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August 12, 2017 18:06

A method of plating imitation timber house

A method of plating imitation timber house

The experience of recent years shows that the imitation of timber paneling homes is widespread.

intensive development of individual housing construction required new methods, techniques and technologies.

Raise a full house of the designs can be prepared in advance for three - four months.

Upon completion of the construction of the frame and roof mounting system, stage structure trim comes from inside and outside.

Sheathing of the facade is done in accordance with the project plan.In many cases, there is no need to use for this purpose expensive ways.

material simulating a bar, is considered the most suitable for the individual home.


  • Types of finishing materials
  • plating Rules
    • outer skin
  • Lining
  • nuances and subtleties

Types of finishing materials

First of all, it should be noted that the individual housesbuilt from various construction materials.

on the market today are in the public domain:

  • brick;
  • concrete blocks;
  • cinder blocks;
  • timber.

walls of houses built of these materials require additional finishing.House frame type, except skin, need insulation.

For decorating, you can select methods and materials suitable for each individual project.

Plates made of polymeric materials and on the basis of MDF has a good performance.

In the case where the work performed on the skin of your hands is very convenient to use the product to mimic wood beams.

products for cladding in the form of planks of wood that look like the battens, but of greater width and thickness - called imitation timber.

To simulate bonding with each other, when plating the walls of the principle of tongue and groove.The photo shows such a panel section.Its width varies from 10 to 20 cm in length from 2 to 6 meters.

Bruce sectional

Unlike the usual lining, it is available in thickness from 1.6 to 3.6 cm.

Any hut, built of cinder blocks or foam blocks, fine imitation of timber, it is stout wooden structure.

Imitation timber is used not only for cladding the outside, but also in the decoration inside.

Before plating any surface must be properly prepared.

first step is to calculate the necessary amount of products for finishing work.To do this, we calculate the area of ​​all surfaces at home that will sheathe.

As a rule, no difficulties at this stage there is no artist.The next step is to choose the thickness of the cladding, simulating timber.

Wall decoration indoor perform panels up to 20 mm thick.At the finish the house facade panels are required not less than 30 mm thick.

This is due to the fact that the cladding is used both as an element of warmth.

Like any timber, panel, simulating a bar, have a different quality.The variety of finishing material is determined by various parameters.

panels used for the production of softwood.Spruce, larch and pine is the most common.Wooden panel of Class I should not have knots on the surface.

The video shows examples of products that simulate beams of varying quality.The better finishing material, the higher its value.


When performing finishing the interior with their own hands, allowed the use of low-grade materials.In facade cladding such variants, mimic board, is not recommended.

the positive properties of panels simulating wooden beam, it should include the following:

  • availability;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • aesthetics;
  • functionality;
  • convenience in use.

should be noted that the market there are similar in shape and texture of the product to finish - Lining and block house.

have products that mimic board, greater thickness and width than the listed peers.They have the same effect are used to work on the decoration of the house and outside, and inside.

The photo shows the panel of different profiles that are used for exterior and interior cladding.

plating Rules

With minimum skills of construction works, paneling imitation timber home can do with their hands.

In accordance with new technology construction of individual houses, the outer skin of the frame or wooden structure is performed simultaneously with warming.

Getting Started, you need to perform several required actions.

first bring sheathing panels in place and dry.

Usually they are stacked under the awning.

storage place should be well ventilated and be protected from direct sunlight.

This is to ensure that the humidity board simulating beam corresponded ambient humidity.

outer skin

Work on the outer skin panels at home, simulating a bar, starts with fastening vapor barrier films.

as paroizolyatora used plastic film, glassine, or other similar materials.Typically, the film is fixed on top and start the installation batten.

crate collected from timber or logs with a minimum thickness of 3 cm. Easy mounting technology.Bruce is attached either nails or screws.The next step - fixing insulation.

as glass wool insulation is taken or foam.To protect the insulation from the effects of precipitation, it is closed waterproof membrane.

The photo shows the insulation structure and cladding walls.

Installation diagram of the outside

In this membrane is mounted kontrobreshetka.And it mounted panels that mimic the bar.Starting from the bottom trim is recommended.

very important to secure the first board in a strictly horizontal spike upwards.To attach a special element is used, which is called-clamp.

can be fixed with screws anodized.This nuance is necessary to pay attention to.If we use the simple screws, then over time they will begin to rust and lose their properties.

To hide the cap screws, countersunk screwed them shut and wooden stopper, fixing on the PVA glue.Upon completion of work this place cleaned with sandpaper.

applied another way of fastening - screws in the spike.The fastening element is necessary twist angle of 45.

allowed to use, and nails, but in this case you need to pre-drill a hole in the mounting location.Otherwise, the board, simulating a bar, can form a crack.

When installing the next panel, it must be put in place with a rubber mallet.Pristukivaya above, care must be taken not to damage the comb.


The video shows the process of cladding facade products, simulating a bar.Particular attention should be paid to the joints at the corners of the house.

For decoration you can use the interface corner bar, which is sold together with a covering.


Finish wooden house inside the boards, imitating the timber is performed less frequently than with the outer skin.

technology products wall mounting is the same as in the skin of the front surface of the house.

It is important to note the following - before the start of works on the finishing of the premises need to tidy up the wiring.

All switches and sockets have life in working condition.

known precedents when an imitation of timber used for the headliner.After completion of the work of the board, simulating a bar, it is recommended to cover the wax paint.

Make it desirable after a week break.

nuances and subtleties

practice of recent years shows that the house siding panels that mimic the natural timber, to protect and decorate the facade.

The video shows a frame house, which is decorated with this material.The first thing you should look for when choosing a material appearance.


If the board has a large number of knotty formations, then buy and apply it should not be.Following the acquisition of the boards must be dried properly.

During the drying process it is necessary to ensure that the lining does not get out of shape and not cracked.Work on the skin of the house is recommended in dry, sunny weather.