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August 12, 2017 18:06

Painting the ceiling latex paint

Painting the ceiling latex paint

most painstaking process of repair of any premises is considered not finishing the walls and ceiling painted with latex paint.

experts, of course, offer alternatives for finishing the ceiling, that is, wallpapering or tiling, which is usually used for the walls.

But these techniques to decorate the ceiling does not save the budget.Therefore, preferably with their own hands in order to bring the ceiling, using water-based paints.


  • Features selection latex paint
  • How to prepare for painting the ceiling?
  • Painting the ceiling painting material

Features selection latex paint

Previously, the ceiling applied to mortar or bleached his chalky composition.

Now it is in the past, because such methods ceiling painting spent a lot of effort, but the result is not a long time.Surface painted with whitewash, quickly turns gray and starts to peel off.

Now many people like to cover the ceiling with a special paint.The ceiling looks like new for much longer, and it is easier to maintain.

In addition, the choice of this method of painting with their hands - it's savings.By its consistency latex suspension is mixed with water, the polymer particles and pigments.Video


unique feature of this ink is that, during its application the water is vaporized, only polymers deposited on the surface.

Therefore, this layer of paint is not afraid of exposure to water.This emulsion is absolutely safe.

approach to choosing vodoemulsionku must be properly and carefully, because the stores a lot of the products of different quality and different price.

need to buy special paint for the ceiling, not the wall.Cheap

is paint based on polyvinyl acetate.But it can be painted ceilings only in areas where there is moisture.Expensive solution - latex paint.Surfaces covered by it can be washed.

paint is applied evenly, long retains the original appearance.However, the most common type of ceiling paint - acrylic paint.

It is used widely because it is resistant and immune to moisture.

Which paint would not stop choice, the most important thing to be sure of its quality.To do this, you should not neglect reading the label.

It should be written where this paint is applied as it is required per unit area as well it paints a dark surface and is resistant.

Do not leave without attention and inscriptions made by small print.They may contain the most valuable information on building products for decoration.

If it appears that the dye has a high degree of resistance to dry abrasion, it must be borne in mind that the ceiling cleaned of dust is possible only with a dry cloth.

When small letters indicated that vodoemulsionku used for painting the room, whose operating load is small, it means that the paint is not designed for kitchen and bathroom.

Direction staining

If the information says that the paint has a high resistance to abrasion and is not washed off, the ceiling allowed without any fear to wipe water.

glossy, semi-gloss, matte and semi-matte - a subspecies of the ceiling paint determines its properties.

Matte paint product is able to hide some flaws ceilings, but abraded with wet cleaning, high-gloss - is resistant to abrasion, but does not mask defects.

golden mean between these species - semi-gloss or semi-matte paint.

How to prepare for painting the ceiling?

Paintable ceiling is better to prepare beforehand to this, that is free of dirt and dry.
Then he removed a layer of whitewash and old paint.

, it slightly moistened with water to scrape off all the ceiling.It is better to do it by roller or spray.

recommended to moisten the surface a second time a quarter of an hour.Water should soak into the old coating.


Then the room is necessary to open the doors and all the windows from drafts paint starts to bubble, which facilitates the process of its removal.

Past coverage ceiling scraped off with a spatula, do it at a pace so the paint can dry out.

cleaned ceiling must be treated against stains five percent solution of copper sulfate.

procedure can be carried out several times to the absolute disappearance of contamination.After the cleaning, the ceiling surface should be wiped with a sponge and leave it to dry.

further required to carry out the alignment of the ceiling plane.Such training will help to remove the ceiling a little gap and correct the rough spots.

When cracks krupnovat better use building serpyanku.

If irregularities in the ceiling protrude just a few millimeters, then the surface of the correction will be enough spackling.

But if you feel the need for a thorough correction of defects, it is necessary to carry out plastering.

to cover a smooth and direct, apply the putty is recommended in two layers.The second layer is applied after drying the first.

For this purpose, better to use thin-layer filler, provides the perfect grip.Smooth a layer of putty easier to sand with sandpaper.


It is important to apply the putty mixture is correct.It is beginning to spread strongly from the corners.At the time of its application to move towards the opposite wall.

If the ceiling plasterboard, it is necessary to disguise putty all the seams between the sheets.

Often the ceiling level a special putty with the addition of oil, which is used for whitewashing.But first on the work plane obscure all gaps and cracks.

If putty is bad enters into the slot, they can be to adjust to slightly increase the convenience.

Once the putty to harden the surface of the drywall, it should be subjected to grinding with sandpaper.Dust is removed with a cloth slightly moistened with water or a vacuum cleaner.

Then the ceiling you need to prepare for painting priming.Priming will provide less consumption of paint material and a good mix of fillings with dye.

Surface preparation using primers should be thin layer.The final stage - applying the final layer of putty.

All tricks pretreating the surface to reflect on the video.


Painting the ceiling painting material

Until just painting the floor decks must find roller.Of how roller use, determines the final result.

better to take this tool, which width is at least 25 cm villi It should be of medium size, and the handle -. Comfortable and durable.

Rollers with a suitable pile is usually painted in bright yellow color.

Whichever device is not painted ceilings, is essential cushion material.

ceiling painting with latex paint with a tool made of foam rubber and felt, will not bring the desired effect.

Still need a brush to paint over the corners, the capacity of paint and a ladder.If the latter is in the house is not available, the top can be freely paint over a paint roller with a long handle.


The jar of paint material, if required by the instruction, add water until the desired consistency.

For application of the initial layer is recommended to add up to 10 percent liquid.If not necessary, the paint is thoroughly mixed in a dilution with water.

ceiling painting with latex paint begins to work a narrow brush.She are coated corners and edges.Instead of brushes you can use a corner roller.

Only then proceed to paint the floor decks special roller.

technology painting the ceiling latex paint has its own characteristics, indistinguishable from staining the walls.The paint is poured into the prepared pan, where the dip roller.

Matter on the instrument should soak in evenly, this instrument of paint needed to roll out a ribbed tank wall.

As with whitewash, applying the first layer of paint across the window to start properly, that is, perpendicular to the sun's rays.The final layer is coated in a parallel direction.

between applying the first and second ink reservoir outwaits one day, at least - 8 hours.For the topcoat are advised to replace the main tool.

painting the ceiling with your hands, you need a moment to stop and look, not whether there were not dyed portions.All coloring movements to be performed steadily and confidently.

is important to ensure that the roll material does not become completely dry.Otherwise, lines may appear in the painting.

To avoid common mistakes should be painted on simple rules:

  • ceilings plasterboard color, starting with the hard to reach places with the boundaries of the ceiling and walls.Brush dipped in paint to half, squeeze the excess capacity on the edge.Then, on the perimeter of the drywall spend strip width of 5 cm This little trick will easily paint the rest of the area.;
  • take roll for further work.Paint is applied to the area of ​​the drywall in several stages;
  • next layer is applied only after the previous dry.

How to make painting ceilings look at the video.


can make the process of painting the drywall with your hands fast and very easy, you just use the spray gun.This makes sense if you have to paint a large area.

Spraying colorant spray gun guarantees a smooth layer.

Spray paint spray gun should be in a circular motion, without making long stops.

spray gun operated at a distance of 70 cm from the floor slabs, necessarily at a right angle.

Do not forget that the use of a spray gun for a second time is necessary only after initial drying paint.

When the ceilings set in order, you can start painting the walls.