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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sticking Mural on the wall right

Sticking Mural on the wall right

When you want to freshen up a room or make a repair design, you should consider - how to glue wallpapers?

Photo Wall Murals included in the list of materials that are used in the repair for a long time.

During this time they have improved and have not lost their relevance.

That wallpapers will make it possible to make the interior unique.Landlords can not completely change the old wallpaper, but just stick to a certain part of the photographic room.

In this article we will talk about how their pokleit their own hands and show an instructional video.


  • Types of materials
  • technology gluing
  • Choice photowall

Types of materials

Depending on photowall foundations density can be divided into 4 categories:

  1. The density of from 90 to 120 g / m² (paper wallpaper).Very thin basis comparable with the old Soviet wallpaper.It requires careful attitude when unfolding and smoothing, easy to form folds and easily torn.Pokleit paper wall with their hands can and PVA glue;
  2. Sredneplotnaya foundation - 150 - 250 g / m² - vinyl.At these wallpaper can be applied already embossed.They carry out gluing with special glue;
  3. High density - 300-400 g / sq m - mostly non-woven;
  4. Super density - more than 400 g / m² - fabric wallpaper.Usually sold together with glue, they are not recommended to glue your hands without experience.

Photo Wall Murals are usually issued on a paper or non-woven sredneplotnoy basis.

small painting on a paper substrate pokleit quite real, but if you want to get on the wall of a large size painting, it is better to buy Non-woven material.

Now we have to select the correct adhesive.For heavy wallpaper (which include vinyl and non-woven) is to purchase products or brands KLEO Quelyd, drawing attention to appointing the type of photo wallpapers.

For light and thin wall photos, you can use any adhesive suitable for the base paper.Most often, the manufacturer in the accompanying manual recommends one or another type of adhesive.


technology gluing

first preparesurface - you need to remove old wallpaper.Dry coating is often removed without the use of additional funds.

If it is held tightly, then moisten the old wallpaper water and leave for half an hour.Try, if they clean off the spatula, if not, soak paper wallpaper again.

When the old wallpaper removed from the walls, look, there are no cracks in the plaster.

When present, proceed as follows: bring down the old, easy lagging plaster layers, stretch the mesh and plaster Plasterer draft.

only way we can prevent the new wallpaper from the fractures in the ground cracks.If there are no cracks, the plaster grid will not be needed, but still need to be plastered.

If the wall is relatively flat or slightly it remained the old wallpaper, then you can do the finishing plaster.It is enough 2-3 mm layer applied on the prepared surface.

If differences in the level of the wall more than 3 mm, it can not do without blister plasters.When the coating is completely dry, it needs to be sanded.

Photo Wall Mural accentuate any irregularity, they will be visible even small fraction of dust.Our task - grouting achieve a perfectly flat surface and then blow away the dust.

further surface preparation is not required, unless otherwise specified in the instructions to wallpaper.

As a result of the preparatory work in front of you should be perfectly smooth wall without any color spots, and we can start gluing.Consider how to glue wallpapers.

Technology gluing is shown in the video.


Mark up the horizontal line on which we dub the upper edge of the canvas.If you do not kleite fabric from the ceiling, it is possible that the line will have to spend some time.

Apply it with a pencil or marker and check the level.Mark the vertical contour.If the wallpaper are composed of several parts, make paths for each.

Depart farthest away and see if there is a feeling that the vertical lines are not parallel to the walls?If everything looks visually smooth, then you can start to glue his hands.

Much worse, if you understand that drafted rectangle highlights the lack of right angles between the ceiling and the walls.

in this situation have to be glued with a slight slope, as if concealing slope angles.

Near the resulting picture is not desirable to put a massive furniture (it will accentuate the bevel), and the level photowall better drop below the surface of the coffee table.

To visually enlarge a small room, back down from the ceiling to the top edge of the wallpaper of 5-10 cm, it is permissible to leave the old wallpaper.

When the circuit is marked, you can proceed to the practical part and start gluing.

Dilute the glue - in a container of clean water slowly pour the recommended temperature of the glue and stir at the same time.


wide brush to apply the adhesive to the back side of the first sheet of photo wallpapers, thoroughly lubricating the edge.

is aligned with the upper left corner, dedicated to photo wallpapers, and, gradually smoothing, glue the sheet to the wall.Try not to rub your wallpapers.

Our task - to gently combine the coating and the wall, squeezing glue residue.If out of the edge of the wall photos leaked adhesive, then immediately remove it with a cloth.Similarly sticking and the next sheet.

How to glue wallpapers on the wall - butt or overlap - usually indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions.

lightweight paper, basically glued, overlaid on each other.Vinyl non-woven, or need to be glued only butt.

The video shows that the bubbles formed in the glueing photowall, easily removed by piercing them with a needle.When pokleit all the sheets, make sure that the edges fit snugly.

if necessary - bend the edge, apply a drop of glue and cursed again.Walk on all sheets, squeezing out any excess adhesive from the center toward the edges.Now you need to give Mural dry.

During the day, do not allow open windows - wallpaper must dry naturally, the clutch between the door and the wall should have time to harden.


Choice photowall

most difficultIt is not so much a question as a glue, as the moment of choice of photo wallpapers.It is necessary to take into account a number of details, such as the size of the photo unit, its combination with the existing furniture and space.

hurry not to glue the first favorite, watch the video of different interiors.

A few simple tips will help you navigate:

  • Select the size.Too much furniture fabric would be closed, if the room is very small.It is important to select the optimal size, it may be slightly larger than the space between the furniture.Fortunately See more wallpapers, located above the sofa in the living room.In a small room, it makes sense to avoid photowall with a large image, a disproportionate room.In the children's bedroom, and can be identified almost the entire wall to accommodate photowall;
  • Select the type.For the living room it is important to arrange the design and specific requirements for the type of material there.You can pokleit non-woven, they will look great.Photowall main selection criteria for a child's room - an opportunity to make wet cleaning, because the young child can easily stain them during the game.It is better in the nursery pokleit wallpaper, that can be washed;
  • Choose color.In a brightly lit room perfectly suited bright wallpaper and neutral-light image, but the dark should be avoided.If the room is sufficiently lit by solar rays, but not too bright, you can glue the Mural of any color - from very bright and light to dark, depending on the interior.When watching a video presentation of different design options, take a look at the combination between the room interior and the color of the wallpaper.In the dark it will be best to look neutral tones, too light will attract the eye, and too dark to increase the darkness of the room.If you leave the old, and in addition to be glued wallpapers, please note that there is no conflict between the two color schemes;
  • visually enlarge your room with the presence of color "warm" color scheme - pink, brown, red.The predominance of the "cold" colors - blue, black, purple, blue - visually reduce the room and "pushed" the object shown in wallpapers;
  • Choose figure.It is important to photograph or drawing into the interior of the room.In the nursery for preschoolers is a great cartoon image, and elementary school students is more appropriate image, motivating a new school duties.The living room and the bedroom will look great nature photography.

above-described process, as the glue wallpapers, you can easily cope with this task, even without experience.


apartment, which of all the repairs werejust pokleit Desktop, already gets a fresh look.

Design room with wall photos available to everyone, it really carried out in a short time and without significant investment.Gluing is very easy, see for yourself.