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August 12, 2017 18:06

4 design ideas bedroom 12 square meters.m . with a wardrobe coupe .Photo design projects

Another batch of beautiful interiors bedrooms from Nina Romanyuk.

design a small bedroom with a cot

As is clear from the title, this project is suitable for the bedroom of a young couple with a small child.large double bed and a small bed for a child is located in the narrow bedroom.

The room was used for the walls combined wallpaper white and chocolate colors.

Tension ceilings matt white.The chandelier in the bedroom crystal design.

Colours curtains with the overall picture of the bedroom.

Design a bedroom with a narrow cot

Design narrow bedroom with a cot - Photo 1

over a large bed located niche plasterboard.In the niche nicely housed books and every little thing.

Bright modern bedroom 9 , 10 , 11 sq.m.for parents and baby

Bright modern bedroom 9, 10, 11 sq.m.for parents and baby - Photo 2

Practically, the entire length of the bedroom have built white sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors.

Design rectangular bedroom area of ​​12 square meters.m.

Due to design solutions in such a small room able to accommodate all the furniture they wanted to see in their new home bedroom.

combination of colors in the bedroom is chosen for a reason.Lemon color perfectly calm, and the white color is slightly expands the space.

Design a small bedroom with a large bed .renovated

design a small bedroom with a large bed.After repairs - Photo 3

well fit into the interior, and white sliding wardrobe and dressing table with a soft ottoman, trimmed with decorative skin.

Sliding wardrobe in the bedroom with glass doors

sliding wardrobe in the bedroom with glass doors - Photo 4

Curtains lemon repeat color pastel linen.

ceiling hanging in the bedroom with built-in spotlights.

Modern design bedroom 12 square meters.m. with a wardrobe coupe

Thanks to the suspended ceiling and the additional illumination bedroom seems a lot more.Mirrored sliding wardrobe in the wall further extends the space.

Bedroom with lighting in the ceiling plasterboard .coupe Armoire

Bedroom backlit in plasterboard ceilings.Large closet coupe - Image 5

As in all modern bedroom walls are not monochromatic.On one wall pokleit wallpaper chocolate brown with a beautiful ornament.The rest of the walls are plastered with decorative plaster and painted in a light brown color, the color of cocoa.

Making curtains in the bedroom .The interior design combined with wallpaper

curtains in the bedroom decoration.The interior design combined with the wallpaper - Photo 6

bed in the bedroom design.Cabinets in the bed suspended high-gloss white.Pay attention to the curtains in the bedroom.They perfectly complete bedroom interior design.

Design rectangular bedrooms chocolate shades

walls in the bedroom are covered with self-colored wallpaper light beige color.Stretch glossy chocolate-colored ceiling makes the design more interesting and richer bedrooms.Also a great design decision was to make an additional point light in the false ceiling.

Design stretch ceiling bedroom with a wardrobe and a coupe

design bedrooms with stretch ceiling and a closet coupe - Image 7

Bright bedroom with a large bed of chocolate color

Bright bedroom with a large bed of chocolate color - Photo 8

Initially bedroom was a narrow room, but with accommodationbuilt-in wardrobe with mirrored doors coupe situation has changed.Bedroom began to seem more elongated and large.