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August 12, 2017 18:06

Selecting and laying linoleum in the kitchen

Selecting and laying linoleum in the kitchen

Linoleum in the kitchen is a very popular finish for this and other rooms of the apartment.

laminate and linoleum - some of the most common variants of the coating to the interior of the apartment.

linoleum Put simply, it is also easy to clean and it differs considerable service life when properly handled.

Although lay linoleum can practically everyone, it is better to do it by the rules, so that your floor looks attractive, but the material is not deformed.

also better to learn more about its properties and types to choose the most suitable option.

In this article you will find tips on how to make the right choice for the kitchen linoleum, ways of its styling and care, and make the information clearer picture, then you can lay a cover in the kitchen without the involvement of a specialist.


  • Types of coatings
  • Stacking material
  • How to care for coverage?

Types of coatings

Before making a choice of linoleum in the kitchen and get it, read the tips and learn more about its composition.

This material is of two types: natural and synthetic, and for the kitchen and other rooms apartments to buy only the first option is better, even if it will cost more.

Linoleum - clean and safe, it does not enter into chemical reactions with other materials and does not emit any harmful substances.

It consists of cork or wood flour, natural pigments (white or colored), linseed oil, rosin and limestone powder.

All ingredients are mixed together and applied to a thick layer of fabric - thus obtained coating which then trail on the floor.

If you decide to choose for the kitchen or hallway is a natural material, you can be sure that the floor will look as good as if to lay parquet or laminate.

View looks like natural linoleum in different rooms apartments, you can in the photo.


quality material characterized by high technical characteristics: it does not deteriorate from exposure to chemical cleaners or fat, it does not emit harmful substances, stableto bacteria, parasites and moisture, do not fade in the sun, no abrasions, and retains heat well and has a high strength and does not deteriorate the physical effects.

linoleum quality lifetime of at least 30 years, which is considerably longer life than synthetic analogs material.

Many buyers from being able to buy such a linoleum stops only one - its price, which is quite high, especially when compared to the synthetic surface.

However, if the size of the kitchen or the hallway small, we can put this material, in the interior it will look much better, can see in the photo.


semi-commercial synthetic linoleum in the kitchen are made of polyvinyl chloride.

If you choose to select and buy the cover, be sure to ask the seller a certificate which indicates that the material corresponds to GOST.

If certificates are not available, it is better to choose a semi-commercial material from other suppliers, asimproperly manufactured coating can be dangerous for humans, becauseidentifies harmful impurities.

Even if you have all the necessary documents are not recommended to lay semi-commercial linoleum flooring in the living room - it is better to put it in the hallway or in the kitchen, and for the rooms is better to choose a coating of natural materials.

relatively recent invention - a liquid polyurethane linoleum.

Liquid linoleum in the kitchen is good because it has no seams, and you can use it to lay completely whole flooring with an interesting pattern.

liquid material feels like a tile and is easy to assemble as well as analogues and other coatings.

The main advantage of this material - the ability to create on the floor of a beautiful picture, even with 3D-effects that look more interesting than the usual tile or a neutral floor.

The only negative is that the liquid to remove the linoleum is difficult, so choose it only if you do not plan to make repairs in the near future.What is this stuff, look at the photos.


Before you decide what to buy stuff,to determine in advance with its appearance (under the tiles, 3D, etc.), so that he looked good in the interior of the room.

Of course, the more expensive it will cover, the better it will look, the design options of linoleum in the kitchen you can see in the photo.

In most cases, the coating does not look worse than laminate and parquet.The kitchen and hallway are often found under the tile covering.

Just like tile, popular cover under a tree, but you can pick up and other design options.

Stacking material

Once you decide what material to buy and put on the kitchen floor, the hallway and other rooms, you need to measure the floor area, in order to understand how much of linoleum needed.

Then you can buy the optimum amount of material is not overpaying for unnecessary.

How to choose a pattern for linoleum in the kitchen, you can choose to store or pre-view picture options and figure out what is best to look in your interior.


When the material is purchased, you need to prepare your dishesto its installation.First of all, you need to remove all the furniture and remove the old paint and baseboards.

is better not to leave the old moldings and replace it with another, after you lay a new cover, becauseold plinth can ruin even the most expensive and attractive finish.

lay linoleum in the kitchen under the tile and another type can only be perfectly flat floor, asThis material is soft and all the shortcomings of sex after the paving will be visible.

