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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wooden fonts for baths and saunas

Wooden fonts for baths and saunas

modern Russian man - a citizen who carefully watching their health, diet, and does not shun sports and such traditional for our country revitalizing procedures such as saunas and baths.

Moreover, in taking care of their own health and beauty, many of our compatriots equipped baths, saunas in their apartments, houses, in order to be able to actively monitor the condition of your body, literally without leaving their hearth and home.

In the event that such an idea was not so long ago came to light in your head, we strongly recommend that you equip your steam room wooden font.

Then we just talk about what are and what are wooden fonts for baths and saunas.


  • story of
  • healing properties of wood
  • Doing their own hands
  • Where to buy and how much it costs?

story of

word "Hot" has Slavic roots - it is directly connected with the rite of baptism.In fact, the font is a kind of bowl, jar.

By the way, in the rite of baptism font sometimes may be called and the hole.

Curiously, wooden baptismal font for a bath in the most modern sense of the word, appeared relatively recently.


thing is that earlier in such constructions in the Russian man simply was not necessary.

For baths in Russia has traditionally built on the banks of various reservoirs, that the person had the opportunity, coming out of the steam room, immediately plunge into the cool waters of a nearby lake, river, well, or even take a dip in the snow.

This seemingly simple procedure with a sharp temperature difference provided our compatriots strength and health for a long time, preventing a variety of diseases.

In particular, they talked about the strengthening of the blood vessels, protect against high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, etc.

If we talk about the contemporary baths, saunas, then the Russian people do not always have the opportunity to build them near any body of water.

Firstly, if it is a private house on a separate plot of land, it is not at all the Russians have in the immediate vicinity of the river or the private lake.

And what can we say about the baths, sauna, furnished in apartments, beauty centers, health, etc.In this case just become incredibly topical wooden baptismal font for a bath.

healing properties of wood

Curiously, depending on from which it will be made of wood font, it will be different by different medicinal properties.

So, for example, oak font, by the substances contained in the wood, will contribute to the speedy healing of abrasions, wounds, slow inflammatory processes, as well as improve sleep and increase overall body tone.

Kupel cedar ascribe almost magical properties.

But really, pine font great effect on people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory diseases are the hostages of illnesses of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

And yet, it's worth noting, like swimming can positively affect people with skin ailments.But that's not all - cedar bathrooms increase the production of hormones that contribute to the rejuvenation of the body.

Pools Larch for its beneficial properties virtually no way inferior to cedar baths, on the properties of which we have spoken above.

particularly useful for women will beech font.

In particular, such a bath will help to improve the color and condition of the skin, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.In addition to its

undoubtedly useful properties, wooden baptismal font are also quite durable and fit perfectly into the interior of virtually any modern saunas, baths.And such designs are easy to care for.

Doing their own hands

If desired, the wooden baptismal font for a bath with his hands can do.Immediately, we note that for these purposes suitable only resistant to rot, wood moisture, namely, cedar, larch, oak.

most often wooden fonts are oval or round shape.The overall design consists of a bottom and sides.

last created of dialed, specially trained dostochek who pulled together special bandages made of metal.

To begin tell you about how to make the bottom of the wooden baptismal font.

So, you will need to glue together in a quadrangle, and pull carpentry clamps flat slats.

Then will need the most carefully sanded surface and drank from it the bottom of the desired shape.Do not forget to drill a hole under the sink.


finished floor will need to be installed on the rack-bars in order to make it a little bit raised above the ground.

Now came the turn of talk about how to make a wooden board for your fonts.

The first thing you need to do - is to properly prepare the future Boards bead font.In particular, you will need a special way of their milled edge.

Unfortunately, an ordinary hand-mills here does not fit categorically.In this case, it is relevant only large mills, which are equipped exclusively milling machines.

In that case, if you have such a machine - it's fine, but if not, you can contact a professional carpenter's workshop, where you will, for a small price Boards prepare appropriately.

Also, in addition to the edges, and the Boards should be provided with a groove for the bottom of the letter "P".

Boards When all is ready, you can begin to assemble the boards.It traditionally takes place tie with three rows of hoops of metal, as well as the use of nuts, bolts.

Only when the entire structure is ready, you can proceed to the installation of drainage systems and water supply.

Where to buy and how much it costs?

If you do not want to bother with the fact that the capacity to do on their own, you can always buy the wooden baptismal font for a bath.

Fortunately, these products today are not uncommon - they can be purchased in DIY stores and on the web sites of products for saunas.

Please note that the price of a font for wood will depend on whether the bath, on how many people it is calculated what additional features provided with (lighting, hydro, etc.).