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August 12, 2017 18:06

When installing interior doors for repair ?

When installing interior doors for repair ?

Installation of new interior doors - an important step in carrying out repair works.

That interior doors can give the room a finished look, to create comfort and are required at the same time in harmony fit into the interior.

main task entrusted to the design - separated from each other by the different purpose rooms.

Sometimes they are being given and a certain aesthetic load, and in some cases from them dance designers in interior design.

question of when installing interior doors in the repair of care today is almost everyone who started the repair.

Generally, experts recommend building business carry out these activities when all without exception, "wet" processes are successfully completed and the room finally acquired a residential and a finished look.

Available in smooth walls and floors, ceilings finalized?Then you can proceed to the next stage of repair - Installation of interior doors.

It should be remembered that install interior doors alone - not an easy task, which requires specific attention and due diligence, and special skills, and does not tolerate hack-work, the slightest error.

What should be a space before installing the door?

First of all, in the room in front of the installation process of interior doors, should be made mandatory final wall and subfloor.

to the walls of the following requirements: they must be cleaned aligned and prepared for the finish of the final finish.

Alternatively plastering indoors can be produced and puttying.

Note that the door to the moment of the installation owner must accurately determine the kind of finish the floor, so taking into account its height correctly and accurately cut the door frame.

If the issue when installing interior doors, repair - to ignore, and put them, for example, to the arrangement of the sub-floor and the completion of wet processes, in the future such a door is likely to lead and usually offended by dampness.

That will eventually lead to the need to install the new door.


With height installation such as interior door often there are problems, because it is quite difficult to guess.

There are specific requirements and to the walls.The latter should be strictly vertical!

Otherwise doors will be installed simply visually stand out against the background of the curvature of a plane that does not give room appeal.

Set the door in any other way, rather than vertically, do not really, because it is simply the result can not be opened.

Because until the installation of any interior door wall must be aligned in any way possible.

product measurements

The fact that seven and not less than once should measure before anything cut - know, of course, reasonable people.

However, not all and not always follow this well-known proverb, for unknown reasons.

But with regard to interior doors every millimeter is crucial, because the banal measurement uncertainty can lead to the fact that the newly acquired product simply will be ruined.

Be attentive and focused, performing measurements, and the more daring anything to cut (cut)!


interior door - the door leaf is fixed to the door frame.The latter is usually installed in a doorway.

When Ideally acquired box comes with cloth and marked up, stabbed to death at the factory, and with the most accurate stationary machinery.

Master on the subject in the end need only to put together a box (like the designer), in the doorway of her fix, and then hang the fabric and again - to fix trims.