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August 12, 2017 18:06

The design of the bathroom without toilet : features , style , design - 45 photos

Bathroom without toilet
  • When to choose a separate bathroom?
  • Rules for
  • style Selecting
  • color palette
  • Plumbing
  • Light in Interior Design program

Pondering repairs in the bathroom, first solve the problem - to leave the bathroom split or combine the toilet with bathroom.In the bathroom, where the toilet is not available, there are many advantages.First of all this choice allows you to turn the bathroom into a place where you can relax physically and soul, and not only to quickly carry out hygienic procedures.

When to choose a separate bathroom?

planning design bathrooms, note the number of living under the same roof people.

If combined in a single housing for several generations and have children, separate option is preferable.

No young child or an elderly person should not be forced to wait until someone is enjoying a bath. transition rooms in that case - the best choice.

Separate bathroom and toilet in the same style

second part of the obstacle to the desire to combine the space toilet and the bathroom is in the wall, which can be a carrier.Bear in this case it is forbidden.

inexpedient to union premises and in the case of sufficiently spacious closet, which have enough space for a bidet.

Separate toilet and bathroom
Bathroom separate from the toilet
Bathroom without toilet
Separate toilet and bathroom
Separate bathroom and toilet
One style in the design of separate rooms bathroom and toilet

design rules

Even in the case of separate facilities for bathroomtoilet and interior style often choose one for them .Both rooms are finished in the same colors and equipped with sanitary ware, which refers to a collection.

The bathroom and the bathroom in the same style

space to a small private bath was visually enhanced, for finishing selected mirror / glossy bright surface, mosaic wall tiles or small.

The flooring can be laid diagonally, on the walls to make a horizontal bar (you can use a band ornament, frieze or rectangular tiles).This strip must be placed at the level of 80-90 cm above the floor.

Increase mirror using a small bathroom
Diagonal laying tiles on the floor of a small bathroom
A visual extension of the bathroom

For visual "lifting" of the ceiling resort to such techniques as:

  • vertical stacking wall tile rectangular shape (you can alsomake the vertical bars using the frieze or pattern);
  • decor decoration at eye level or above.
Laying the tiles in the bathroom for larger rooms

Tile for separate toilets and bathroom facilities may be the same, and differ only will blow.

In this case, the toilet (especially if it has a small area) is preferable to a horizontal stacking to the room was less extended upward.

Floor tiles in the toilet and bathroom
Various laying floor tiles in the bathroom and toilet
Laying tiles on the floor of the toilet

important that the color of the floor and wall decoration color combined harmoniously. best choice - bright colors.

If both rooms are small for their furniture should be chosen compact, as well as to think about replacing the bath cabin.For more kind of air in the bathroom is better to hang glass cabinets.The door to the bathroom, you can make a sliding - it looks modern, and saves space.

Harmonious finish bathroom and toilet

to the interior of a private communication is not spoiled, they often hide behind collapsible panels or plasterboard duct.

On the floor of the small bathrooms is better to keep a minimum of things.This will not only visually add extra square centimeters, and simplify cleaning.

style Selecting

Often for bathroom design chosen Art. room in this style has a simple and modern appearance, but it looks original and elegant.The colors are different, but do not use half-tones (a pure color) is selected for the finish.

The bathroom in the style of "modern" trim color:

  • blue
  • black and white
  • brown
  • yellow
  • red

furniture, sanitary ware and taps are selected based on their functionality - style excessesArt is not welcome.

Brown bathroom in a modern style

bathroom in a classic style, tends to be muted natural tones. materials are selected granite, marble or their imitation.Plumbing and bathroom furniture in a pick with rounded shapes, often with decoration, imitating bronze or gold.

Bathroom with private bath in the classic style
Bathroom without a toilet in a classic style
Bathroom in classical style without toilet

quite diverse design differs eastern style.According to your taste you can shave a pattern or mosaic, and floral motifs.

colors in the decoration of the eastern bath - rich and warm.Gold, red and yellow tones often complement or turquoise blue.

Oriental style in the bathroom

very fashionable right now Japanese style.

Its differences are brevity and simplicity.

It is in the "Japanese" bath you will not see a toilet or shower stall.The bath is often selected as the embedded sunken bath.Finishing is done using twigs, rice paper and stone.

Bathroom Japanese-style without bathrooms
Spacious bathroom without toilet in the Japanese style
Japanese style in the bathroom

color palette

Well-chosen colors to furnish help to change the visual perception of space. They are pushing the walls, and the ceiling is raised.Time monochromatic finishes bathrooms in white or blue for a long time in the past.Now the walls and bath, and any other object can have a different color.

The most popular colors for the places of water treatments:

  • blue
  • lilac
  • green

They complement warm shades such as red, orange or yellow.

Bathroom without a toilet in blue shades

for successful color finishes (especially small room) important that the room was not too colorful.

Choose the number of colors in the interior of the main three.Also keep in mind that very bright colors in a small room a depressing influence.

Thanks light tones of the room space can be "extend" and the deep dark colors will make the bathroom more comfortable and mysterious.

The combination of dark and light colors in a small bath without toilet
Decorating a small bathroom in bright colors
Bright Finish Bathroom small in size with a separate toilet

In choosing colors for bathroom design can take into account the temperament.

For example, the choleric is recommended to finish in the colors to be "cool" his ardor.Melancholy is recommended to decorate the bathroom and warm colors to complement all soft diffuse lighting.

The best choice will be shades of sand, terracotta, aqua, amber.

Light colors in finishing the bathroom

Bright solutions for the bathroom often choose sanguine. So people want to see the room radiated energy.In this case, preference is given to red shades, as well as orange and yellow colors.

Phlegmatic more to the liking classical solutions, therefore in their bathrooms often can see a beige, brown, gray, burgundy color.

Yellow bathroom without a toilet for sanguine
Bathroom for phlegmatic in gray
The combination of colors of light in the bathroom for a phlegmatic


If separate bathroom is small, the plumbing it is selected on the basis of ergonomics and in order to free up more space (eg, suspension orcorner sink).

The modern bathrooms are frequently installed multifunction shower boxes or showers, combined with a bath.

The spacious bathroom with shower and separate toilet
Bathroom without toilet
Large bathroom without toilet
Oval bath in the spacious bathroom without toilet
Unusual plumbing in the bathroom made ​​in the Japanese style
Grey bathroom with white sanitary ware

Light in interior

Main bathroom Unlike other premises isin need bright main light. Its sources can be chandelier in the center, and a small halogen lamps on the ceiling.

Bright lighting bathroom without toilet room

only important to fit the style of lighting and water repellent.

auxiliary lamp perform zoning of the room, for example, emit directional light area mirrors or lamps are mounted in the floor.

Illumination for each bath area
Proper location of the lighting system in the bathroom
Lighting bathroom with separate toilet

Design program

computers now help us to see the future of the bathroom before the repair and placing it in the furnishings. Designer creates 3d model space, showing you how it will look in the selected bath paneling, which can be changed (for example, whether it is possible to add a locker or you want to remove something).

Use 3d modeling is especially separate toilets owners have not yet decided to whether they want to leave the room separately or combine them.

Graphic model of a bathroom in black
Bathroom design using 3D software
Simulation of the bathroom by a design program