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August 12, 2017 18:06

Evroshtaketnika fence with their hands .Step by step instructions with photos

Article Contents:

  • 1 How much is a fence EUR picket: materials plus work
  • 2 expect the amount of material for the fence
  • 3 pillars of shaped tube intake
  • 4 Install the supporting pillars
  • 5 Installation transverse lag mounting evroshtaketnika
  • 6 distance between the picket fence.Types shtaketin
  • 7 height fence evroshtaketnika
  • 8 Benefits of the fence from the euro picket
  • 9 Photo Fence of euro picket


How much is a fence EUR picket: materials pluswork

on average meter will cost from one thousand rubles, together with the work of the installation.If mount shtaketny fence with his hands, his installation will be cheaper.Price fencing depends on several factors:

  • view evroshtaketnika - affects the brand of the manufacturer, manufacturing quality, thickness of the coating;
  • height trims - from 1.5 to 2 m;
  • shtaketin width and the distance between them, which affects the number of bars to 1 running.m fence.

expect the amount of material for the fence

Make a picket fence of the euro on their own is not difficult.Before purchasing of components required to calculate their number.Will be needed:

  • evroshtaketnik;
  • bearing supporting columns are usually used for this purpose proftruba section 60 * 60 mm;
  • frame cross logs - proftruba 40 * 20 mm;
  • fasteners - screws 4 pcs.One strip (two on top and two on a log lower).

To determine the specific amount of straps need to know a few rules of the installation of the fence picket.

total fence length is measured on the perimeter of the fence to be.

From common indicators need to subtract the length of the doors and gates (summed total length).

getmage - 20-700h525

metal picket fence with their hands.Photos stepping

number of supporting pillars is calculated taking into account that the distance between them is 2.5 m, the following formula:

Number of poles = (length of the perimeter fence - length doors and gates) / the distance between the columns (2,5 m).

By this measure added the right amount of poles to install gates (gates).

Calculating the number of bars according to the formula:

Number evroshtaketin fence length = / (strap width + width of the gap between the bars).

If you plan to install a two-way picket, then this number is multiplied by 2.

pillars of shaped tube intake

If the support members decided to use proftrubu , instead of doing brick columns, it can be of anytype - with a round or square cross section 60 * 60 or 80 * 80 mm with a wall thickness of 2 or 4 mm.


Evroshtaketnik, unlike solid sheeting, does not create a sail in the wind, and wind power load is less, so the requirements for the supporting columns are presented not as stringent.Concreting them into the ground, in most cases, not required.

Install supporting pillars

Installation shtaketnogo fence with their hands begins with the mounting pillars.Step by step guide of the process is as follows.

Drilling (digging) hole depth of 1.1-1.5 m.

Installation column.The bottom of the hole is better to strengthen, putting hard stones.The well fill with gravel, compacted earth.

getmage s- 700h525

metal picket fence with their hands.Photos stepping

Concreting required only if the soil is loose sand (or at the request of the owner to gain strength).

getmage - 1-700h525

Set top supports protection against rain - plastic plugs .

Installation transverse lag mounting evroshtaketnika

If posts are concreted, the procedure to secure the cross-frame lag proceed only on the following day.The transverse upper and lower lag - a framework for setting evroshtaketnika.Their installation is possible, in any order: first, the upper and then the lower, or vice versa.Cross members are welded or fastened with screws.You will need the following set of tools: level, tape measure, marking pencil, screwdriver.Step by step instructions for the following.

getmage - 2-700h525

Installation upper transverse lag at a distance of 50 cm from the top edge of the support column.Horizontal beams controlled by a level.

getmage - h - 700h525

getmage - 5-700h525

getmage - 6-700h525

getmage - 7-700h525

How to make a metal picket fence with their hands.Photos stepping

Installation lower cross on the level at a distance of 30 cm from the ground.

getmage - 8-700h525

getmage - I - 700h525

After frame mounted, proceed to consolidate it the fence slats.Each strap is secured to lag screws with 4: 2 upper and 2 lower lateral lag.

getmage - 10-700h525

fence evroshtaketnika.How do

getmage - 11-700h525

Evroshtaketnik intake.Photo

getmage - 15-700h525

getmage - 16-700h525

distance between the picket fence.Types shtaketin

distance between slats evroshtaketnika determines the degree of openness of the fence.It may be from 2 to 10 cm Average -. 5 cm. For two way arrangement evroshtaketnika done step 8 cm on each side - in this case, 11.8 mm wide strips obtained practically dull fence.

getmage - 17-700h525

metal picket fence with their hands.Photo

By type of topcoat evroshtaketnik produced with a polymer layer or powder-coated (it is more durable option, it is not subject to scratches).Painting can be single- or double-sided.On the edges of a method of processing distinguish strips with curved edges (seamed) and nezavalschovannye.The form of the relief and the top edge can also vary.All differences and decorative "excesses" affect the price of the material.

height fence evroshtaketnika

standard length bars evroshtaketnika -. 1.5, 1.8 and 2 meters of the fence height is determined by the owner of the site, depending on their needs - if the task is to hide the territory from outsiders, it is advisable to choosestrap 2 m in length and do bilateral deaf fence.For open garden plots acceptable fence height of 1.5 and 1.8 m with a large gap between the individual slats.

getmage - 18-700h525

Benefits picket fence from the euro

Evroshtaketnik - a promising material with many advantages:

  • durability - fence will last from 30 years and above without changing the appearance;
  • simplicity of care - fencing requires no painting, does not rot, so no need repair or replacement of components;
  • ease of installation - the fence can be set independently for 1-2 days;
  • neat appearance;
  • low cost - this is one of the most inexpensive and durable materials.

getmage - 19-700h525

Photo picket fences of the euro

clear idea of ​​the sequence of production and installation gives the photo a fence picket.With a variety of color of the polymer coating can be selected sample wood, brick, stone, make a fence from the euro picket original colors, unlike the neighboring fence.

picket fence made of metal.Photo