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August 12, 2017 18:06

Subtleties laying linoleum with his own hands

Subtleties laying linoleum with his own hands

Laying linoleum is carried out on a pre-aligned base.

Make the perfect evenness of the base floor you can use the cement screed and special substrates.

To learn how to do this, be sure to browse the thematic video material.

Today the market offers the consumer a large and diverse number of decorative flooring.Linoleum - one of those who often favored in the selection.

acquire products for upgrading floors in the apartment and the different rooms of an apartment house, in the bedroom, the bathroom or in the kitchen.With its use of cover sex in public civil and administrative buildings.

In this own kind of products selected for each case.

Before we get acquainted with further instructions on how to lay linoleum, you must learn how to choose the right flooring products for your home, office or apartment.

At the moment there is domestic, semi-commercial and commercial linoleum.Each of these categories has its own specifications and special purpose for use.


  • Household linoleum
  • Commercial linoleum
  • semi-commercial linoleum
  • Technology laying semi-commercial linoleum
    • Substrate Preparation
    • measurement rules
    • Fit material
    • Connecting and sealing joints
  • What linoleum choosebathroom?

Household linoleum

Household linoleum easily recognizable by the labeling, because the product has the smallest index of durability - 21-23 units.

laying linoleum of this type must be carried out only in areas that do not expect a strong mechanical load on the floor.

Household linoleum

Knowing how to lay linoleum, household products, you can put your hands in the living room, bathroom, bedroom or children's room of a residential home or apartment.

It can be a thin layer and the thick-thickness products of the first type is from 1 to 1.5 mm, the second - 4 mm.

When installing this category of materials can be used a dispersion glue or glueless technology laying linoleum.

More about the installation of residential linoleum can be found in the proposed video material.


laying linoleum correctly held his hands will allow to serve a floor finishing more than a dozen years.

Thus to maximize its service life, it is not recommended to move to cover the furniture and should be ruled out surgical strikes where possible, that the product can not withstand.

Commercial linoleum

Commercial type of product has a high degree of wear resistance, this coating operation period is more than 25 years.

At the moment, there are two types of commercial linoleum: heterogeneous and homogeneous.Products differ in manufacturing technology and purpose for use.

Heterogeneous fabric has a multilayer structure formed on the basis of reinforcing glass fiber, fused with layers of PVC (1 to 6), in spite of this, it is easy to cut to the subsequent laying.

Commercial linoleum

surface heterogeneous products coated with polyurethane coating.

This type of commercial linoleum has four versions:

  • antistatic - is opposed to the emergence of static electricity.Laying of antistatic linoleum demand in rooms equipped with high-precision instrumentation;
  • acoustic - has the property to absorb noise and sounds while walking;
  • tokorasseivayuschy - resists the accumulation of electrical charges.Installation tokorasseivayuschego material as antistatic laying linoleum, made on the premises, furnished electronic equipment, such as laboratories and operating;
  • -slip - this type of coating has a rough surface.Its application allows to equip the floor in places with a high probability of falling, such as gyms, swimming pools, water parks and on inclined surfaces.

Contrary to the opinion that execute commercial linoleum flooring can not be premises, it must be said that all this is just speculation.Laying of commercial linoleum is also available in the apartment or house.

course, better to choose for this purpose natural-based material with a decorative surface.

But as the cost of commercial flooring is too high, making the floor more resistant to wear than it can offer a consumer product type, you can type using a semi-commercial linoleum.

How to lay linoleum on the glue for commercial purposes, the following will describe in detail the video story.


semi-commercial linoleum

semi-commercial linoleum - a cross between residential and commercial flooring.

semi-commercial linoleum can be considered a universal material, as its multi-layered structure allows to equip the floor space of residential and public buildings with an average of mechanical action.

laying linoleum semi-commercial type solves the problem of the sexes in the bathroom, in the kitchen, hallway or living room of the house.

