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August 12, 2017 18:06

Materials for the cover on the pit with their hands

Materials for the cover on the pit with their hands

It is not hard to do well on the cover with their hands, but often people resort to the purchased products.

To do this, there are powerful arguments.

Hatches wells closed for several reasons.

From decorative reasons, to protect the water from pollution, to prevent accidents.

So, manholes should be closed to prevent ingress of pedestrians.

drinking water wells need to hide from the fallen leaves and small animals.To quickly get to the drain collector, the cover is better to choose light plastic.

Inside wells can be decorated with various materials.To drain or manhole pipe commonly used plastic.

For these purposes may also be used concrete rings.Well for drinking water can be built with a set of concrete rings.

may be trimmed as wood, brick or stone.All these characteristics determine the choice of cover for the well.


  • Varieties covers
  • Single Cover wood
  • Complicated cover with doors
  • Warm wooden hatch
  • cover concrete
  • plastic lid on a metal frame

Varieties covers

Allreduced species differences of the materials from which they are made.

covers made of plastic manufactured in the factories, the hands are not to do.The hands can only be set, it is not difficult.

Installation is dressing her up in the concrete ring, as in the photo.Most such coatings are made of polyurethane.This material is fairly durable, and well used for insulation.

Plastic cover

Such caps are ideal for covering the drain well.

Concrete cover is made with the addition of a metal armature.They may be hatch or without it.Then the hole closed door made of wood, plastic or metal.

Such caps can be mounted on the top ring or between the first and second.To install the product, you can use the factory or can be made so with his hands.

can also be used to drain or manhole.

Cast iron covers produced exclusively in factories.They are designed to withstand high loads, and thus are made according to GOST.products often circular.

Luc iron

Pictured typical cast iron products.These products are very heavy and are often subject to theft.They are characterized by long service life.

Mounted on a cast-iron cover bolts to a predetermined reinforced concrete foundation.Most often used to cover the drain and manhole.

Wooden cover better fulfill hardwood.Such a cover for a couple of nights you can make with your own hands.

If desired, it can be done as a normal shutter or hinged doors.Several options are presented in the photo.


Appearance of such products is very attractive, besides the cost is quite pleasant.

course, these caps are deprived of advantages, which are endowed with, for example, cast iron manholes, but have a number of its advantages.

most significant - this is probably the cost, and the ability to manufacture their own hands.For such a drainage manhole cover is rarely used, it is rather an option for a well with drinking water.

Steel cover is also very reliable.This may simply be a metal plate or a combination of a metal frame and a plastic sheet.These coatings can also be warmed to do.

dealt with the kinds of lids on manholes can go to the theme of their creation with their own hands.Here as well there are plenty to choose from.

Single Cover wood

This cover is made with their own hands is not difficult, but with proper treatment of wood, the product will last a long time.

wooden cover is made of planks two centimeters thick, with cross-beams of the bars.The raw material is perfect birch or linden.

not do without the sealant for joints and paint materials.It is also better to stock up loose nails and wood or metal handles.

On guide bars are attached to one board, one flush.The length of the boards must correspond to the dimensions of the shield.

For greater strength on the reverse side of the cover stuffed diagonal crossbar.Then the lid is best to polish and trim the excess if necessary.

This seams are sealed with sealant for wood, it will help at strains of wood to save the whole product.Another way - to block the reverse side seams thin strips.


After drying sealant applied layer of paint, oil-based.Most such cover is not attached to the well, although variants are possible.

The final touch is the addition of handles for convenience.If you need to open the door, the damper is pushed aside.

Complicated cover with doors

wooden cover with flaps looks much more spectacular a simple hatch in the ground.It is a shield shape and size ceiling hole well with drop-down doors.

doors "sit" on long loops.To use their hands need board as in the first case, and two kinds of bars: size 40x40 and 20x20 millimeters.

You need metal hinges and handles.Other materials - are the same as for a conventional shield.

first step is going to wooden base of the boards.Do it standing on the bars size 40x40 and positioning elements so that was formed inside the opening for future door.

Cover with a door on the well

Next two flaps are formed of boards and bars.At this point, all the elements are ground and processed sealant for joints.

After doors are mounted on the main board, and are equipped with metal handles.The finished structure is treated with linseed oil to impart water resistance, and then a layer of paint or varnish.

This decorative cover on the well has quite an attractive appearance.In addition, it is more convenient to use, to access to water need only to open the door.

If children are present, it is possible to provide a lock to protect them from falling.

Warm wooden hatch

to water does not freeze in winter, in some cases, insulated wooden covers.They are made in the same way as the previous two versions, with the only difference that the two-layer insulated cover is performed.

After the formation of the wooden shield on the reverse side is going to the same shield.The resulting space is laid insulation material.

In simplified form, it may be sawdust or straw.Also do not forget to seal the seams and coating products with a protective layer of paint.

cover concrete

This way you can arrange a drainage manhole or manhole.If the base concrete well rings the logical cover also make it the same.

This can be a solid structure, or may be provided hatch.Hole after installation can be provided with a door or a hatch above a canopy make a roof of bricks or wood.

Homemade cover of concrete is made of cement, sand and wire mesh.It is also needed for the formwork board and plastic film.

manufacturing process begins with digging a circular pit with a diameter corresponding to the size of the rings.

The depth of the pit should be ten centimeters.The bottom is covered with foil and set square wooden stopper to keep the hole in the center.

After mixing the solution, it is sent in the form of improvised.

Fill it should be step by step.After the first five centimeters into the concrete reinforcing mesh is placed and then the pit is filled to the end.Below the photograph shows the cover of concrete.

Concreting of the cover

Such concrete products dry up for four days.After drying, the cover can be mounted on the well.

This is done with the help of cement mortar, so as not to leave gaps.Then set in place the door.

plastic lid on a metal frame

Such cover lasts longer than wood, in addition it is easier and more convenient to use than concrete.

They are a combination of two parts: top - a movable frame with a plastic sheet and a lower base attached to the well.

similar product is made from metal parts and shaped pipes are square in cross-section.We also need to be a loop, a plastic sheet, sealant and paint.

manufacturing process is quite time-consuming, but the power of each.From going to cut corners frame the lid and base.Angles for the convenience of welding cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

After the seams are stripped.To provide rigidity and strength of the structure, on the manhole cover are welded profile pipes on the perimeter and crosswise in the middle.

seams for greater accuracy and stripped grinder.At the end of the cover on both sides of sheets of plastic are attached between them for insulation you can put a layer of insulation.


For these purposes, may serve as foam, mineral wool and other.

On the basis of the well is placed a metal frame, also made of metal guides in the form of the well hole, preparing formwork made of wooden planks on the perimeter.

The remaining space is filled with concrete.After three or four days the concrete dries up and you can continue working.Fastening

two lid elements is performed with metal hinges.The final step is to treat the sealant joints and covering elements of enamel.

After attaching handles work can be considered as over.