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August 12, 2017 18:06

The strength and durability of aerated concrete homes - do with their hands

The strength and durability of aerated concrete homes - do with their hands

How to make the house of aerated concrete with their hands?

Aerated concrete is a porous concrete modification, which allows manufacturing technology to make it easy, three-dimensional and durable.


  • Advantages and disadvantages of aerated concrete
  • Preparations
  • Exaltation foundation
  • right wall laying
  • Mid-floor
  • Decorating the walls
  • Common Errors

advantages anddisadvantages aerated

Due to its porous structure, this material has good thermal insulation, bulk sizes contribute to a more rapid construction of the walls.

Works cheaper: block size allows more economical solution is to spend.

also advantages of this material are durability, resistance to low temperatures, good sound insulation.

porous material is not flammable, so the construction of houses made of aerated concrete to prevent the spread of fire.


However, perhaps the appearance of cracks in the brickwork.Aerated concrete - hygroscopic material, so ventilation must be built correctly.

There may be problems with the kinds of fasteners, such as doors and windows is better to fix the mounting foam, rather than anchors.


All stages of construction begin with the preparatory works that are in the planning and the choice of the construction site.

At this point, you can contact the BTI to learn which option is best, using the geodetic map.

Next, you need to make the project of the future house, calculation and preparation of which are best left to a competent engineer, since it includes the following items:

  1. calculation load all future construction;
  2. Calculation of the thickness of walls and partitions;
  3. are defined with the question: Do you need to be reinforced, that it should be strengthened and in what quantities?Produced detailed calculation;
  4. determined the need for the creation of expansion joints.Produced calculation parameters and their location.It should be noted that such seams avoid the appearance of cracks, often, they are placed between the walls with different temperatures;
  5. calculation of the base material and all necessary communications.Ventilation at the small sizes of the building is carried out in a natural way, it is possible compulsory payment system.

build a house of aerated concrete with their hands to begin training area.It must be leveled to make the markup, it is desirable to install fencing and lighting, to prepare the scaffolding.

way, blocks of aerated concrete should be dry when transporting material is packed in a sealed film, so you need to check the integrity of the package to prevent the ingress of moisture.Store under cover.

Exaltation foundation

to build a house of aerated concrete, it is necessary to do the foundation, which must be solid and strong, able to withstand all conditions.

Which type of foundation you choose depends on the location and desires.

Reinforced concrete slab located throughout the area of ​​the future house.The load on such a foundation will be minimal, because it is distributed uniformly across the surface.

strength foundation provides a double layer of reinforcing mesh.See photo.

The foundation for aerated concrete

How to make yourself such a foundation?Calculating the monolithic plate thickness shall be as follows: cooker should go into the ground at 10 cm, 30 cm - on the surface.

begin to lay a monolithic concrete slab should be a layer, which is covered with two layers of waterproofing film.

Further reinforcing mesh is placed and everything is filled with concrete.After hardening set reinforcement cage.

Next fixed timbering, an inner layer which is covered with roofing material or polyethylene.

Concrete poured layers, which dimensions should not exceed 15 cm. Each layer of bayonets, it is done to evenly distribute the weight as well as to eliminate the bubbles.

digging a trench depth of strip foundation under about 50 cm. It is filled and then compacted sand to create a cushion.

Next set formwork, which houses the valve and poured concrete.See photo.

Strip foundation

should be noted that the steps of the construction of such a foundation is better to carry out during the warmer months.In cold weather it is necessary to warm up the concrete heat guns, and put in a mixture of special additives.

If the house is supposed to basement unit, it will make the buried foundation correctly.

pier foundation is characterized by the installation of pillars in the alleged ground load.See photo.Positioning poles should be at a distance not exceeding 2.5 m.

pier foundation

You can not use this type of foundation with loose soil that is prone to landslides, as well as in the construction of the basement.

rules laying walls

laying is made on a special adhesive, which must be diluted according to package directions.Block sizes for the construction of load-bearing walls and interior are different.

former should be somewhat larger (375-400 mm) of the second (250 mm).To create a decorative partition, the block size is taken even less, about 100 mm.