But not in the children's room or in the bedroom, where the floor is better to equip natural products, which are made on the basis of linseed oil, crushed limestone, wood powder, pine resin and natural dyes.

products on a natural basis is also recommended to lay in the bedroom and other areas inhabited by people suffering from respiratory disease and with a tendency to allergies.

to fix the material used dispersion adhesive, which is made of water-based.Such an adhesive is classified as an environmentally friendly building compositions.

Learn more about how to lay linoleum semi-commercial-type, then the proposed video material and text.


stacking technology semi-commercial linoleum

laying linoleum semi-commercial species is carried out under the standard scheme, which consists of several working stages and can be used for the installation of flooring in any room of the house (bedroom, living room or bathroom).

Procedure includes, first of all, the preparation of the base, and then move to fit the material to the desired size.Next, a cutting and laying flooring followed by sealing sutures.

consider each stage of work more.

Substrate Preparation Prepare

basic floor for laying any type of flooring - so make it a dry, smooth and even.

If desired, lay semi-commercial type of flooring over the old linoleum, you must ensure that its installation took place on a perfectly flat, not swollen surface.

if the old coating has a wave and defects, it is recommended to completely remove.

semi-commercial linoleum are usually laid on the glue on top of the concrete screed, but you can on a wooden surface, provided that the floor will be equipped by the substrate of plywood.

surface preparation

measurement rules

Before cutting linoleum on certain segments, roll goods takes place on the floor for the purpose of alignment.

left in this position for 2-3 days.During this time the floor smoothed and disappear from the surface of the kinks and creases.

then performed metering floor area determined by its length and width, taking into account niches protrusions and openings.
If the room has a wall curves, then to each computed value added of 50 mm.

Then, if there is a junction, it will be possible to perform an allowance for education pattern.

Fit material

leaf pattern laid up and customize a flat floor area.Cutting Measure out the best pieces with wooden slats measuring, moving along the walls on the perimeter of the room.

in the room with smooth walls, the product should fall close to them.If the walls of the curves, the linoleum laid to bloat the walls, overlapping of 5 cm. Cut the linoleum must be well-sharpened knife.

In addition, cut the canvas will appear smoother and neater if the paste over his two-way tape to avoid displacement.

Fit linoleum

Connecting and sealing joints

To get a smooth and high-quality seam, connecting joints of floor products must be with overlap, resulting in Bude pattern exactly match.

Then, using a wooden ruler and a sharp knife, begin to cut exactly the double fabric, resulting in a perfect seal.

Make seams invisible to the eye will allow them to cold welding process for this procedure, use a special glue in packaging with a sharp tip.

If the floor has a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 20 square meters, or the room is planned to place heavy furniture, then use glue - Semi-commercial linoleum glued entirely to the base.For this

one folded edge to the floor laid webs treated with glue and one of its lower side, and then, in the same way as the second part.

Otherwise leaf edge just fix skirting along the walls, and then install the furniture.

add information allows thematic video.


linoleum Which to choose for the bathroom?

permeability linoleum is provided only on the outside of his hand, as a rule, part of the fabric Wrong sponge or fleecy.

such material is not suitable for the bathroom, except for a homogeneous coating.The most suitable for laying in the bath are not rolled product, and issued in the form of panels.

Their use reduces material consumption, and quickly arrange quality flooring.

for stacking panels in the bath is not recommended to use water-based adhesive, as its effect is minimal.

Water-soluble adhesives tend to fasten only after the evaporation of moisture.But as in the bathroom constantly humid climate, the glue dry completely fail.

as fixing composition for flooring in this situation it is better to use a contact adhesive, formed on the basis of chloroprene.

But to work with such a substance, it is necessary to have some knowledge.

technology application contact glue is different from the process of using the dispersion composition of the fact that it must be applied on both surfaces simultaneously.

Then applying the adhesive composition is dried a little, then both surfaces are connected and sealed.This technique resembles gluing wallpaper on the wall.

When laying the roll of material, its edges should lie down with bloat on the wall, on top of a plinth which will be installed later.

Butt seams of linoleum is connected via cold welding, connections along the walls treated with a waterproof sealant.