If the floor is uneven, it is best to choose a more solid material, such as laminate.If the laminate does not suit you, the subfloor will have to align.

This can be done by using self-leveling mixture - this is the easiest option.

So you get a smooth, level floor, which is needed will only cover the primer before starting to lay linoleum, laminate or other material.

If the floor is wooden or parquet floors, the mixture before pouring it, you need to close up cracks and potholes, to the floor surface became smooth.

Another option - to close the wooden floor boards, then you do not have to deal with the alignment, will be enough to seal the joints between the tiles so that they are stable and stood straight.

How to align the floor in different ways look at the video.


After the work is finished, you need to carefully vacuum the surface and wash off with a wet cloth.

trail linoleum in the kitchen under the tiles in several stages.

Compared linoleum, laminate or coating, the linoleum flooring can not be laid directly on the floor, you need to first he lie down - so it will be more smooth, and leave "the wave."

If you bring stuff from the street, it must be held in the room for a while before laying to reach room temperature.

Otherwise, the coating will be hard and brittle, and the work will be uncomfortable with him.

For a small kitchen (6-12 m) is better to choose whole web of material, in this case do not even need to glue it to the surface so that it lies flat.

put linoleum in the kitchen should be such that on the one hand, he did not reach the wall of 3-5 cm, and on the other lay on the walls overlap.

If the kitchen is more, a single piece of material is not enough.In this case, it is necessary to stack, stykuya each other so that the matched pattern.The complexity of this process depends on what kind of pattern.

If you choose a semi-commercial material with a geometrical pattern under the tile, then dock it will not be difficult.

first you need to properly connect the parts of linoleum on the image, and only then to adjust the material to the walls.

When laying near the walls of the material necessary to bend the edge so they do not reach the walls of 3-5 mm.At this point, you need to make a mark and draw a line, then cut off the excess material with a knife.

How to work with linoleum in the kitchen a large area, look at the photos.

Laying linoleum

sure that the gap between the wall and the material were not too large, otherwise they will not be able to close the baseboards that have a negative impact on the general interior.

thus placed all the coverage in any room of the apartment.The main thing to decide what room to put some stuff.

hallway best suited semi-commercial linoleum for the rooms - a natural, and the kitchen can be spread thin linoleum or laminate.

How to care for coverage?

it is not recommended to wash immediately after laying the material - will take time before it finally converges with the surface.

addition, linoleum better to protect from defects in locations where it will come into contact more often.This can be done using mastic or polymer deposition.

Some linoleum already have the necessary protection, and they do not need more.

If you have spilled on the cover of coffee, wine, ink, iodine or other leave traces of liquid, it is necessary to immediately clean up, so it does not soak into the surface.

This is especially important if you have a semi-commercial linoleum PVC.Wash sophisticated pollution such after they have absorbed, it will be virtually impossible.

To wash these stains, use a cleaner made specifically for linoleum, becauseothers can damage the surface.

If there are no stains, it is recommended to wash linoleum usual soap solution with water.

Wash better on twice, changing not only the water but also in the process of rag - then coat will look better and be more efficient washing.

Remove stubborn stains can also use turpentine, kerosene or sandpaper, which is well cleans Zelenka, ink or iodine.


After you remove the stain clean up, it is better to wipe the place oil from flax or linseed oil to protect the surface and hide minor imperfections, if they were.

Wash linoleum - not the only problem.Over time, the coating can be deformed, e.g., swell in some places.

If this happens, the local swelling linoleum need to pierce and remove from under him air.

to return it to its former state, put on the cover sheet of paper, and then walk on it iron, or fill in the problem place the adhesive and press the floor covering.If

old coating, together with the fact that it is necessary to wash, it may also be treated with a special mastic which consists of turpentine and rosin in the ratio 4: 1.

She can return the old linoleum color and luster.can be added for greater efficiency in the mixture of paint suitable for the coating color.

If the linoleum in the kitchen too old or severely deformed, it is best not to try to wash it, and simply replace the damaged area with a new.

That is why try to buy the material with a stock that does not look right then color coating replacement.

For a better safety wipe material times a year with kerosene, and once a month - linseed oil or linseed oil, and do not forget to regularly wash.

By following this simple rules, you will get high-quality and durable finish.And the recommendations above will help you make the right choice for the kitchen linoleum.