Laying the first row is the most critical stage of work.Before applying the solution it is mandatory to produce a waterproofed basement.

You can do this by using polymer-solution of the dry mix or roofing material.

blocks arranged in the front row, are smoothed rubber mallet.Installation procedure involves measurement of each block of vertical and horizontal level.

Work on laying the material starts from the corner.

stacked series swept away all the resulting debris.Then start laying the next series.

To prevent moisture penetration, stacked blocks may be coated with polyethylene.

The proper placement aerated see. Video.


Built House of aerated concrete with their hands will be more reliable if in the process of laying the ranks of the material to be reinforced.Reinforcement made every three rows.

Stages aerated concrete paving ends strengthening using seysmopoyas.Seysmopoyas or Laying nets - this design follows the contours of the walls.

creation of such a zone due to shrinkage of the building, change of temperature, shrinkage of the soil under the building.Seysmopoyas (discharge belt) to evenly distribute the load of the roof.

Seysmopoyas should be done for any type of building: one-storey, two-storey, with mansard or without.

How to make yourself a discharge belt can be found by looking photo report.


roof should be done immediately after the erection of walls.But first, you need to lay floors, which can be monolithic or teams.Consider what kind of overlap fits best.

use of reinforced concrete slabs provide a high speed of installation, high load capacity, has good insulating properties.

required for the construction of special machines, because the plate is very heavy.

mount technology monolithic slabs is to install the formwork.The process of construction of this design is very time-consuming.

It is used when necessary overlapping areas of different shapes.

ceilings of wood differ simplicity of installation: a beam mounted on seysmopoyas at a distance of 30-40 cm at the bottom hem of plywood or OSB boards..

between beams stacked insulation: mineral wool or expanded clay.Top producing lag assembly on them - draft floor.To improve the sound insulation under the floor joists, and can lay a special substrate.

floor and ceiling can be done by separate beams (in the two-story house), in order to avoid deformation of the ceiling.The beams under the floor are located at a distance of 15 cm from each other, to the ceiling, they are underestimated by 3 cm.

Paul placed on the main beam.Scheme cm. In the image.For improved sound insulation, and floor and ceiling are a short distance away, excludes the possibility of deformation.

overlap scheme

possible to use slabs of aerated concrete.Plates are pulled together by a special clamp, installed by the factory.

It should be noted that the floor, laid on the basis of aerated concrete will still be warm.Such a floor will not have to additionally insulate.Stack decorative floor will be easy due to a flat surface.

House of aerated concrete can be built with an attic.The overlap of the ceiling, you must install the bars of wood to which are fastened rafters.

Next erected wooden frame which is sheathed with boards under the roof.In the future, they are insulated, closed finishing materials.

roof with attic better cover or tile floorings.

Decorating the walls

ventilation is provided and for finishing walls.The most appropriate material for outer wall decoration is a siding, rails or any material to "breathe" aerated concrete.

ventilation should be carried out in a natural way.Due to its hygroscopic properties of plaster exterior walls is not practical, because the plaster will eventually fall off.

can use special material for lining gas concrete.

finishing of walls can be made with bricks.


The calculation of the foundation is to be made taking into account the bricks, which can not completely cover the wall, ventilation should be made obligatory under the eaves or in the cap.

interior wall materials is carried out, do not miss the steam.

Ventilation necessarily installed in the kitchen.Thereafter, it is output to the roof, as well as the ventilation of the wet zone.The stretching can be made of brick.

Common Errors

To properly build a house of aerated concrete, should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. most common errors occur at the stage of construction of the foundation: the creation of a monolithic tape bases should occur with an interval of not more than two hours;
  2. Houses built of aerated concrete, ventilation is a must.You can not use at the exterior finish is not breathable insulation.To avoid this error, you must use a "breathable" materials;
  3. errors occur when trying to patch up the cracks with foam.Action Technology is as follows: after drying the foam is cut and processed for adhesive aerated concrete slabs.