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August 12, 2017 18:06

Secrets mounting floorboard

Secrets mounting floorboard

If you want to perform the laying of wood flooring, the first and foremost - should prepare a foundation on which later will be the installation of wood flooring.

parquet boards can be laid on almost all floor surfaces, but on the condition that the surface is perfectly flat.

If you are not sure you can handle yourself, then you should read the article about the cost of installing floorboards in her detailed pricing for this type of service.

If you have a floor of boards, the boards must be carefully checked for scratches and vacillation.If necessary, the board needs to be fixed, otherwise the parquet will deform gradually.

Then, between the floor and parquet board is attached to the screws lining - hardboard or plywood.Laying the foundation helps even out for the installation of the board.

concrete base is the most suitable for laying parquet.


Before laying the boards, concrete surface thoroughly cleaned of dust and debris, inspected for holes and cracks, if they exist, they should be repaired.

If there are slopes or bumps on the floor, then align it with a spirit level and cement-sand mortar.

between the concrete base and the floorboard need to lay and attach with screws or dowels vapor control layer - plywood or particleboard.

parquet boards can be laid in two ways: non-floating and floating.With floating installation of wood flooring it is not fastened to the base, but only connect to one another.

In small rooms floorboard best laid floating.

With this method of mounting the connection of parquet boards is performed dowels, which are located in the middle layer of the floorboard.

Connect the board or glue joints promazyvaya boards or locks.Parquet board, which has a locking connection, has a special design "tongue-and-pass."


Such boards are connected quite simple - snap locks.

In large rooms it is recommended to lay the floorboard non-floating method.This method requires special skills.When installing the floor should be aware of the temperature weld.

can not stack the floor right next to the doorways, the surrounding walls, heating pipes, thresholds, stairs, etc.For each meter of floor width should always leave the 1.5 mm expansion gap.

example, a temperature gap is 7.5 mm (1.5 mmh5) for the floor width of 5 m.

Laying boards can produce both diagonally and along the walls, except for stacking boards on the joists.

After laying the floor can be applied to an additional layer of lacquer to protect from moisture.Ends floor laying installation of plinths.