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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to restore the enamel cast-iron bath ?

How to restore the enamel cast-iron bath ?

Restore enamel cast iron bath is sometimes easier than to buy a new bathroom.

Firstly, this is due to the financial component.

Secondly, buying even expensive bath, you can "fly" with it in quality.

Thirdly, dismantling requires large amounts of time and effort.

Another argument in favor of the enamel cast-iron bathtub in the update is the fact that the laid tiles may be deformed.This will lead to additional work and costs.

To date, there are three common ways to restore the appearance of the old baths:

  1. Enameling - bath is covered with a new layer of enamel;
  2. Restoration using acrylic insert;
  3. «filler bath" method using a liquid acrylic.


  • Prepare for recovery bath
  • new layer of enamel coating method
  • method of using acrylic insert
  • recovery method with liquid acrylic
  • How to save the result?

Prepare for recovery bath

Before applying a new coating, cast-iron bath must be prepared.
Restoration begins with a cleansing bath surface.

Old layer must be removed, the surface must remain flat and clean.Assistant in this case acts as sandpaper, using which spent a lot of effort, energy and time.


Therefore, you can use a drill with an abrasive disc.As a result, a glossy layer must be transformed into a matte finish.

to protect the lungs from dust, you can use a respirator or gauze bandage.

next step - removing irregularities, dents.If any, the surface alignment is necessary to use a primer with epoxy resins.

If rust persists after removing the old bath layer, then it must be removed.This is done with the help of sorrel or acetic acid.

treated surface, leave for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with water.

bath must be degreased.The question arises: Where on it may appear fat?

A person in the process of adoption of water treatment stands out fat from the body, which is subsequently deposited on the walls of the bath.

also accumulate wall layer of animal fat, which is added during the manufacture of soap.


degreasing with his own hands made the usual detergent (dish), or baking soda.

surface of the iron bath is treated tool, then you need to dial the hot water, stand 10 minutes and get her.Wait for the walls are dry, you can wipe them with a towel.

Preliminary work with their hands are finished, you can start the restoration.

coating method is a new layer of enamel

recovery bath enamelling technique is one of the most accessible financially.

In stores you can find a variety of shades of enamel, to obtain the desired color to select material that is suitable for baths.

Enamel contains two components: the base and hardener.Mixing can provide qualitative, enamel heating to a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees.

lowered into the cup with hot water for this enamel (not in a pure form, and in containers).

After preparing the first layer of material is applied, it must be thin.It is necessary to wait 20 minutes before being applied to the second layer of enamel.

Topcoat application

should cover the surface with great care to avoid any streaks and bubbles.You can use a roller instead of a brush, but then increased material consumption.

Restoration baths requires mandatory application of the two layers, but to ensure greater durability and preservation of the coating, it is necessary to make four layers.

Upon completion of work to use a cast-iron bath can not be seven days.During this time, the coating must be completely dry.Use special tools are not suitable for drying.After

surface can be polished time a small amount of paste (polishing).

method of using acrylic insert

acrylic insert method involves placing a "bath in the bath", which is produced by the factory.

restoration is as follows: on the surface of an old cast iron tub is glued plastic insert, which repeats the shape of the bath.

Experts made the insert and installation is easily done by hand.

This preparation of enamel on the above technology is not required, but not ruled out completely, it all depends on the willingness.

Restoration begins with the removal of the drain and overflow, and bumpers are removed and the adjacent tiles.

Then insert "tried on" done counting, and carefully cut out holes for the drain and overflow.

in the old cast iron bath near these holes apply silicone sealant and special glue is distributed over the entire surface.After done actions set a new bath.

Speaking sealant is removed from the surface.Between the old and the new coverage area should not be, so the joints are filled with sealant.

The final stage is to install bars on the drain hole, then you need to dial a full bath with cold water and leave for half a day (12 hours).

Acrylic paste

recovery method old tub insert is best used when the ceramic tile on the walls had not yet laid.

After time acrylic insert retains the form of a new bath, but when installing your own hands can be difficult, for example, an insert is not fully in line with the old surface.

may have to deal with adjusting the size and trim the excess.

recovery method with liquid acrylic

«stakril" - another name for liquid acrylic.Restoration of bathtubs with this method a little bit similar to enamelling old cast-iron surface.The difference is in the thickness of the layer.

preparatory work is carried out according to the technology described above, after which begins the restoration.

liquid acrylic thoroughly stirred in a container, you can use the nozzle "beater", installed on the drill.Drain hole iron baths closed plastic cups.

tools - brush, roller - not required.Stakril spreads over the surface to make it more convenient to do, you can take an ordinary plastic cup 0,5 l.

liquid acrylic Recovery begins with skirting.All material is poured into the bath perimeter.When stakril flow down to the bottom of the tub walls are formed blank areas that need to be filled.

is done with his own hands with a spatula: the technology "bottom-up" from the bottom of the liquid substance rises.The entire work is done quickly.

If the bottom of the tub was covered not evenly, then cover portions formed substance which has accumulated near the drain.


After processing the entire surface of the glass bath is removed, and the excess acrylic flows into the pre-set by the cup.

One day acryl time to dry out completely, but start to use the bathroom better in two or three days.

important moment in the coating bath acrylic with his hands is that before starting work, the crane should be wrapped with a towel.This kind of reassurance to create an even coating layer.

color acrylic desirable pick up the tone of the old baths, otherwise may appear stains spoil the beauty.

How to save the result?

When bath recovery is successful, you need to do to view the new baths remained so as long as possible?

  • Clean bath should be soft means that will not result in damage to the enamel;
  • Bleach - the main enemy of the enamel while soaking in the bath linen;
  • Try not to expose the surface of the bath fall of heavy objects that can scratch or promyat decorative layer;
  • recovery will again be necessary if the surface pour boiling water and then turn on the cold water.Temperature drops - another enemy of the enamel surface;
  • possible, should be excluded from entering the various varnishes on a new surface, the same goes for hair lacquers.

By following these simple rules, you can extend the life of the cast-iron bath life and forget for a long time that such recovery enamel surface of the bath.