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August 12, 2017 18:06

Coping yourself - connect the washing machine to the water supply and sanitation

Coping yourself - connect the washing machine to the water supply and sanitation

Connect the washing machine to the water supply and sewerage actually includes a number of works: you not only need to connect the machine correctly, but also to choose its location and ensure the discharge of water.

Many prefer to contact the professionals, but it is possible to adjust the machine yourself using the instructions and video.

In this article you will learn about all the nuances of the installation and connection of the washing machine, and then be able to repeat it in his apartment with his hands.


  • choice of location and unpacking machines
  • Device Connection to the water supply
  • How to connect the machine to the mains?

choice of location and unpacking machines

Standard apartment not too many places where possible to carry out the connection of the washing machine.

The most common machine can be found in the bathroom or a combination bathroom, at least - in the kitchen or in a small closet, but there can only deliver a model with a vertical type of load.

most important thing when choosing a site is not the design space and the freedom to use the machine so that it is not encumbered by third party objects.


is also important that the floor was concrete base, becausein this case the machine will be less and starts to vibrate to "jump" around the room during operation.

easiest way to install the machine in WC becauseusually there is enough space.

But even in private, you can find a place: often put the car in the free angle near a bathtub or sink.

If the bathroom is small, the installation of the washing machine is possible even under the sink, although it is not very convenient.

main danger install the device in the bathroom - Risk of electric shock becausehumid.

But this is easily avoided - will be enough to ground the socket and put in the electric device for tripping.

Do not place electrical appliances on the water - this is the main rule of placing of this equipment in a bathroom.

know how to connect the washing machine to electrical and water in the kitchen is useful because the kitchen has another advantage: here you will be able to "mask" the machine, put it in the cabinet.

This is convenient, since at the countertop, and the car is similar to the height - 85 cm You can also purchase an embedded machine, it is lower than normal and is designed specifically for installation under the sink..


Thus, the kitchen will not have to wonder how well the equipment fit into the interior, asit still will not be seen.

Installing the device in the hallway in the apartment or in the country - not the best and most convenient option, because you will have to carry out additional communications to connect it to the mains and water mains.

Sometimes the machine hidden in special cabinets, or even placed on the insulated balcony, then this is not the best options, if the distance to the drain and the place where the crane, with no more than half a meter - so it is recommended to do the specialists.

If the hose to the drain will be much longer, the unit may be damaged due to overload.

Unpacking - not less important stage than the washing machine connection.We need to do it carefully so as not to damage any fine details.

Before installing the device must not only take off his protective film, but also unscrew the bolts that fixed the tank.

a packing machine you will find special plugs which will need to close the holes from vykruchennyh bolts.

When unpacking the machine, use the instructions from the manufacturer - it is written in detail in what order you need to disassemble the parts.

As a rule, even for imported machines all instruction is duplicated in Russian, so you should have no problems with its use.

most important thing - to remove the transit bolts, because, if you connect the machine to the network with them, then the device fails, and it can not possibly be restored even after a repair.

Device Connection to the water supply

Install the washing machine in the bathroom in the apartment or in the country do not require you to special skills, the main thing to be careful and strictly follow the instructions.

But if you have not done this type of work, then watch the video to make it easier.

Included with each unit is supplied water hose, which you will need to connect to the water supply.One of its ends is shaped like the letter H.


It connects easily: it is necessary to wind the union nut, gasket fitted on the device outlet.This should be done firmly, so that the device is securely fixed to and flied.

Water connection by means of the other end of the hose, and it can be done in several ways, depending on the room unit, in which you make the connection.

If the apartment is available outlet pipes from the cold, having tap for the washing machine, the whole process will take place for you is much easier.

However, such a device and the crane can be found only in new buildings, in old houses in the country and you have to use other features.

If you have a discharge valve and then connect it to the hose from the machine, in the same way as you connect it to the car nut screwed with the gasket on the pipe manually.

The problem may occur only with mismatched sizes: The thread size ¾ inch on the nut if the pipe size and the tap does not fit, you have to use an adapter, which can be bought in the hardware store.

best to use a tee, which is a deduction and the crane.This device is easy to put before the hose attached to the faucet with cold water, or attached to the toilet cistern.

To install it, you need to secure the tee to the pipe by means of a sealing material and screw the hose on the machine the third exit, where the tap and set the correct thread.

If the room set-piece steel pipe on a large plot, it is better to use a tee and a crane with clamp-type bandage.

The tube is necessary to drill a hole into which you want to install a bandage, and then compress it, and to get the output fix the hose cars passing through the valve.

Minus such removal is that it can quickly clog or break down, so do it without a good reason is not necessary.

Proper placement of the hose

If possible, it is best to punch tee for the device with the help of eviction system.

work with polypropylene pipes easier - you need to weld them special element that is needed to connect the device.Buy a can in the hardware store.

most simple circuit connecting the washing machine - to connect the hose to the bath faucet, becausethey have the same thread.It's simple, but not very comfortable, and suitable except as a temporary option.

Then you need to hold the connection to the washing machine drain.The easiest way to do this using the nozzle of the drain pipe that will pump water using a bath or sink drain.

This option is useful plum, for example, in the country where the laundry is not often.

For constant use drain water from the machine-gun, this method is inconvenient, becauseevery time you have to thoroughly clean the tub or sink, so you can wash dishes or clean up there himself.

Another disadvantage is that you have to watch the washing process, sincedue to the pressure of the hose may slip down to drain and fill the entire floor, and thus, probably, and neighbors.

best way how to set the washing machine to the water drain - fixed connection via the drain.In this process is necessary to make the air gap in the hose.

It is done with the loop, which is superior to the height level of the water-filled bath.Otherwise, you may receive the "siphon effect" when the sewer system drains water from the machine.


Wash thus will not be possible: the program will run off of the fact that the water enters and leaves at the same time.

It may also happen that the water from the sewage will throw-back to the car - then there is a risk of odors and damage things.

How to connect the machine to the mains?

How to connect the washing machine yourself - is another problem that can agitate the owners of devices.

If the machine located in the bathroom, it is very important to ground it, and make sure that the power supply and water pipes were insulated from each other.

From switchboard should be supplied earthing bar having a section of at least 3 mm.

best to have to connect the washing machine to use a three-wire electrical outlet and connect the scheme before starting work.

If the apartment with gas, it is often possible to use the outlet for electric cooker, which is not needed, because you use gas.

She was equipped with a grounding wire, and connect the device because it is no difficulty.

To do this, you need to replace the outlet plate on a normal wall outlet - then you will be able to include a washing machine.

Whatever type of outlet you choose to connect the grounding wire to it must necessarily be isolated and taken away from the heating system, water or gas.

best to lend a separate three-wire cable in places where large quantities of equipment, which needs to be powered (washing machine, dishwasher, stove, air conditioning, etc.).

rated current in the meter when it should be 15 ... 30, and the counter has to cope with the required load.

best to hide the external cables in special profiles made of plastic, which can be purchased at hardware store.

So you will not only secure, but also beautiful communication.


Conduct a three-wire network is not so simple, and often expensive, so instead of a three-wire cable, you can hold the usual two-wire network using a special handheld device with a protective shutdown, which is controlled by the differential current.

Connecting machines to the power associated with some risk, so you can only do this if you have at least minimal knowledge and experience of working with electricity.

If not, it is much better to consult a professional electrician, who will all work correctly and make use of the device is completely safe for you and your loved ones.

Installing the washing machine with your hands will help you save a lot of, so help the electrician does not cost you too much.

To connect the device by yourself, use instructions and videos, then you do not have to redo the work a few times, and you can use the machine correctly connected more than one year.