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August 12, 2017 18:06

We carry out scraping the floor with their hands

We carry out scraping the floor with their hands

It is not necessary to invite the expert for many repair and construction works, as, for example, scraping the floor with your hands can perform each, without education and experience in the construction industry.


  • Preparations
  • Important aspects of
  • sanding parquet
  • Required tools and materials
  • Getting independent sanding parquet


Pick-quality and reliable tool for the job.You will need a belt sander (LSM), as well as a set of several removable tape-skins for it.

Prepare in advance an extension cord, allowing you to connect to the network and process all along the perimeter of the room.

One should wear clean socks, as shoes, slippers may leave marks on the polished floor only.

scraping the floor with their hands begins with the preparation of the room - the door should be closed tightly to isolate other rooms from dust, which will appear at work.

Do not forget about safety - should not be any clothes hanging parts and items (long sleeve dress, a strand of hair, beard, etc.), which can tighten into a grinding machine.

sanding wooden floor with their hands should always be carried out along the grain of the wood, you never want to do it across, even in the initial, coarse grinding.

This rule is valid for all work with wood.


Do not apply pressure to the machine, it should be as soon as hold and not let her "get away."Do not stay long sander in one spot, or may form a recess in the board.

A few words about safety: when the watch wire so that it is not proved to be under the sole grinder.

If this actually happened, you should turn off the plug from the socket, and find defective extension cord - to work with it will be life-threatening.

Important aspects of

aim of sanding plank floor is to eliminate the irregularities between the boards, iethe elimination of the so-called "steps".

Do not strive for absolute ideal plane on the entire surface of the floor.The main criterion for a good result - you enjoy walking barefoot on a smooth and pleasant smooth floor.

For a strong alignment of boards, you need to start working with the skins of large abrasive elements.For this purpose, suitable number 40. A corresponding number indicated on the back of the skin.

The higher the number, the smaller the size of the abrasive element.

If you use coarse sandpaper, then you need to be very careful to keep the grinder, in practice it should not touch the boards.

When you removed the "steps" and switched to a finer grain (number 60, then 80), then try to change the skins frequently as abrasive elements quickly clogged.

Do not skimp on the amount of skins, their cost is not so high, but the work will be much easier and more convenient.

Depending on the type of wood, you will have to make a little more or less physical effort.


For example, working with oak hard, but with the boards of soft wood such as pine or spruce, even a child will cope.

Do not strive for perfect smoothness, as after treatment with varnish still appear irregularities, especially in the areas of knots.

sanding parquet

If sanding wooden floor all quite simple, you working with parquet, particularly novice, will have little trouble.

you should advance patient may be at the errors that lead to re-execute all the preceding works, but as a result you can get a beautiful parquet floor that you make yourself fully.

Required tools and materials

sanding parquet cost on their own will consist of rent for the use of equipment and materials purchased.

to conduct complex work, you will need:

  • machine for grinding parquet;
  • machine for grinding parquet in corners of the room and along the walls;
  • ploskoshlifovalnaja machine for finishing flooring;
  • building cleaner, capable to collect all formed as a result of grinding dust.

also for Materials needed:

  1. sandpaper (several sheets with different characteristics of abrasive elements for coarse and fine grinding);
  2. special knife, which is able to cut nazhdachku;
  3. solution required for the preparation of fillings;
  4. parquet lacquer;
  5. roller and brush.

Getting independent sanding parquet

Self planing parquet begins with preparatory work - free room of all furniture, dismantle the baseboards, to prepare the necessary amount of extension for a comfortable work space throughout the apartment.

Please remove the varnish and the upper layers of wood, which deteriorated under the influence of external factors over time.For these purposes, use scraping machine.

Refill device drum sandpaper number forty.

scraping operation is perpendicular to the lines on which the flooring was installed.In one pass the thickness should be removed in the area of ​​0.2 cm.


When removed all the rough sex flaws, then you can proceed to the next stage of work.With the Surface machines to fine grinding.

necessary to ensure not only smooth, but also to align the surface of the floor.Gradually change the number of sanding paper: 40, then 60, then 100.

treat parquet in corners and walls with special equipment.Prepare the putty mixture and mask all the cracks.

Adding parquet putty dust in the solution, it will provide the perfect color combination of putty.

Once again walk sander with paper №100.Make cleaning the working space by means of the construction of the vacuum cleaner.This is followed to start the process of painting.

should apply three layers of lacquer, each succeeding only after the complete drying of the previous one.Then again should go sander with fine sandpaper.

After that - applying the finishing lacquer layer and the final cleaning using a vacuum cleaner construction.