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August 12, 2017 18:06

Elements of sliding interior partitions in the apartment

Elements of sliding interior partitions in the apartment

sliding partitions in the apartment - the perfect way to zone the space and do not put a wall of brick or drywall, which occupy the usable area (especially in the studio).

Another thing - sliding partition: pushed and held, closed and fenced off.

Interior walls have many advantages and are found in various forms, photos of which are set forth in the article.


  • features sliding partitions
  • Types of sliding structures
  • manufacturing
  • Material Special features
  • few words about the design

features sliding partitions

Partitions are a number of useful functions:

  • no need to register redevelop and maintain the construction work;
  • simplicity and speed of installation are competing, perhaps, with ease: these traits - a consequence of the development of technology that came from Southeast Asia, where the door in the usual sense of the historically not shown;
  • reasonable price - there are options for every budget;
  • a huge variety of design options (examples pictured);
  • significant space saving (important for the studio);
  • do not block the light (glass) and not less durable than the doors.


Typessliding structures

currently, there are 4 types of mounting / 4 types of movement flaps, which is determined by the type of partition:

  1. rail - on the floor and the ceiling are fixed rails on which the roller moving sash - the very fabric (one or morein one direction, in opposite directions);
  2. free threshold - hung sash to potolkovomu profile.The floor mounted box, which prevents the fabric rocking (visible in the photo below);
  3. Folding view - a door-accordion.Mounts are on the floor and the ceiling.It differs from this type of rail-like in that the sash fastened with the other sisters, and disclosure are added one after the other against the wall.This type better than others saves space, especially in a studio apartment, a studio;
  4. Tilt-sliding.It is worth remembering the side door of the minibus "Gazelle".The door to the cabin is made by the same principle as that of this type: open-pushed and led to the side until it stops.Sealed version in the sense that insulates sound, while remaining, in fact, driven by design, not a wall.


Material What would doest partition, in most cases it has in its design glass.The solid interior walls of the whole tree is not enough that heavy, so still and the light does not pass.

Because glass is used everywhere: like and garden from everyone, but still can see what is happening around and the light passes.


Speaking of manufacturing materials, need to be discussed separatelyabout the frame (see photo examples):

  • frames made of aluminum profile.Lightweight, tough and very durable.They do not lead from the humidity that is often wooden.In the frame made of aluminum can be applied to any decor and the same wooden plank - construction will be both easy and wood to the touch.Aluminum is found most frequently: glass inserts in the aluminum frames are popular in offices and homes;
  • Frame of MDF.Covered veneer of beech or oak, has a different tone and color and creates a solid appearance, while remaining simple and, most importantly, very affordable in terms of price structure;
  • Plastic.Plastic interior walls - a good option: plastic frames are lightweight and durable, and the sheathing can be anything - even a tree, even though the glass sheets are put.Cheap, but Mighty option for studios;
  • Frameless partitions (glass).Tempered glass 8-12 mm thick, extremely durable and tough: while moving in the direction it does not rattle.They are used in offices and homes, especially for the separation of the bathroom (though you need a glass darkly).Such partitions mist, but easy to wash, use a stainless steel profile.Glass partitions are found more often than others.Glass appears in different variations.Frosted glass - light green or silver shade allows you to combine patterns and colors.You can find a solid frosted glass, which is no less stylish.Stained glass - an expensive option.You can create an image of the selected colors with different glasses, but a rare decor - the price is high, and not just under the interior can be put a partition.Partial frosting - in this case the rule either all glass matting or in part.Glass partitions are two significant drawbacks: Mark (even mark a clean palm will be noticeable) and repair is almost impossible - if the glass is cracked, it is likely to have to change a whole, which at such high prices for the whole glass (not the smallest size) will flya lot of money.

installation Features

Installing sliding partition has its own characteristics, which are fundamentally different from the installation of the same door.

follows from the practice of construction, the installation begins with the account opening in the stage of repair.The main condition for the installation sliding system - the place where the leaf will disperse.


blessing for any opening has its own partition - they are released, and the order and in the exemplary embodiment.

enumerate all the features of the installation:

  • taken into account the thickness of the tie - in other words the height from floor to ceiling at the installation site.
  • large partition size requires careful work: if the opening width of 1 meter ceiling deviations from the floor along the parallel of 1-2 mm, it is not critical.Another thing - the opening width of 3 meters, which will automatically cause you to level the joint and / or the floor in the place of the opening.
  • big weight design: it is largely about the designs of solid glass.Square meter in a glass version can sometimes weigh under 50 kg!Weight structure will have on the wall (interior walls, stretching along the wall to the side) or ceiling (sliding inside the opening).If the mounting wall is not brick / concrete, it is necessary to strengthen the doorway: a metal frame structure is placed in the opening.
  • If there is a need to put a partition (any) surrounded by false walls or gypsum board, it is necessary to extend a rail for supporting the partition between the walls.We can not allow in principle a single mounting with drywall - a strong bearing wall / brick or concrete or complex frame to support the rails.

few words about

design Speaking about the partitions, are home design involving them is simple - anything from something separate: office of the chief of the entire office, to separate the kitchen from the rest of the living space (especially in the studio to odorsnot settled).

Otherwise, you can judge so: you were thought to isolate any part of the studio?If yes, then it will automatically think of a sliding partition, but not on the wall and the resulting repairs.


How can I apply a partition (examples pictured):

  • Couple partitions in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, office in the corner - you will get a private room;
  • They put a partition - separated the living room from the kitchen;
  • Little interior kontsruktsiya separate toilet from the bathroom in combination bathroom;
  • is not possible to put the door?Hang a small partition, as in the photo below - will take up less space.

partition - a real find in the case of the studio proper zoning, with a small, they say, "blood": without repair, alterations and with minimum space requirements.

If you suddenly need to somehow stand apart, to enclose the space, think immediately about the sizes and colors of the partition.