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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction drovnitsy with their hands in the country

Construction drovnitsy with their hands in the country

Construction drovnitsy with their hands in the country will not only become augmentation, but also interior decoration.

drovnitsa projects are different: wood and metal, but, no matter what material you choose, this structure will be a very good idea if you often use firewood for the bath, furnace ignition or fire, etc.

drovnitsa can buy, but you can save and build their own hands - in the article you will learn how to make drovnitsu and see photos options structures of different materials.


  • Types drovnitsa
  • Manufacturing drovnitsy
  • drovnitsa have baths

Types drovnitsa

The most common material for drovnitsa in the country - a tree.It is eco-friendly and fits perfectly in the natural section of the atmosphere.

drovnitsy These are usually large, becausebuilt to store a significant amount of wood, which should be enough to heat your home, prepare a bath, a fire on the nature and needs of the other cottages.

But they can also be portable, only the size in this case is, of course, smaller.

Wooden drovnitsa is made difficult, however, you can buy ready-made, of any shape and size to suit your taste.

Log holders of metal increasingly found inside a home in the country.They are small, the most common variant - drovnitsa fireplace.

forged design often made in the form of a basket, and curly details make it likely complement the interior than purely an object for storage of firewood.


However, the metal structure can be located on the street.

In this case, it is most often made from corrugated board, it looks like a metal box, stationary and move it on the site is unlikely to succeed.

Such designs are generally less attractive than wood, asmake a beautiful structure of this material with your hands is not easy.Unless you decide to buy a ready-made version.

drovnitsa made in weaving technology, we need to transport small amounts of wood from the main warehouse to the place where they will be used.

Drovnitsa to testify

Many in this design will not carry away - enough except for the firing up the fireplace or hearth street.

This design can also be a decoration of the interior garden, asIt looks pretty good, though not distinguished by great strength.

Buy this drovnitsu be cheaper just becauseit is small and made of fairly inexpensive material.

There are combined drovnitsy combining several materials: wood, metal, and sometimes even textiles.

this not raise your own hands, you can only buy one, and it will also serve as a decorative element rather although it can and will store fuel for the fire.

But the most common and necessary in the country drovnitsy option, of course - the street.It is possible to store firewood supply for many months ahead.

Make this construction is not difficult to give their own hands.Depending on your skills, it may look like an ordinary barn or as a present architectural decoration, but in any case, will perform its main function:

  • protect the fuel from precipitation and moisture;
  • retain the possibility of ventilation to the wood began to rot and do not spoil;
  • conveniently store them, it was not necessary each time to gather around the site.

drovnitsa This may look like just as well as decorative items for the home in the country you can buy forged drovnitsy or other species, which will look more presentable.

Manufacturing drovnitsy

drovnitsa own hands is very easy to give - to handle even those who have little experience in construction.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the place of its location - it should be smooth, but with a slight slope to allow water to drain from it unaided.

necessary to delineate the perimeter of the construction and its corners dig 4 holes to house the foundation - it can be made of metal poles or beams.

You can buy them or use ready-made, if they are on your site.

bottom of the pit obkladyvaetsya sand cushion on which is placed a base.The remaining space can be filled with gravel, or pour a solution - at your discretion.

After the foundation necessary to build a framework and structure of the wall.They need to strengthen some boards from the bottom along the entire length of future drovnitsy.Boards should be diagonally to the design has become resistant.

Metal objects need to be welded to the posts and secure with brackets.This will be the frame, which is then attached to the wall.The material is suitable for almost any wall.

If the material for the structure is wood, you can use the boards or slabs, if the metal - the linings and trims.

Walls should be solid - need to circulate air and ventilate wood.

Accessories for garden

If you are going to do at the cottage drovnitsu metal, then cover it with a mesh-netting, and can be used as a steel sheet or a slate roof.Best of all, if it is pent.

When building, make sure that water is sliding back, not forward design.

If the roof is made of wood, try to trim it to the boards of various shapes: on the front should be higher than the rear.

Top boards stacked crate, and already it - the roof of the material that you have chosen.

This is your drovnitsa.Build it, as you can see, it is not difficult.Use this design can be kindling for the bath and other daily needs.

When you're laying in the country drovnitsu logs, remember that you can not place them directly on the ground.

To cover construction floor construction can be used pallets, which can be bought, or simply board and other material that you have in your country.

main thing is that the coating was continuous and completely covers the ground.


drovnitsa have baths

little different building, made especially for the bath.Usually, it is also located on the outside, but is close, or very close to the bath.

This design should be smaller, and if the room - the main consumption of wood in your country, you can restrict drovnitsa only for her, without making another separate structure.

Make drovnitsu for a bath even easier - usually just a small shed, and as the construction of the rear wall using the wall of the bath.

Canopy should be sufficient to accommodate the fuel firing the 3-4, but not too big.

Usually drovnitsa logs in for a bath are located in a row, and the construction height does not exceed 150-170 cm

design can occupy the entire length of the walls of the bath, or be shorter -. It all depends on how often you use it,and how much fuel you need regularly.

As usual drovnitsa, the structure for the bath must have a foundation - it is made using bars or metal rods that are driven into the ground at the corners of buildings.

drovnitsy walls made of boards or rails, depending on the material you use.

roof structure must be pent, with a slope on the front wall.

fastened it like a normal wooden drovnitsa and covered with any roofing material, which is placed on the crate.

Woodsheds cottage

drovnitsy For this, too, should be equipped with a pallet, even despite the fact that the logs are not there to lie around.

You can not store the material for only one or two zatopok bath, and therefore, for a while it can still be damaged.

is best suited building pallets - their use is most convenient.

Before starting work on a design for the garden, look at the photo look like different drovnitsy and study their construction schemes.

drovnitsa for the fireplace - the original type of construction, but also the most exigeant.

Forged drovnitsa

Most often, these forged drovnitsy collected from the valve - it is stationary and does not involve movement.

A simpler option - wicker drovnitsa - so you can move it weighs less and make it easier.

To build a similar structure made of metal, you need to have at least basic skills to work with this material, so before you start to work, think - it may be better to just buy the finished, the more that the simplest models are quite inexpensive.