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August 12, 2017 18:06

Masonry chimney made ​​of bricks with their hands

Masonry chimney made ​​of bricks with their hands

Arrange the chimney of bricks with their hands not the easiest task, but you can run it, because prices for this work is not small, and to pay a decent amount, not everyone has the opportunity.

In a private house or a bath, which is heated by an oven (gas or solid fuel boiler), can not do without a chimney.

It does not matter, do you have in the house or bath vent and additional air ducts, if produced gas boiler unit, solid fuel boiler or furnace - the chimney is needed in any case.

Unfortunately, according to statistics the majority of fires occur because of incorrectly set chimney system or if the required repair of gas boiler or furnace has not been made on time.

Therefore, if the structure needs repair, it is advisable not to delay this moment.

necessary not only to comply with all the rules on the masonry, but also to use with exceptionally high-quality refractory materials.

The photo below shows the options for the chimney in a private home and bath.


most commonly used as a material for brick or metal.Let's you and I, too, try to build a structure of brick kiln chimney.

Before you build a structure, it would be correct to study it inside the device.


  • Build a brick chimney
  • Make fuzz
  • device riser
  • Masonry otters
  • neck and tip
  • Chimney device for bath
  • chimney repair

Build a brick chimney

Tocorrectly perform all work and not to make mistakes in their actions, there is a structural diagram of the chimney system.

It may seem that this is just a laying of brick in the form of pipes, but it is not so.In fact, such a chimney is made up of many parts, and each part of it is extremely important.

But what brick better to choose for the job?The market has a large selection of material for different rates.

to brick chimney system for special requirements: it must have sufficient thickness and be fireproof.

These requirements are fully performing red furnace bricks made of baked clay (mortar for masonry must not contain flammable components).

rates this brick is not small, but it is at the same time is very long.

Therefore, if you do not want in the future to spend money on repairs, it is better to fulfill all the necessary requirements for installing and buy high-quality materials, including bricks, mortar, and additional elements.

And now, let's look at the structure of the chimney scheme in more detail:

  • begin with hacking pipe, located directly in the oven.If the oven is designed for the solid material in it there should be a small valve (the valve is used as a metal material) with a hole, the size of which is 1.5 to 1.5 cm;
  • Following is the location of the fuzz, the channel cross-section diameter remains unchanged, and the dimensions of the masonry expand by about 30 cm;
  • riser is located directly on the attic.It is flat and straight section of pipe that rises up to the roof;
  • Further design becomes an otter (expanding to all sides of the tube), which prevents the precipitation to fall into the room;
  • over an otter in a brick flue pipe has a neck;
  • Ends construction fastening tip (the next expansion of the pipe).

installation cap or vane is made at the very end of the design (in this case as a material, usually metal used, and their size is selected individually).

Metal flyugarki headroom protects from adverse weather conditions and increases traction smoke inside the pipe.Now that we have a general idea of ​​the structure of the chimney, try to collect it.

To make it clear, the photo below is a detailed diagram of the structure of a brick chimney for gas or solid fuel boilers.

Chimney in the context of

It should be remembered that before putting a brick chimney, you need to prepare in advance a solution of clay with an added it with clean dry sand (the solution should have a uniform structure).

construction assembly must take place exclusively vertically and controlled plummet in the exhaust duct.

To this end, the upper and lower part of the design drive in a nail, pull the fishing line between them, for which the later will be guided by implementing the system unit.

hacking tube placed in compliance with all the rules of masonry anchors, connecting to the top of the furnace, gas or solid fuel boiler (with the device a gas boiler, it is desirable to spend more and more air ducts to the room there was a smell of gas.)


If the room air ducts are already available, but the smell of gas still is, therefore, does not work or pull at the small size of the chimney.This air ducts can not be used for chimneys.If

air ducts located adjacent to the chimney flue, they must have the same output height as the pipe itself.

Laying finish forming fuzz.

Make fuzz

To eliminate the thermal effect on the combustible parts and parts of the ceiling, extend Chimney brick channel in its ceilings.We carry out the expansion, using brick or concrete.

