needed, just a screwdriver, pliers, and a set of wrenches.

In addition, under the hand should have sufficient electrical tape and tape FUM.Particular attention should be paid to the preparation of all kinds of expenditure vodozapornoy fittings.

sure to need a special siphon with integrated drain fittings.

In some apartments, where there is a washing machine, a siphon with hose can be installed, and in this case requires only the ability to connect to it an additional device.

should also acquire the threaded tee.It is necessary that it is made from a brass or bronze, or of metal.

can not be put under the dishwasher tees made of silumin, as it may at any time simply burst, and it threatens with serious troubles.

You should also think about purchasing a filter designed to prefilter.

If it does not deliver, then, firstly, the manufacturer does not give guarantees, and secondly, the device at any time, may be damaged.

Proper installation

To connect the unit, as required Ball shut-off valve, which is not made of silumin.

In some individual cases may require additional metal-Hank.

Stages connection

Installation and connection of the dishwasher, regardless of its brand performed in a certain sequence, namely: flow improvement, water supply, installation of power.

Do not change the sequence of their own and carry out the connection of the dishwasher as something different, otherwise most likely have to redo everything.

In order to connect the unit to the drain, you must put the appropriate hose to the fitting.

This can not be allowed to form an upper inflection point, as he just did not give the drain of the sink to get into the installed unit.

addition should pay attention to the lower knee.It should be done as far as possible, in turn, bend contrary shorter.

This will help prevent air and dirt from the sewer into the dishwasher.For more information about how to manually set the dishwasher described in the video below.


Do not connect the device to the pipe with hot water.This is due mainly to the fact that the quality of such water is much lower than the cold, and it will certainly affect the pot, because this can cause plaque and bad breath.

Water connection begin to tap overlap on the water supply to the apartment.Coming off a pipe mixer Henk disconnect and remove from her all the old insulation.

After installing this tee that you want to attach the mixer itself, as well as a filter for coarse, ball valve and only then Hank, leading to the dishwasher.

If all connections, water supply systems must be carefully seal each connection.

In the final phase, the installation of the facade cars and supply power to it, as shown in the video below.


After you have made all the necessary connections of the unit, as well as the installation of the facade, it is necessary to conduct a test check for possible leaks.

To do this, a device to supply water and power supply, and then, not including the machine, check each connection.

After that the unit runs in test mode, and carefully examined for the presence of possible malfunctions.

If the aggregate of any failures and leaks were found, its installation is complete.When using the dishwasher should not forget about safety rules.

In addition, it is recommended to regularly check for possible malfunctions and when found to take steps to eliminate.