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August 12, 2017 18:06

12 great ideas a child's room design and decoration .As for the boys , and for girls

projects Author: Studio " 8 Line "


Photo 1 - Children's room for a boy of 10, 11, 12 years in a military style.

This room is the nursery for a boy of 10-12 years.Given the small area of ​​the room, the designers had to take seriously the issue of minimalism and functionality.A small bed, a comfortable spacious closet with built-in shelves for books, well-designed lighting in combination with an interesting design of the room for an army theme for sure like any boy.Furniture green, multi-level ceiling gray wall decoration light color.All this makes the children's room just interesting.

Design a child

Photo 2 - Design a child's room for two children.6, 7, 8 years.The walls are yellow

Children's room for two children, 6, 7, 8 years with a games area.In this nursery can see the skillful application of the method of zoning premises.Judging by the two cribs in the room two children live, therefore, necessary to distinguish between a small room so that was enough space for everyone.There is great personal kids area highlighted in red and blue colors and the warm sunny colors

wallpaper and curtains give the room an extra comfort and a homely atmosphere.Design a child's room curtains perfectly complements the overall design of the room.

Design a child

Photo 3 - Design a child's room for boys and girls 9 to 10 years.Orange furniture

Kids Room 3. It is possible to observe a very interesting design ideas: differentiation of the work area and recreation area.This can be judged not only by a small divider in the form of a pirate ship, but on the bright curtains on the window, as well as light solution. Bright orange and red colors perfectly with warm pastel shades and bright ceiling.

Making children

Photo 4 - Making children's room for teens 13 to 14 years.Design work, recreation areas

Kids Room 4. ray of light for your child .At first glance in this room a lot of bright unusual details, but closer examination you can see that all organic and tasteful.The original two-level ceiling of plasterboard with lighting, bright shades of orange, extravagant white carpet seemed made for each other.Juicy orange, beige furniture, lots of light create an atmosphere of joy and happiness.


Photo 5 - Children's room for a teenager boy or girl in shades of gray with a built-in wardrobe compartment ceilings

Initially a small child's room.This room is perfect for both adolescent boys and adolescent girls.The neutral color palette, an interesting solution for stretch ceiling space, a spacious work area - all this in a small area to create the most comfortable conditions for life.Cabinet with mirrored doors visually increases room, and a comfortable sofa you can not only relax, but also to spend time with friends.


Photo 6 - Children's room for a little girl.Pink House for a princess.Furniture white

This nursery, created for the little princess.Eye-pleasing shades and colors - pale pink, bright green, white and pastel shades, all this creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.Trim the desktop, a small cupboard for books and crafts, comfortable clothes dresser, do not clutter the room, but simple and easy to use.Curtains Zelenova colors perfectly match with the pink walls.


Photo 7 - Child's room for a boy of 15, 16 years.Brown walls.The working area by the window

Children's room for a teenager of 15, 16 years.Brown, beige and various pastel shades are perfect for the bedroom and this room, another proof.Simple sofa, compact desk and many shelves are easy to use and free play space.The highlight can be called unusual chair in silver colors in the design.The walls are decorated with vinyl wallpaper with a beautiful pattern and decorated with paintings.Lighting Design kosnaty very unusual, so no vstrish anywhere.

Design project of the children

Photo 8 - Design a child's room a project for girls.Violet shades.Combined wallpaper

opinion that white impractical - is fundamentally wrong.In this, the room due to the predominance of white, light and comfortable.A successful design solution can be called a game of contrasts - a white ceiling and walls, as well as light furniture combined with dark floors and black patterns on the wallpaper.

Decor children

Photo 9 - Decor children's room for a teenager of 16, 17 years.Orange and gray

This room is fully sustained in a modern minimalist style.Original paintings, unusual chandeliers and stylish chair, seemed to have no place in the bedroom.But, combined with warm shades of beige, they are cozy and at the same time, emphasize the individuality of its owner.


Photo 10 - Children's room after the repair.Suitable for a child 6.7 years 8

passion for sports and music are closely intertwined in this room.Here, not only successfully occupied the space, but also thanks to the bright sunlight from the window curtains and soft, warm and cozy.Bright ceiling, wood-olive wallpaper and flooring made from natural materials, not only set up a working mood, but also help to relax between classes.

Renovated children

Photo 11 - Renovated children's room.The walls are decorated with vinyl wallpaper with flowers

The first thing that catches the eye in this room - bright patterns on the wallpaper.The tone wallpaper and olive-green furniture and a warm floor brown color.At the expense of the furniture and the ceiling in white room light and easy.Mirror cabinet doors enhance the room, an original small table conveniently divides the space into two zones.


Photo 12 - Children's bedroom design for girls

classic style in this room combines two styles - classic and minimalism.Wood, but elegant furniture, fine chandeliers, fine shades of beige wallpaper in compact cabinets with books create an atmosphere of gentility and unobtrusive chic.But, at the same time everything is simple and multifunctional.