Alternatively, you can further isolate the passing portion by means of special non-combustible materials (better use of basaltic mineral wool).

insulation layer at the same time should not be less than 10 cm in thickness.

When making fuzz of brick, masonry subsequent rows extend for 4-5 cm.

fuzz completed, the rest of the chimney channel (up to the roof) should be put in the same way as before the expansion, preservation checking vertical plumb.

After the pipe duct extensions, pave all its parts a layer of refractory material (better use of asbestos sheet thickness of at least 1 cm).

The video below filmed detailed process fuzz masonry.


device riser

smoothly moves into the attic and begin producing the device of the riser:

  • order so that we can bring the riser on the outside of the roof, the roof needs to be done in a small hole;
  • Laying riser provide hassle-free, as there is no need to carry out further work to ensure that the layout of the pipe expanding;
  • We would strut to the roof surface, and moves smoothly to the roof;
  • continue laying on the roof of the riser so that 1-2 rows of bricks towering above the roof.

finished working with the riser, go to the construction of an otter.

Masonry otters

The chimney must be present expansion of the pipe on the outside of the roof, which protects the top of the chimney from the adverse effects of environmental and weather conditions.

Otter constructed of 9 rows of bricks so that every row was ¼ of previous wider.This required the installation of brick plates mounted in the flue.

This is to ensure that the dimensions of the holes at the same time remain unchanged.Apparatus 4th rows of bricks otter arrangement involves small projections in length.

The same projections made at the time of laying the next series, their size could close all the possible space between the chimney and the roof.


After laying hold back the protrusion, thereby completing the otter device (in the 8th and 9th row of bricks is also formed a projection with ligation).

We should not forget that for good fixing otters need a quality solution.

solution is extremely easy to cook: dry cement is mixed with a little water in a ratio of 1 to 10 and stirred thoroughly (consistency solution must be homogeneous and without lumps, then the clutch will stay good).

solution applied by the construction of the blade, and clean up the excess with a spatula.

neck and tip

device neck size depends on the height of the chimney.Professionals do not recommend that the pipe was very high, because it reduces the efficiency of the design work.

And indeed the tube at the same time look on the roof is not particularly aesthetically pleasing (it is located on the roof of the bath or on the roof of a private home - does not matter).

In any case, you must follow certain rules and regulations and for him to choose the possible size and height for the flue pipe.

then need to add the well head.After completing all the work installing vane or cap.

As you can see, build the chimney bricks with their hands for gas or solid fuel boiler is quite possible.The video below is a detailed diagram of all work performed.


chimney for a bath

to the chimney system requirements for special baths.In this case, it is required not only to set it right, but also further insulate (using what material to choose is up to you).

fuel rates are constantly increasing, and therefore additional insulation can save you money.

list of helpful tips to help you properly install the flue system in the bath and to improve its efficiency:

If the chimney of a furnace or gas boiler is planned to be carried out not in a private home, and in the bath or sauna, it is necessary not just to make insulation, but alsoand how to insulate the existing overlap.

surface of the walls further protect the refractory sheets (better to take the metal).

Installation of chimney

If you can not insulate the room, then as an option can be installed in the chimney special nets (for their production using a refractory metal), and place them in the ordinary stones.

warm-up, they will allocate additional heat, so important for the bath.

You can also set the intensity of the combustion controller, which will vary the desired temperature.

Part chimney located on the roof of the baths, you also need to warm (this is suitable roof trim or masonry bricks).

insulate the chimney for a bath is very important, because it will help to keep the room warm, so necessary for the steam room.

chimney repair

Timely chimney repair is very important.It helps to correct the problems and shortcomings in the flue system.

Basically repairs required when the chimney was originally laid incorrectly, or bricks started to collapse from time to time, or external influence.If

brick chimney began to break down under the influence of the condensate or exhaust combustion materials, rising from the oven, it is not necessary to immediately replace the pipe or make difficult repair.

can just canned brickwork using metal.

In this case, inside the flue gas, is attached to its walls, metal sheets (usually a stainless steel).


space between the steel and brick filled with insulating non-combustible materials.

Metal allows at the same time to warm the eggs and avoid spending on expensive repairs budget (prices for the repair of chimneys from professionals just going through the roof).