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August 12, 2017 18:06

How can we make a miter box ?

How can we make a miter box ?

Mitre own hands can make one.

This is a simple tool to work with blanks.

Mitre - Tool of cabinet rank.

It is a tray for cutting profile of the material at certain angles.

you fix in the groove the workpiece after sawing by inserting a hacksaw through the side slits - they act as guides, even asking the saw cut at an angle.

In this article, we will reveal the concept miter box, variety, usage examples, and give step by step instructions how to assemble the miter box with his hands in the home with photos and video summarizing the whole process.


  • Species stuslo
  • nuances and application
  • Assembly: User
    • Select hacksaw
    • Putting sidewalls
    • markup for cuts
    • Assembly Mitre

Species stuslo

There are 2 types of stusel:

  1. Average - plastic, wood, metal box (or rather, in the form of sill - "P" letter), in which we put in the blank and then sawn at an angle in the horizontal projection.Angle cutting hacksaw and create a common line through a series of slots, and you can cut the workpiece at the desired angle smoothly, without distortions;
  2. Swivel: usually metal tool, which has a markup of 15 to 135 degrees.On the selected corner in this interval is rotated installed directly on the miter box saws, up to 60 cm Such a "tricky" structure is justified entirely -. This professional tool allows you to saw absolutely straight and at right, even the smallest corner, or cut in a row several details increments anysize (meaning pitch angle - 1 degree, 10, 15, 50 and so on).

also worth mentioning the 3 embodiments, if the language of working angles:

  • 45 and 90 degrees - an absolute majority;
  • 15, 22.5, 30, 45, 90 degrees - a professional tool;
  • swivel mechanism 15 to 135 degrees - a rare, but very universal form, as a professional tool.

Speaking of professional miter box with hinged hacksaw (see photo), is to say that this tool is more versatile, as hacksaw blade easily copes with plastic, wood and non-ferrous, ferrous metals.

Professional miter box

If you want to miter box with your hands, there is no need to perform a tricky tool for rotary saws with a gradient.Cutting ceiling moldings and familiar enough miter box.

nuances and application

Mitre may seem purely carpentry tools, but this is not true.Let's look at the whole range of work that can be done with the help of this simple device:

  • cut any board at an angle;
  • cut skirting ideal for ultra-precise fit exactly;
  • can even cut it with a hacksaw for metal tile for plumbing work;
  • can cut thin sheet metal.

Time tool allows you to cut very precisely, at the desired angle - change the type of hacksaw and cut anything.

But there is always a real chance to spoil the tool, since, for the most part, it is made of wood, plastic.

Mitre may seem a simple thing, but its simplicity has its own nuances:

  • The plastic wears out before our eyes - the large width of the slits, the soft material under the action of a constant force (pressure hacksaw) yield, and the accuracy of the cut is broken;
  • stowing band width is very important - if you want to cut a purely plinth, a narrow rail, engage in word meticulous work, then you will approach any miter box, preferably with a narrow width of filling bars.But for large workpieces is better to take a wide miter box - and blank suit and wide hacksaw enter into the grooves;
  • best miter box, of course, made of metal.Even hacksaw will have to try to spoil the cracks and stowing band;
  • walls that hold the workpiece, it is necessary to make both strong, so they did not break with the possible undermining while using a handsaw, also have optimum height - if the walls are shorter, the workpiece will be held loosely, there is a risk that the blade of a hacksaw or herselfworkpiece just slip out.

Consider these details before you make your own miter box.


Assembly: User

approached the turn assembly.

To make a miter box, we need the following materials and tools:

  • Edged board from solid wood: 20 mm, length - arbitrary, 2 pieces;
  • board sidewalls and base - 1 piece;
  • hacksaw on wood with fine teeth;
  • hacksaw;
  • 4 pieces SCREW;
  • key konfirmatny;
  • drill;
  • drills on a tree;
  • vise / clamp;
  • thinnest needle file.

Select hacksaw

We need a tool only for manufacturing.Miter box itself is made for a specific hacksaw, but not vice versa.

good hacksaw for manufacturing must be thin, rigid blade with small teeth.Such tines cut down a tree smooth, subtly, without distortions, which is important for accurate sawing the skirting boards, for example.

Any fine linen is sure to be flexible, to miter box - a big minus.If so, it should have a hacksaw butt - special rib.


can go easier - with the help of a circular saw, you can quickly perform a very smooth cuts, the main thing - the right mark.


side wall to side wall we use a thick board:

  1. board thickness - 20 mm;
  2. rim height is chosen at will, but 5 cm more than enough;
  3. length of the side wall of the tool - of 25 cm, if the workpiece to be wider, the length of the miter box must be greater than - 35 cm;
  4. Scrollsaw using a circular saw / handsaw two identical sidewall.The dimensions of the two sides - from a height of 6 cm (1 cm to the height for mounting), 25 cm - 2 pieces;
  5. base size - 8 cm wide and more similar length - 25 cm, 1 piece.. The thickness of all pieces - from 2 cm

markup for cuts

Before we attach to the bottom of the sidewall SCREW, do the cuts:

  • putting a sidewall to each other;
  • verifies edge on evenness - both workpiece must be the same for all sizes;
  • stifle sidewall vise or clamps;
  • measured out exactly the middle - from which we will measure all the angles;
  • are measuring the angles of 45 and 90 degrees on either side of the middle;
  • perform diagonal cuts: use a hacksaw and when propyl will be executed at the desired depth, take the usual hack-saw for wood and extend cuts.Faster run directly via conveyers.Note to photo: Set in the image layout principle;
  • cuts are executed before the base of the miter box - can not be deeper;
  • sawing perpendicular to the crack, which is necessary for the sawing of blanks at a right angle;
  • very thin needle files we clean all cuts inside.

drawing tool

Assembly Mitre

propylene performed - collect stuslo:

  1. attach to the side of the base for attaching the ends of the base side walls with guides;
  2. marks on the implementation of drill holes, if there is no special drill for SCREW, then drill a small depth first wide drill after drill bit thin, which corresponds to the diameter of the thread compound.Fine drill drill holes required depth in the ground.If you look at the photo, SCREW does not protrude from the timber;
  3. Fasten the sides to the bottom of SCREW.Mitre can also be attached to the table for continuous cutting on a solid foundation.Mitre is ready.

In the video showing the entire stage of assembly steps.


finished miter box is good because it is collapsible - if slots become too wide, saw exactly does not work, the sidewall can be removed and make new ones just one hour by using conveyers, pencil and ruler.

miter box often made of metal, but a tool weighs well, besides there is a hitch in the execution plan cuts.

Aluminium will fit only as a base, but to make better use of steel sidewalls.As such, it can be cut or a circular saw with a thin disk, or in the plumbing shop on the machine.

But this will serve as a miter box for years.