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August 12, 2017 18:06

Varieties screens for radiators

Varieties screens for radiators

Often when radiators in the house or apartment is located in front of everybody, to cover them is not always the perfect look, the hosts mounted screens for radiators with their own hands.

Modern radiators look very boring and monotonous, to say nothing of the old cast iron radiator, which are well heated, but did not paint the room.

To close the ugly battery and use screens, the most common variants of which are shown in the photo below.

Besides purely decorative, such boxes and perform several other functions.First of all, they safeguard children from burns and sharp corners of radiators, especially cast-iron battery.

screens safeguard against dust and dirt that will evaluate every woman, and thanks to the warm air duct device is distributed evenly throughout the room and the quality of his heats.

Design protective box can be anything that makes it easy to fit it into any interior.Variants of design decorative screens are presented in the photo.

Decorative screens on the battery should not only cover it, but also not to impede heating.

should know that decorative screens for radiators not only worsen, but even improve their heat.To make the right screen to the battery, it is important to understand how it works.



  • Principle radiator
  • Variety of protective screens
    • Metal screens
    • Wooden screens
    • Plastic screens
    • Glass screens
    • screens MDF
  • screen battery with your hands

principle radiator

heat from the heater in the room is transmitted in two ways - by convection and infrared radiation.

With the change of the device temperature changes and heat transfer method, first from radiators comes hot air, and with further heating of the battery start to come infrared rays.

old cast-iron batteries are mainly convection heated room, and at more than 50 degrees warming begin to emit infrared rays.

A modern aluminum battery work a little differently, adapting to the conditions of the room.

If air circulation occurs with difficulty, radiator starts to work in IR mode, which is achieved due to the precise modulation of the computer.

Knowing the intricacies of the radiator, it is clear that a protective screen on the battery must pass not only the warm air and infrared radiation.

To box for radiators missed the warm air grille must be with holes of such size that convection occurs correctly.


to infrared radiation and heat the room, you should choose a material with high thermal conductivity.

In addition, well, if the inside of the screen is painted in black or dark color to infrared rays are absorbed by the screen, and then emitted into the room.

To increase the effectiveness of the protective box should also be behind the battery, put the shiny screen on the wall - a reflector.

With the help of the heat from the back side of the radiator will be displayed in the right direction.

Variety of protective screens

Depending on the shape of distinguished screen - box (completely closes the radiator), flat screen TV (protects battery, hanging in a niche), as well as the construction of a cover which is mounted on the protruding cast-iron battery.

Moreover, ducts are different in material used in manufacturing.

They are:

  • glass;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • MDF.

To select a suitable option, you need to know how they differ from each other.

Metal screens

This version, made of thin sheet metal, which often has a very simple design.The cost of these screens is quite low, but also an aesthetic function they perform.

bit expensive versions are made of stainless steel, which also look quite aesthetically pleasing.

Metal can be painted any color, on sale there are options that look very creative.

Often they complement the unusual perforation, which can make a real simple detail decorative element of the interior.

Such variants of metal decor will not be appropriate in every interior, you should consider this when choosing your screen.

Installation of metal elements with their own hands is very simple and you do not need special knowledge and skills, simply hang them on the battery, as shown in the video.

In the photo you can see the metal products of various designs.


Wooden screens

Most often they are made to order or with his own hands from expensive wood.

If you decide to close the duct cooler, these decorative elements become a beautiful part of the interior of both classical and modern style.

Wooden screens for radiators during operation can be deformed under the influence of temperature swings, as well as changing humidity and other negative influences, so to make a wooden screen with their hands, buy high quality wood, which for many years will delight you with their appearance.

Often these boxes are made of woven arrays, which can be given the desired shape.

Make a screen made of wood with your hands is not difficult, but still you need some carpentry skills, the video below shows how to make a wooden lattice on the radiator.

Skins wooden lattices are shown in the photo below.


Plastic screens

This is a veryconvenient and affordable option decor today, which, however, is not desirable hang in homes, places where children are often, as in the process of raising the temperature of the plastic produces compounds that are dangerous to our health.

These products will be the best solution for offices and other commercial premises.The range of plastic products is quite wide, so you can use them in any interior.

The picture presented plastic screens for radiators of different variations.


Glass screens

Such variations are most often found in the exquisite interiors.This exclusive product from tempered glass or stained, which are made by specialists according to individual orders.

Suitable such options for those who do not just want to close the battery duct and create a work of art at home.

Modern technologies allow to decorate any glass designs and patterns as you wish, making them original interior detail.

Caring for this product should be carefully and thoroughly.Exclusive products of original design, as in the photo will be the highlight of your interior.


screens MDF

Itcheap, convenient, simple and reliable options that will be a good solution for many homes and apartments.Outwardly, they look like on the wood, but are much cheaper.

In addition, modern MDF is not inferior to the quality and practicality of wood.Especially interesting to look carved box from MDF.

battery Screenshot of MDF you can see in the photo.

The screen is made ​​of MDF

screen battery with your hands

If you decide to close the duct with their own hands the old battery, then to the beginning should be to prepare all the necessary tools and materials.

Make a box for batteries with their own hands can be made of wood or fibreboard, the range of which differs a great diversity, differing in color and type of finish and is suitable for any style of interior.

In addition, you'll need a special mesh sheets, from which will be made by the front panel and the side cover of the product.

Also prepare a sheet of metal, which will serve as a reflector.

to work you will need:

  • drill;
  • Saw;
  • hacksaw;
  • stapler;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • glue;
  • reechki or bars;
  • nails, screws or screws;
  • metal scissors.

Production boxes begins with measurement.It is necessary to add the battery width of 10 cm, a height - 5 cm, to a depth of 2.5 cm

These dimensions are cut parts of the front wall and the side elements and the cover..The front wall is usually made of mesh, decorating her profile made of MDF or chipboard.For this

are cut rectangular parts, the width of which usually is 11 cm, and the junction parts are cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

of wooden slats create a frame which is fixed to the wall with screws.Often the frame mount so that he continued sill.

Set the frame must be very reliable, so the whole structure was further stable.Care should be taken in advance of the openings for pipes.How to make the frame shown in the video.


Before assembling the entire structure, the wall on which the radiator, it is necessary to attach a sheet of metal, performing the function of the reflective screen.

Dimensions sheet must repeat all sizes of decorative boxes.

Now attach the MDF frame, as well as a grid or lattice of thin strips that are stuffed with a certain pattern.

front and side parts are fastened together using screws and seams coat with glue the place for a more durable and reliable connection.

During operation, care must be taken so that the front and side panels of the angles were strictly straight, building design, use a water level.

The whole structure can stand on the floor, and can hang over him.In the second case, to impart strength to secure the frame legs.


They can only be placed on the front corners of the frame, or may in all four.The video shows how to make the screen on the radiator itself.