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August 12, 2017 18:06

Remove vinyl wallpaper from the walls

Remove vinyl wallpaper from the walls

To create a smooth decorative covering of walls need to know how to get rid of the old, including how to remove the vinyl wallpaper.

Before turning to this question, it is necessary to consider what constitutes the vinyl wallpaper.

main positive quality of this material is the ability to wash the walls.

Vinyl wallpaper on the release paper and non-woven basis.

structure of the material is similar to a pie: the top layer of the "pie" - vinyl, the second layer - plastic porous structure, the lower layer - the base.

With this structure, allows you to hide all the irregularities of the walls, when removing the wallpaper need to take this into account, that is, for a new decorative coating is necessary to align the wall, or to close up all the chips, small cracks and so on.

To understandhow to remove vinyl wallpaper with little effort, you need to know that they are divided into 2 types:

  • resistant to mechanical stress and high resistance (washing walls may brush);
  • resistant and highly resistant to moisture.


  • Preparations
  • Methods for removing old wallpaper
    • water Application
    • use of steam
    • Use wallpaper paste
  • Plasterboard walls
  • General recommendations


The first thing you need to clean the room, it is very easy: it is necessary to make possible all the furniture, or cover it with a film of dirt.

Gender can also be covered with polyethylene, the top lay a newspaper - it is necessary in order not to slide on the surface.

At the exit of the room to put a wet rag to dust does not spread throughout the house down.

Required tools

avoid accidents is better to turn off the electricity, and lighting devices that are on the wall, it is better to remove all.

As for sockets and switches, the wallpaper, under them also must be removed.For this

unscrewed screws (not fully or completely), the wallpaper torn off at this point, then switches are put in place.Thus, the room is prepared very quickly.

To quickly remove the wallpaper from the walls need the following tools:

  • roller with spikes, otherwise it is called "tiger wallpaper";
  • bucket of warm water.Dishwashing detergent, added to the water, will facilitate easier removal;
  • Foam sponge, roller or spray;
  • spatula;
  • To ensure the integrity of the socket it is better to stick masking tape, which is removed after the execution of works;
  • gloves;
  • ladder.

Methods for removing old wallpaper

Conventional paper wall be removed easily, it requires surface drench with water, give them some time to ensure that they are soaked and began to retreat.

Then, using a spatula or a scraper can slowly scrape the wall.

How to deal with vinyl wallpaper, which have characteristics such as resistance to moisture?Consider a few ways to remove old wallpaper from the walls.

water Application

in this case is correct to use a roller with spikes (wallpapering tiger).If these tools are not, then you can take an ordinary knife or wire brush that will be less convenient.

multilayer structure wallpaper allows you to save the integrity of the wall.With the help of these tools is perforated top layer of wallpaper.


After the first layer of wallpaper "pie" has been damaged, all the old wallpaper abundantly wetted with water.

You can do it with plain water, and it is possible with the addition of impurities, such as dish detergent or a specialized liquid.

additives need to wallpaper paste dissolved faster and easier.

For wetting use the roller, sponge or do it by spraying, you can also use ordinary cloth.

overdo it with water is not necessary, so as not to damage the flooring and walls.

After the material is saturated, it is possible to start the removal.To remove old wallpaper best from the bottom up.The remaining pieces of material are removed with a spatula.

If they do not lend themselves readily, they moisten with water once, then discarded.If

vinyl wallpaper backing layer adhered firmly to the wall and not torn off, it can be left (provided that it is held securely).

use of steam

The second method is to use a pair.This will require a steam generator, you can use the iron, equipped with stripping function.

Using this method, you must also do a perforation of the upper layer, only then to start steaming.

Under the influence of a pair of adhesive starts to swell, can quickly remove the wallpaper from the wall.It should be noted that this method allows not only to clean the walls quickly and dirt without dilution.

Alternatively, you can use a damp cloth and iron.Walls iron iron through the cloth (soaked!).The effect is the same as from the steam.

Use wallpaper paste

third way is that the water is added, not only specialized liquid to remove the vinyl wallpaper, but also a small amount of glue.

applied this method in situations where the old wallpaper "do not want to" come off the walls.The resulting solution was coated wall and leave them in this state for, can be a pair of three hours.


Such actions will remove old wallpaper in one piece bands.

Why is there such a situation?This is because when glueing used other wallpaper paste.To vinyl wallpaper is a special glue.

Shoot wallpaper in severe cases can also use a wire brush, sander or sandpaper (this method is the most time-consuming).

This should be done carefully so as not to damage the wall.

Plasterboard walls

How do I remove the old vinyl wallpaper, if the walls on which they were pokleit, plasterboard?

It should be noted that this material does not tolerate moisture, even when using a moisture-resistant drywall excessive moisture is able to injure him.

remove old wallpaper from the walls of plasterboard must be very careful: their first perforated and well moistened with water, but there is no need to overdo it.

better to use special tools to remove the old vinyl coating.General technology of removal from the wall of the drywall is the same as when using water.

If the wallpaper was pokleit the special (a vinyl material) glue, the dismantling will be easy.

also with the removal of the problem will not occur if the pre-done puttying plasterboard.

is easier to be removed wallpaper on non-woven basis, because they can stratify (top layer, not leaky, pry with a knife or spatula and tear), the base is easily removed by soaking.

may be cases where PVA glue was used for gluing.Here, no matter how careful you were, to preserve the integrity of drywall will not work.

Watch the video to better understand how to remove wallpaper from drywall.


General recommendations

to the old decorative wall coating easily removed, you need to know some of the recommendations, as well as watch the video in this article.

Please specify on what basis, a paper or non-woven, made vinyl wallpaper.

Do not wet the walls all at once, will do well in small sites.Otherwise the soaked material can dry out, and the work will have to perform again.

«More - does not mean better": abundantly wet the need, but do not overdo it.Especially this rule applies to the walls of plasterboard.

room must be prepared: removed or covered with heavy furniture, all things are moved, the floor carpeted with polyethylene and / or newspapers, the electricity is turned off.

use specialized fluids make it easier to remove the vinyl wallpaper.

After all the work you need to wash the walls with plain water to wash off the glue and cleaning solutions.


allow time for drying, and then repaired all defects: all holes and cracks smeared, plaster corrected.

If the old wallpaper monophonic hold well:. No bubbles formed, did not depart from the wall does not crack and so forth, then to update their interior can simply be repainted in a different color.