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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design and creation of a billiard table with his hands

Design and creation of a billiard table with his hands

Make a pool table with his hands is not so difficult - to handle even a layman.

If you like to play pool, but do not want to spend money to buy the finished table, then it can save money and make your own table by yourself, with the help of an auxiliary video.

Making a billiard table - it is much easier than it might seem at first sight, given that you do not need to do drawings - you can use ready-made, which are already fitted to the required dimensions.

In the manufacture of construction it will take no more than 5 days, but if you already have experience in the creation of furniture, it is likely to 2-3 days, which is not much, considering that you'll save as a result of a significant amount.

Making the pool table takes place in several stages, in the article we will talk about each of them, starting with the preparation, and ending with a constriction of the table.

The article will be given to photos and videos that will help you do the job and make your own professional billiard table without the help of outside experts.

Preparatory work

First of all you need to determine the size of your future table, as well as to prepare for his drawings (better to take a ready-made, options, see photo).


usual billiard table includes the following elements:

  • frame;
  • field basis for the game;
  • pockets;
  • cloth.

most important thing - the right to make the frame ason it rests the field.Towers for construction depends on its size, there may be four, six or eight.

The main requirement for a billiard table - solidity and stability, so that it does not swing without Skewing and stood firm.

drawings for the manufacture of construction will depend on its size and type, for example, a small pool table has a size 2.9h1.45 m, and the total -. 3.6h1.78 m

You can choose the right size for your room, the most important thing -make sure that the proportions were observed.

most suitable dimensions, which correspond purchased tables: about 80 cm high, 2 meters long and 1 meter wide.Standard finished tables: 0.83h190h90 m, but if it will be a little more or a little less, it is unlikely that you will notice a fundamental difference.

most money for the production of construction before took up the wood, asfor its production was made to use only the most valuable species of wood - oak or beech.

Today you can find a billiard table and a budget option, made from pine.

But to make a billiard table with his hands, it is recommended to choose chipboard - working with this material will be easier, and it will cost you less.

material thickness should be about 18 mm and above, but keep in mind that the thicker the material is, the harder it will ultimately be the final product.

addition chipboard material for countertops, pedestal and feet, you also need:

  1. bracket-lining for pockets of metal;
  2. fabric for lining and decorating the surface;
  3. hardware;
  4. nets pockets;
  5. rubber for shock edge;
  6. legs that can be adjusted.

When you have bought all the material you need to cut out of chipboard.It is best to do it in the same place where you buy stuff becauseThis service is not so expensive, but greatly save your time and effort that will be useful for the construction of the assembly.

Another plus in favor of the work of professionals - the exact observance of sizes, which is very important for the proper functioning of a billiard table.

Most likely, you will have enough chipboard sheet 1 to cover the sidewall and a billiard table itself.

for legs can use bars made of solid wood, the size of which must be no less than 100x100 cm, so that they are sufficiently reliable.


You can make them with carved or simply chipboard sheathing and decorate the edges - the second option would be a little bit easier.

Do not spare money on items for the table and use high-quality materials - it will be cheaper than doing a repair or change the design details.

To design became stable and was comfortable to play, it is necessary to make the support structure 3 or more stiffening ribs - this means that the model is collected in a grid, elements of which are bonded via drying and sizing ends.

Then you need to further strengthen the desk using metal corners.See the step by step video - it will help you to do so firmly, and do not have to make repairs in the future.

design Assembling

scheme, drawings and videos - an indispensable tool in the assembly of a billiard table, use them at every stage of the connection details.Most elements of the board has the gaming table.For him


  • own side;
  • decorative exterior trims;
  • decorative rack with rubber baffle plate, covered with a green cloth;
  • special trims designed to increase the stability and rigidity in collisions, they also can be made of chipboard.

Before mounting the board, you need to do in the countertop slot in which to store the pocket.

This can be done using a jig saw.Dimensions pockets usually about 90 mm, and the angle should be slightly wider than the edges.

Once the pockets are ready, you need to handle the playing field lining cloth, decorative cloth fastened on the field and secured using staples.

After the cover design is ready, you need to obtyanut side and handle trims.

board design should include several parts: the need for it rubber fender, decorative rails and profile rails, on which the tire is mounted.This

tires for professional billiards is not cheap, so many replace it with a rubber belt of the tractor, asits dimensions are consistent.


It is cut into two parts along and covers the entire perimeter of the structure.Use only high quality rubber fixing glue, becauseotherwise it is quickly gone, and will have to make repairs.

Before you strap a resulting structure, it is necessary to walk on the sandpaper to smooth the surface more.

desktop boards are fixed using screws or bolts through - so they become more sustainable.Use

schemes on a photo - they will help you make the constriction of a billiard table yourself.


After bead designs are ready, you can begin to fix brackets and pockets of the pool table.

The most common staples are placed in a leather sheath, asit improves their appearance, and minimizes damage from blows balls - which means that the bracket is not deformed for a long time, and will soon repair it is not threatened.

Grid for balls can be purchased ready-made or make it yourself - to do this, use the video and photos on the circuit - this job is not more complicated than the assembly of a billiard table.

grid strength is not important sincethe weight of the balls a little, and hold it they can, even if damaged over time.

Once the table is ready, it is necessary to test the strength: the load it should not sag, swing, and the surface should not vibrate.

To verify the absence of vibration, leave the balls on the table - if only to hear the blows, it's okay.


table must be put on a level, so choose adjustable feet.You can do it using special wheels on the bracket, you can buy them at any sporting goods store.

If something in the manufacture of wallpaper is unclear to you, it is better to once again hold the blueprints, because if you make a mistake at the stage of the manufacture of parts, it will be impossible to repair - will have to redo the entire structure.

In general, how to make a billiard table, there's nothing particularly complicated.

Operation design also does not require any special skills - you may need to field constriction, but if the fabric is initially tensioned correctly, hauling needs will not be soon.

Sometimes the repair or replacement may be required in some parts of the table: for example, the legs or the grid, but it is much cheaper than replacing the main part of the structure.