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August 12, 2017 18:06

The calculation for the construction of a spiral staircase to the second floor with their hands

The calculation for the construction of a spiral staircase to the second floor with their hands

Making a spiral staircase to the second floor with his hands, for example, to give only the arch-seems a Herculean task.

actually need to know the nuances of the core technology, to carry out precise calculations, and will only gradually make the frame and after a sheathing material to your liking.

Further in the text we will reveal all the nuances of production technology, and, of course, give step by step instructions with photos - how to calculate and collect the stairs to give.

But before instructions tell you a little about the device and type of the spiral staircase.


  • Types spiral staircase
  • 10 nuances of designing stairs
  • ladder calculation
  • Production elements
    • Prop
    • Steps
    • Racks and balusters
    • Railing
  • Mounting the stairs

spiral staircase types

Total distinguish 4 types of spiral stairs (see photo):

  • spiral with steps (metal or wood) in the form of wedges - the widest part rests against the wall, and narrow is placed on the support post.
  • Steps protrude from the cantilever support pillar.Needless to have metallic perimeter support.
  • supporting pillars for the missing steps.They are embedded in the string, folded spiral and turn into a railing.In the manufacture of their own hands the most complex design.
  • Steel with inner core.The center stack is made with his own hands from a metal pipe with a diameter of 5 cm (payment for it is given later in the text).
  • Tread need to do 55-60 cm in length, and aperture diameter - 140 cm - if the additional staircase, and if it is basic - the 90 cm and 2 m, respectively (data calculation is also available).

10 nuances of designing stairs

spiral staircase to the second floor garden, like any other metal structure, designed to withstand constant load will unreliable, if not comply with at least one of the following items and calculate it correctly:

  1. winder wooden steps in the absence of the riser at the spiral staircase reduce the likelihood of leg slip, which is always placed on the stage at the narrowest part of it - at the counter;
  2. Walking is always with an emphasis on the middle stage, because the width of the place can not be less than 20 cm and a width of 15 cm in the area of ​​support should be calculated is not less than 10 cm;
  3. Using ladders specifies the length of the tread, if stairs more then enough for the length of 60 cm with a diameter of 140 cm, if the stairs someone will keep walking, the step length can be 80 cm, and the staircase diameter - not less than 2 m;
  4. performing the calculations, keep in mind that the height of the passage - that is, the height of the stage to round edges above - should not be less than 2 meters (note the elongation of the round in the photo).Otherwise, you'll just have to stoop every time, so as not to bump;
  5. For support column tube will descend from 5 cm in diameter.It is placed vertically and the support account for the point that will withstand the load.It is desirable to calculate the rate of that at this point will be below the cellar wall / storage / garage or a solid foundation;
  6. to the wooden floor support is fixed with anchor bolts, cement - concreting + metallic streamers;
  7. Each stage is fixed at a predetermined distance from the adjacent through bushes, the same height from stage to stage;
  8. stage depends on the length of the opening in the floor, the number of stages can be calculated by dividing the height of the ladder to the height between the levels - around 20 cm + thickness of the board;
  9. Attach the stage with their hands so that when viewed from above was like a lap: you will be able to strengthen the construction of the brackets between the edges of the wide part of the neighboring boards;
  10. Build your own hands is always in order: payment - Installation support - tread - sleeve - distribution stages - support brackets - the last stage is attached to the floor of the second floor.

Driving spiral staircase

ladder calculation

Now it was the turn to do the calculation.Calculate

need such dimensions:

  • step width in the middle - 20 cm;
  • width of support - 10 cm;
  • width at the widest part of the edge - 40 cm;
  • diameter - of 1.3 to 3.3 m;
  • diameter pass around the edge of the railing - from 1.2 to 3.2 m;
  • march width - 0.5-1.4 m;
  • aperture diameter in the ceiling -. 1.3-3.3 m

Note that the size and the calculation above are within the recommended figures and there is no reason to make a huge opening in limited space garden - staircase takes a useful area only.

Do not forget to calculate such a moment: a comfortable height for lifting.


