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August 12, 2017 18:06

Child's room for a boy of 10 , 11 , 12 years.Calm tones and plenty of shelves for books

Interior nursery for a boy with a blue matte stretch ceiling

Photo 1 - Interior nursery for a boy with a blue matte stretch ceiling

Child's room depends on the nature, hobbies and sports toddler.Harmonious and functional living space a little restless need not be divided into color zones.It is important to think about the interesting colors of the interior as a whole.

colors used in the children's bedroom


photo 2 - Children's room for the boy.On the walls of non-woven wallpaper, dark parquet floor

In the present design a child's room for a boy are three accent colors: deep blue-green color of the ceiling, dark brown floors and light furniture.Wallpaper made in neutral pastel colors.Geometric pattern on them resembles coiled into balls of yarn or fabric pieces.

Design lamps in children's

additional accent lights are mirrored in the form of hollow spheres - a small hint of a classic English style.This impression is reinforced by pictures on the background of double-decker buses in London landscape of the early 20th century.Transport images create an artistic and emphasize the individuality of a boy's room.

design furniture in the interior of child

White case with blue inserts in the nursery for a boy

Photo 3 - White Wardrobe with blue inserts in the nursery for a boy

Babe furniture is simple and geometrical completeness, light colorsemphasize the shape of the lines as the columns in Greek temples.

The interior traced sweet selfishness owner: baby's name on the table, plasma TV, even the Swedish side bears the imprint of the owner of the character.

Curtains olive green shade and soften saturated colors.However, dark parquet successfully contrasts with the bright carpet in the middle of the room.White carpeting create conviviality and elegance.

small coffee table is very convenient and provides for the development of creative abilities of the individual growing up.Casually draped over the bed cover creates the feeling that the owner had just left the room.

presented interior, rather, -living children .Here, little master can take guests to do their homework, read a book and just relax.

project Author: Studio (one of the best studios of Ukraine)