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August 12, 2017 18:06

Kohler for latex paint - what to choose ?

Kohler for latex paint - what to choose ?

latex paint is sold exclusively in white.

to make it colorful, must purchase a color for latex paint.

Combining the different colors, you can make a fantastically beautiful shade.


  • How to choose color?
  • instructions for self-tinting
  • Prices

market How to choose color?

Kohler for latex paint - it is a high concentration of the solution, it can make the desired color.

They diluted the following colors:

  • water dispersion;
  • latex;
  • adhesive.

They are used for interior and exterior work.They are available as conventional paints, powder or paste.

Kohler consists of organic and inorganic pigments.Natural pigments are very bright, but light-fast, so on sunny days - it quickly fade.

caramel colors for latex paint on the basis of inorganic pigments are not as bright and have a small range of colors, but it is very resistant to fading.

Choosing it in the store, it is necessary to ask the seller a special table.

for mixing, you can use a special machine.Usually they are materials in large stores.

The desired ingredients are mixed in a predetermined ratio strictly.These services are often provided free of charge.


But with such a selection can be mistaken with the color, it can not match up with the required.

This is due to the fact that the selection was conducted at different light and a small sample.

House color may look a little different.Therefore, you can select several shades of callers palette for latex paint and mix them at home.

It is easier to pick up the color of the complex, especially if you want to make a monochromatic surface.

Keep in mind that a large vertical surface color will look much richer than on a small sample.

With self-cultivation, you can pour into a shallow dish a little paint, add to it the desired shades of color schemes for water-based paint and mix thoroughly.

color should turn out slightly darker than desired.The resulting mixture add and mix the paint with a mixer.Some believe that it is better to stir manually.

Keep caramel consumption for water-based paint was not more than twenty percent of it.If you add too much color schemes, quality may deteriorate.

When selecting colors see how it will look in daylight, and then turn on the light to see if the color of artificial light has changed.

instructions for self-tinting

Once the choice is made, you can get started:

  • Stock the advance small glass jars or plastic trays out of the product.Before use, you need to wash them properly.It is very important for tinting;
  • Pour the paint into the prepared tin, carefully write down its scope.It is useful to you for further mixing.Add the caramel few drops.If you decide to make a difficult color, add two different colors.Start with one - three drops and add cautiously drop by drop, until you get the desired color.Record the number of drops added;
  • To obtain a uniform color, mix well solution;
  • Having the right color, you can paint a small section of the wall to check the color of the next day, when the paint has dried completely.If you enjoy the shade, the Kohler leftover paint, keeping the desired proportions;
  • If the shade does not suit you, you can increase or decrease the amount of color scheme or add another.Without the experience to choose the right color is difficult, but possible, for this it is necessary to have patience and time to spare.


market approximate price for latex paint color scheme - from 20 to 120 rubles per pack.

If you buy it more and not spend all you can pour into a jar of water on top of the pigment, and keep it for a long time.

What better color to buy water-based paint?The country of origin is not important, since domestic pigments is no worse than imports, but much cheaper.


Choose pigments in the bottle with a narrow neck, are very convenient to drop and count the drops.

When selecting, choose the best pasty rather than powder.Spread allows you to achieve the desired shade faster.

Before using shake the bottle, since many storage compositions thicken.

Do not use color as an independent coloring agent.