Let's calculate the dimensions for stairs 3 meters in height with a march width 80 cm:

  • diameter is a march width x2 + diameter of the support: D = 2h800 + 200 = 1.8 m
  • radius lifting is½ march width + range of support: R = 400 + 100 = 500 mm.
  • According to the formula L = 2TTr / 200 (the width of the tread) obtain 2h3.14h500 / 200 = 17.2.We rounded up and get exactly 17 degrees in one turn of the spiral.Warning: at the height of 3 meters staircase is unlikely to be composed of 2 turns.
  • Ergonomics step height is calculated as: lay height 180 cm add to his stock of 20 cm and divide by the number of steps in the turn..Total 200 cm / 17 = 12 cm (rounded from 11.7647).
  • count the number: divide the height of the staircase to the height of the steps and obtain 3000 mm / 120 mm = 25.

Final calculation: for our ladders 3 meters high, with a width March 80 cm to do with your hands 25 degrees height exactly 12 cm

Production elements

So, given this calculation, it is necessary to make the constituent elements of their own hands..


as will fit any support tube 5 cm in diameter.It must be a thick-walled metal and new, if you want the staircase served for several years.Once

height is 3 m (height from floor to the top edge of the floor to the second floor), the length of the tube should be at least 3.1-3.2 m in order that it can be firmly installed in their hands below the floor and thus its heightenough.


Purchase planed board beech, ash, oak - on features.The experience of masters can be used glued timber.


Collect bars in one panel, the fibers are directed in different directions.Glue the boards together and tighten the clamps to dry.

When the boards are dry, attach to a sheet template.Circle the two circuits - one flat pattern, and the other external - leaving an allowance of 5 mm, after which will be processed to the desired.

The top level is, in fact, a platform, because it is necessary to make broader, larger radius.

If the steps have to be holes for mounting on a support column itself, they selected cutter with your hands in several boards, which are stacked and fastened by clamps.

Racks and balusters

For racks will fit the size of the glulam section 5x5 cm.

last rack must connect directly two steps that will prevent them from turning.


Racks can be glued directly with their hands in the holes, mounted on top of the steps, or to be put on stage drunk.


Well look wood and thin iron rod.

Wood can be made by gluing sticks together.

But the snag lies precisely in the bent shape: in your home has a bending machine?

Therefore it is better to order them separately according to the size of the stairs in the shop furniture.

Mounting the stairs

the turn assembly.

turn instructions for ease of understanding of the process:

  • Determine the location for the stairs.The ladder must be at a distance from the wall and does not abut against it;
  • On the ceiling is performed markup: Define the circle center, diameter, draw a circle;
  • Determine plumb vertically similar to a circle on the ground floor, draw a circle;
  • Cut an opening in the ceiling (Scrollsaw wooden floor beams) and then close it curved decorative veneer or wide plinth;
  • Install support: if the floor is wooden, it is desirable to be welded to the bottom of the pipe square sheet, it drill 4 holes for anchor bolts.After a desirable wood floor at the installation site to disassemble, install the bottom of the pipe and then seal the pipe according to the form: if the board or laminate, when laying executed rounded notches on the pipe diameter;
  • If a concrete floor, you can make out the top surface finish and just under Drill dowel holes 4, which support and put a square sheet.After closing screed and support topcoat shaped pipe;
  • As fastens the upper part of the support: the top of the pipe is usually welded "leg" - a hollow tube with a square part at the end, thanks to which our support is also mounted with 4 screws or to the floor and the top is closed the last general stage or mounted on the wall (if the laddernear the wall);
  • Installation is carried out in stages, depending on the features of their mounting: if they put as usual - on the rounded notches in the edges of the base must be collapsible.On the tube at a predetermined pitch put the belt on which planted the narrow end of the stage.This substrate may consist of several pipes with threaded, which can always be disassembled and replaced after any step in the repair;
  • When all stages are exposed, they are put balusters, but not attached, because the saw cut will be made according to the trajectory of the railing;
  • Put the balusters on the prepared holes in the steps, grooves or tongues.Put a continuous handrail (usually laminated veneer) screws on each baluster.Nails are not allowed;
  • The entire length of it makes sense to install the plinth as twisted ribs zhestkosti.v


Now we have varnished wood, degrease, to stain the wood of the desired shade and cover a hydrophobic composition to ladder lasts as long as possible.

assembly spiral staircase to give complete.