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August 12, 2017 18:06

Modern and trendy light fixtures in the interior.19 photo

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In drawing up the design project of any premises one of the main roles played by production of light.Light can divide the room into separate areas: work and area for rest and sleep;You can adjust the shape and dimensions visually.For proper placement of light accents in the room using different types of fixtures.Floor lamp is one of these species.

Lamp - lampshade on a long stalk.It can be placed on a cradle and the floor.Its main advantage over the rest of the lamps that he was not attached to the same place.If desired, it can be easily rearranged by highlighting the desired surface at the moment.

Here are some examples of modern lamp

Floor lamps can be straight or curved legs. Curved lamps considered trend-2015.They are easy and practical to use for lighting of individual zones.With these lamps can create places of rest.To do this, just need to install a floor lamp beside the sofa or chair.Light bent lamp will be directed to fall on the surface, giving an excellent opportunity to engage, for example, reading.And the rest of the room space will remain in the shadows.In large kitchens such a lamp is suitable for separate dining areas.In addition to the actual lighting of the table, he will give the atmosphere of coziness and warmth.

Peep the season .Modern curved lamp .A photo

Squeak season.Modern curved lamp.Photo

Curved floor lamp in the living room .Modern interior

Curved floor lamp in the living room.Modern interior

Another variation of the curved floor lamp in different colors .A photo

Another variation of the curved floor lamp in different colors.Photo

Curved lamp on a coffee table with a living room .A photo

Curved floor lamp on a coffee table with a living room.Photo

choosing a lamp, keep in mind that it can create a directional light scattered or reflected light.Scattered light throughout the room creates a soft dim lighting, this lamp will look great in the bedroom.Directional light, as stated above, is suitable for the isolation a separate lighted area.A reflected light well used to visually change the space.For example, to increase the height of the ceiling.

Cozy seating area by a floor lamp .A photo

Cozy seating area by a floor lamp.Photo

Design floor lamp in the bedroom .Photos 2015

Design floor lamp in the bedroom.Photo 2015

Manufacturers of luminaires made from a variety of materials: wood, paper, metal, plastic, glass or cloth.Before buying a lamp to be solved, it will stand out from the overall design of the room or add a him.For 2015 the premises designers have developed concepts that allow the use of floor lamps, did not fit into the interior.Not suitable design to the rest of the surroundings curved floor lamp will be beneficial to emphasize the character of the premises.

A modern design floor lamp 2015. Photos

modern design floor lamp 2015. Photo

Contemporary floor lamp in the living room with a black sofa

modern floor lamp in the living room with black sofa

Contemporary floor lamp Spotlight from the designer .A photo

modern floor lamp spotlight on the designer.Photo

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Deciding to buy a curved floor lamp, it must be remembered that this type of lamps is very noticeable in the interior.He currently focuses on enabling a new way to see the surrounding area.And to approach his or her choice to the mind.

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